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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh, I forgot this last journal

Ok Mars,

I forgot to add a flashlight, extra batteries, cash money money, several small water bottles, crackers and peanut butter go along way and last too. Also, a map for alternates routes and a battery operated radio; this will be hard to find if not costly but worth it.

Jerri of Mars

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting ready pt. 4 (really pt. 5)

Hey Mars,

     This is my last message on supplies that ought to be in our emergency bag, by now. The link below allows you to shop for or at least seek after what type of first aid kit you would prefer. You can also go to your local drug store for kits. Good luck!
     Did you know that some folk in Japan are still homeless, hungry and have not showered, after almost two weeks. Also in Haitii, least we forget. Don't let this be you or us, ok. My bag is packed, just trying to be instant and prepared, so I won't get caught out there.

Lots of love,
Jerri of Mars

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Tanisha!

Today is my very first niece's birthday. I believe she's 33 years old, you know I'm getting older so the memory could be a little shifted. She too is a mother who was alone raising a son, Daquel, my very first great nephew. She's now engaged to be married, to Anthony and they have a cute little girl. Her name is Ania, affectionately known as Ni Ni.

Love you all and Mars I'm going pricing for some "Getting Ready..." items. Will be back later with more information.

Jerri of Mars

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Getting ready pt. 3

Good day Mars,

     As promised, I will be blogging every other day regarding, the "Getting Ready...", series. Today I'll be expressing the importance of writing down emergency numbers: imidiate family, friends, doctors, hospital and please don't forget that 311 is a non-emergency number. Perhaps our cell phones will or won't be operable but thank God for payphones. Wait, are they still around? I must check my neighborhood. Also, call your local city manager's office and get on their DMA list via email and cellphone.
     DMA: Disaster Mitigation Act, is connected with FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency which is also apart of DHS: Department of Homeland Security. This was good information for me and I pray it affects you the same way.

Linked Mitigation Planning Overview
Mitigation Planning overview
     So google your city's DMA plan, look it over and sign up to be contacted during times of emergencies. That is all for today, get those numbers on paper (place in a plastic bag) and put them into you duffle bag. Lastly, go to that site and sign up. Until next time, may the peace of God and His grace rest upon you and yours...

Jerri of Mars

Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting ready pt.3

Hey Mars,

     Lots of love to all of you. Ok, today we add to our bag, a pair of sweats and a heavy sweatshirt, sweater or jacket. Oh, and some might ask why we needed the last blogs request for a flat sheet and a towel? These are in the event of several incidents: extra covering, to sleep on, dry off or to be cut into pieces to stop bleeding, oh yes!
     I'm not making this up. My info comes from an pamphlet regarding survival, while some may differ from one to the next, we must learn to follow procedures. 
     Sis Kim, please send some of your expertise and I will blog it. She has survived an earthquake in Cali back in 88', God bless you!
      Also, New Yorkers, we only learn how to evacuate in case of a fire, right? That's it, nobody is preparing us for any other disasters. We act like this can never happen to us. So, let's not get caught out there.

Until next time,
Jerri of Mars

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Getting ready pt. 2

Ok Mars,
     I'm not sure "why" I have not heard from some of you, but thank God for Sis Tina, who's feedback is very encouraging and appreciated. Don't get me wrong but Jesus is King and ruler over our lives and I know we try to take that position from Him at times. So, whatever has us so busy that we cannot touch and agree on the things of God, then we all need to stop and pray. I'm praying more than ever, I mean weeping; lamenting as Jeremiah, who happens to be my most sort after prophet. 
     So, here's the skinny, while sitting here eating b-fast and reading Matthew 24, why the Lord brings me back to "getting ready", lasts weeks blog message. (Matt 24:36-51) 
Last week we delve a little into packing an emergency bag. Yea, yea mines is not ready either so can we collectively designate this week and pack together. I will be reaching out several times this week, with my progress and I need to hear about yours. You, me, "our" people suffer from a lack of knowledge, and that's the word and especially running rampant in the world. People just like being ignorant or ignant! Some folk say, "I don't watch the news because its depressing", yes but just a few minutes a day to be informed is key.
     Did you know that Indian Point, New York, (1 0f 4 nuclear plants in America) right in our own backyard, lies on a major fault? And in the event that "we New Yorkers", had to evacuate the circumference around this location is a 50 miles radius. In layman's term; all of Manhattan, Westchester, all 5 boroughs, Rockland, Suffolk, etc...the list goes on would have to leave. I can't even grasp my brain around such an exodus, oh does that ring a bell?! Not trying to scare you but just as the bible teaches us to be ready for the Lord's return, we must also be ready to leave our homes and possibly our state. (Matt 24:16-29) Are people now standing on their rooftops? As in verse 17, just last week a man in Japan upon his roof traveled out 2 miles into the sea before he was saved. You just will never know when until the time comes, so in the meantime let's be ready for the Lord and whatever the earth has to put upon us. Remember, these are only the beginning of birthing pains. (Matt 24:8)
     So, lets start getting out a bag, a duffel preferably but if not a nap sack, please no suitcases Mars. Secondly, put a towel and flat sheet in it. That's all for now, I will get back with you in two days, and please hit me up on the comment post at the end of each blog, let me know your feedback. (if your not a google client then open bottom tab and click anonymous, but put your name in the comment) I need you too, lots of love...
Jerri of Mars

Friday, March 11, 2011

In these times...are we ready?

