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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Having a plan...

Hey Mars,
God bless mothers with jobs that have to work today. Look at the inches of snow
on the boxes...crazy! Still, a beautiful day.
I'm enjoying the day off, thanks to 19 inches of snow. It has been snowing since this time yesterday morning. So, what do mothers do in situations like this? Because if you have little ones and/or have to work, then that is a "situation". If your like myself, your son is grown and sleeping half of the day away. His college is closed today too. I can't help but to think about my little sistah, she has 3 children under 8 years of age. 
I remember well, they get up too early on days off. While, on school days, you have to practically drag them out of bed. So, more than likely, their up and into everything. First its breakfast but of course that's if your off today. They're always hungry, even when their not. Now to the mothers that have to work, prayerfully you have made arrangements to have a responsible person sit with them. 
In either case, you must find something for them to do. I use to have my son resume the day as if he were still in school; he was require to read, practice math and then watch an educated movie. Trust me, if you don't keep them in the groove, you will have an otherwise hectic day. There's plenty of time during the day to watch cartoons, but also have them do or learn some new chore around the house. Please and I repeat please, do not think you are going to lay in the bed until later, you may find your house in a disarray. I Tried this too, it doesn't work! Besides, they will not let you have any peace.
So, whether you stay home or go to work, have a schedule for them to follow. Below are things to do on snowy days when school is closed (together):
1. Make breakfast
2. Clean up the rooms or the house
3. Go outside and play in the snow
4. Make hot chocolate or soup for lunch
5. Do some homework; read a book 
6. Watch an educational movie or Discovery Channel
7. Prepare dinner while they watch the movie
8. Bathtime
9. Bed time! nighty, night
This can get a little intense but stick it out, mothers. You'll be surprise how fast the day goes by when you have a plan, a schedule. Stay focus and your children will be too. Oh, boardgames are winners also. Until next time, enjoy your day...

Jerri of Mars

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Helping others...

Dear Mars,
I'm learning so much about blogs, websites, feeders, RSS, paypal, whew! the list goes on. Please be aware that I'm doing this alone and sometimes with just a little help from my friends and affiliates. Also, keep in mind that I'm not using this outlet to make money, but it is necessary. So when we do start to make money, it will be for the upward mobility of Mars and whatever extra funds our mothers may need to raise successful sons. Yes, single mothers need advice, support, respect, compassion, understanding but above all, money is a very important factor.
When our son or sons get bored and start acting out, extra curriculum activities is a very expedient door to open. This takes money. Not all of us can go to our families and friends for this particular support, and some may have exhausted all of their liberties. So, the ministry of Mars, would like to be there monetarily when all else has failed.
This will also be an opportunity to find a big brother or mentor to assist with our sons insecurities. As they get older, we as their mother, can start to become that annoying or whining voice. Always talking loud and saying nothing. They need to hear the voice of a man and not just any man will do. That man, if not his father, needs to be strong, empathetic and objective.
Yea, mom...I'm listening.
Never forget, we are women and not all of our advice is conducive to men. In other words, they're not listening! Understanding that our passions as women are not always those of men, including our sons. I can only speak for myself when I say, I love my son but I get tired of being on his planet (Mars, literally). I need some Venus time spent with the girls; laughing, shopping and having "womanly"conversation. On that note, I love talking to you but now I must go. Until next week, remember your not alone...
Jerri of Mars

Friday, January 14, 2011

Comfort zones...coming out of them

My dear Mars,

Hope all is well, as for me, I have been emotional this week. I'm not sure why, although I could counter in hormones, expectations and disappointments within my life. But to God be all the glory! I don't worry about a job, money, family and especially my place in Jesus.
I guess today its about counting our blessings, right? How very thankful I am for coming out of my comfort zone. It takes a lot to write to you weekly. Often times I don't know what to write. So, in seeking the Holy Spirit, I am lead to write about His goodness bestowed upon my life.
Hmm, comfort know that place where nobody not even God can remove us from. Yea, that's right, God unlike the devil will not force us to do nothing we do not want to do. he tells us to "choose". But if you allow yourself to go beyond "yourself"; The prayer says, "Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land."(2 Chronicle 7:14) Whatever you need healing in, just do the above. Remember, Mars believes, teaches and preaches the unadulterated word of God.
Again, comfort zones...are you stuck in a place? Has God or somebody given you an insight as to what you could be doing about your life concerning others. This is the will of God, its what we do for the least of them. This is what Jesus says you will do unto Him; read the word. I will be the first to admit, my comfort zone doesn't allow me to read more of the word, to read anything for that matter. But I've been praying and now that I've given up the spirit of selfishness, laziness and procrastination to God, I am now afforded the opportunity to now write weekly. Now, I am more disciplined. I pray twice a day, read or listen to the word daily, see about the homeless, eat better and work out every night. Do I fall short every now and then? Yes, but I get back in the grove. These are the things that follow when you pray and allow yourself to come out of your comfort zone. You will find yourself doing something unusually different. Hopefully its something for somebody else. Because you have done enough for you!
So, lets keep trying really hard, because coming out of comfort zones are really hard and do something for others; the least of them. This is where Jesus is...

Jerri of Mars

Friday, January 7, 2011

In all things...its working out for our good, to those that believe

Dear MARS,
     I'm so very grateful to God for His love and patience with me and how I often use what He has given me to pass on to my son. This morning I left my son and his father asleep; our son in his bed as his father laid on the floor beside him. I believe the last time they did this our son went away to their family reunion some 10 years ago. You see I unwisely decided to become a single mother, not knowing what that entailed. You know I was young, tired, pissed off at him and thought this was something "I could do by myself". Wrong! but through the grace of God I did it! Single parenting is not to be taken lightly and my heart aches to see young girls take this path. Raising any child, children, girls and yes in my case a boy, is tremendous. This topic I will save for another time of "preachin"(smile).
     Getting back to what I left at home, my son and his father, a wonderful sight. His dad called before dawn and said to his son, he was on his way. In the snow and straight from work and tired. Where his father was "occasionally" present: his birth, all birthdays til 13, and all holidays. However, around age 9, his father started falling off, so to speak. His visits, even special occasions, became less and less. By the time our son graduated high school in which his dad did show, our son had become very bitter toward him. I would bring up his name or say how much he reminds me of him, and our son would freak out. Through all his hurt and pain, I watched intently, praying. The only advice I could offer was that his dad loves him and he cannot allow his pain to overtake him. I also iterated that one day him and his father will again be together and if not, never forget the times he was there for him, for us.
     I am not sure how my words affected him but I continued to believe God and pray. Low and behold, slowly but surely his father started to call again and managed visits. I know that this did my sons' heart good. He loves his father.
     So, I stand here today believing what the word of God says, "...we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him..."(Romans 8:28). So mothers stay focus, positive and strong in what you desire for your children's relationship with their father. Not what you want for you because the idea of you getting back with dad may be out of the question. But 9 out of 10 times, a father will always desire to be an ideal one. This is the will of God concerning our sons life, to have a positive role model although not perfect but nonetheless, he is his dad. God bless you all and keep the faith. In the words of Rutgers University, football player #52; Eric LeGrand - Believe...

Jerri of MARS

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nurturing lives

Happy New Year to All!
     Wow, time does fly when your having fun. I can only speak for myself when I say this because above all 2010 was a good year. Why, because I made it through all obstacles placed before me such as health scares, my fathers death and another loved one known as Sherry; my very dear sister-n-law and confidant. I believe they're both in a better place. 
My son held down two jobs and school full time. Oh, and my dear covenant Fancy aka Kim, held our 1st women's conference. God has really moved in all of our lives and I'm sure were all grateful. Whether we're abound or abase, God is good and His mercies endure forever.
     My dear Mars, I would like to commend those mothers who alone, but not without God the Father, raised sons to become true decision makers. Sons who have become Police Officers: Shout out to, Ora mother of JarMarie and Doreen mother of Dwayne. These two young men decided to serve and protect. These two young men devoted the next 20+ years of their precious lives to put others first. I truly believe that this kind of humility is not only genetics but more importantly a process of rational thinking. These young men, sons are now problem solvers and critical thinkers which are key elements to manhood. I know that this type of job is not one you decide to accept because the money is good; No, because nobody could never come up with a monetary figure for their lives. This type of humanity comes from the one that knew us before we were in our mothers' womb. God said, JarMarie and Dwayne, my desire for your life is to serve and protect those less fortunate. Upholding justice for the unjust and putting law breakers in their rightful place. These two young men went through several months of rigorous training both mentally and physically. They had plenty of time to think this choice through and at any given moment could have failed but God made it so that they had the mindset to be victorious. 
     You see testimonies like this is what makes the journey of motherhood which often appears to be lonely, just to remind us that we're not. These two mothers decided to raise their sons without the daily partnership of  fathers in itself is courageous. They endured as good soldiers and fought the good fight of faith. These are the qualities that make up good mothers, not perfect, but nonetheless good! The United States Marines has a slogan that says, "the few, the proud, the Marines" but I would like to adopt and change just one word. "The few, the proud, the Mothers"; I take my hat off to Ora, Doreen and the host of other mothers out there who have raised good men. So continue to pray for these incredible women. Now they must go to another level of worry as their sons police the streets of New York.  As their sons perform their Godly duties: by putting the needs of others first and risking their lives so justice can prevail.
     Mothers I used the word 'worry' lightly because the word of God teaches us not to, but were human and ever learning. What we instill in our precious sons will one day be poured out of them. So lets watch what we do and say especially around our baby boys. We are their first protectors. Their primary teachers. What you wouldn't let a stranger do to harm them, watch that you don't either. If you don't curse at your boss, friends, or people in general, then DON'T curse at them. Please watch what you say about others too, this can depict poor images in their minds. Trust me, young minds can distinguish good from evil better than we can most of the time, but they can't trust their actions or feelings. Counteract and foster positive images by placing up pictures of true leaders. Lets stop talking at them and explain more to them. My mother use to talk so much at me that I use to literally turn her off. I'm sure I missed out on a lot of valuable information but I found that now, when I 'explain' to my son he actually listens. Don't forget when your stern and set standards, they mistakes this for being 'mean'. I often say, "I'm not being mean but listen when I say...because it's for your own good or protection". Their little sponges, just waiting for our next action. Seeking out if you can keep your word and hold your ground. So, don't let up; with patience, love and careful instruction our sons will prevail. Their so impressed by you. Unfortunately, they don't know what's good or bad unless you explain to them first. They must hear it from YOU first! You always have an audience when their around whether you know it or not. Protect the air they breathe; keep away the pollution of negativity in people, places and things. Teach them to seek out positive atmospheres where there's encouragement, laughter, peace, kindness and room to grow. Allow other people who have endured to assist in the nurturing process because raising him alone can overtake you. 
     Our sons are tender shoots growing sometimes out of very harsh environments but that has never and should never stop their potential to grow strong and proud. The best time is now, so let's start this year by becoming more conscious of our surroundings, the audience of our sons and God.
Lastly, remember anything can grow if you nurture it right. Never forget, there is life on MARS!
Jerri of Mars