Good day Mars,
     Just finding a moment to touch base with you. By now, you should all know what's going on in Japan; an 8.9 earthquake! Another Tsunami too while Hawaii and California are in the loop. Mothers are we praying? Not that it's not us because the east coast has its share of catastrophes; New Jersey is still under water as I sit and watch the news while I write. Here in my own county, Elmsford is also under water and Bronxville too.
     Please mothers let's start today with a plan for evacuation. The word says to be instant, in and out of season, yes regarding the word but were suppose to also be wise as serpents. Let's start packing a spare duffle bag with things such as a first aid kit, crackers, blankets, socks, sweat suits, raincoats, washcloths, towels, the list goes on. Please, no gallon water bottles, but a couple of little bottles will suffice. These are serious times we're in. Are all your important documents up to date and filed in a water/fire resistant place? This is a good one; did you take those important numbers out of your cell phone and write them down? Don't forget to have fresh batteries, candles, flashlights with lighters by your bed and in every room.
     I can speak for myself and say, "NO",  I have not checked off all these things but I will this weekend. Yes, the flashlight is by the bed and thick candles are in every room with a lighter or two but I have not packed my or our duffle bag. I do have plenty of batteries but a battery operated radio needs to be purchased this week. And where's your local fallout shelter? I need to find that out too, you are not alone concerning these things.
     Mars please don't stress yourself but do try to be alert and ready. Do not hide your head in the sand and wish these things to go away. Matthew 24 tells us about such times as these, well there here!
   Well, I gonna close and go to the store to buy some viddles for my son to have while he's off from college next week. He already has a list of junk foods, ready to veg out on T.V. and video games. Until next time, remember to be ready, or Bishop Jake's would say, "get ready, get ready, get ready!"

Jerri of Mars

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Speak out!

Hey Mars,

     Please continue to pray for our educational system. The enemy has asked for permission to sift those that belong to God as wheat. This process tests our faith but the word of God teaches us that Jesus has prayed that our faith may not fail. Those that endure "will" turn back to God and go forth to strengthen our brothahs and yes, sistahs too.
Luke 22
31 "Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you[a] as wheat. 32 But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers."
     Once again, we educators are placed back on the chopping block. The government is talking about major cuts, such as sports, art, science the list goes on. In the meantime, teachers who have seniority over those who actually don't but do teach our precious students will have their keep in all this. In other words, you don't have to bring results regarding if or if not a student has learned while under your wing but because you've been misguiding them forever, you get to stay. Isn't that just like the enemy, to kill, steal and destroy?! The word of God calls it, "sounding brass and tinkling cymbals; James Brown said, "talking loud and saying nothing.
     This is why teaching starts and ends at home. I spoke a few weeks ago about culturing our children through free concerts, museums and yes also through that expensive cable service most of us have. Anybody ever heard of Discovery Channel?
     I love my job but love God more. He always has the last word concerning my life, my employment and my destiny. He opened this door and if He (God) decides to close it, well that's perfectly fine with me. Be not dismayed, God is not slack concerning His promises. I have sowed into each and every student of mine. I'm blessed with education and experience. My resume stays fresh and I'm full of God's wisdom. I never seen the righteous forsaken nor His seed begging bread.
     Through the grace of God, I am the head and not the tail, so that makes me the bread winner. God will not allow me and mine to perish for a lack of knowledge, food nor shelter. Ooh, o0h (hand raised), I'm a tither. Did I also mention my 20 year old son is too! We do know God and fight everyday to be obedient to His word.
     Lastly, here's a statistic I received from Ed Gordon's show: 4.1 million women are head of household as opposed to 975,000 men (U.S. Bureau of Statistics 2009).
Be encouraged mothers, God is not slack concerning His promises, whatever a man sows he will reap, in due season, (hers's the clause) if you faint not.... I'm claiming this season to reap the rewards of my labor as a single mother raising my son. Remember to pray that "God’s will" be done, not especially pray for those educators who don't know the Lord Jesus in the parting of their sins. When you don't know God, you don't keep your storehouse full and spend excessively. So, most will be walking around crying because they put their trust in the dollar and not God. Never cease to pray for ALL of us!

Jerri of Mars