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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Staying Present or Living in the Past...

Hey Mars,

     I'm just sitting back very comfy, in my bed, been up for a while on the computer. Here's the latest, Denzel Washington, our brothah, went to visit some troops in San Antonio, Texas. While there he was given the opportunity to do two things: first, visit sick troopers and next, write a check to build another place of housing for their visiting families. Remember he was just visiting with no intention of giving, he's no show off.

     I guess we would of never heard about this especially since its shames American government for their financial lack and inadequate amount housing for the visiting families of our sick troopers. And it was not a "real" hollywood actor like Tom Cruise. We take our hats off to Mr. Washington. Of course he's not doing it for show, if you know his record, he does this quite often. Mount Vernon, his home town, recieves a lot of financial support from him.
     I was also doing some history looks at the "founding fathers" of Hip Hop. DJ Kool Herc, is in the hospital, not sure of the date but he has no medical insurance. DJ Primier, on his blog, was sending out requests for donations.
DJ Kool Herc
     My opinion is this, especially after listening to his speech, which he appears angry at times. He got shot or stabbed back in the day and left the scene. So while he was gone, others came up, like Grandmaster Flash, DJ Junebug, DJ Hollywood and they soared aka became very popular. However, in Herc's absence, they were deemed as founders and not him. So Herc has appeared to spend the remainder of these last 30+ years trying to redeem his name as the "Father of Hip Hop", so sad. He thought that was more important than seeking out real employment with medical benefits and a pension.
     Boring some of you perhaps but its really important to stay present and not live in the past. Life goes on...both of these brothers came from humble beginnings. Denzel spent his youth in Mt. Vernon going to school and being raised by his mother. He pursued an acting career and moved to hollywood, he made folks happy. Herc grew up in Jamaica then Harlem, went to school and became a lover of music. He threw parties and made folks happy.  The difference is while they both were entrepurnuers, one didn't think that one day he would get old without  thinking nor saving for his future welfare.
     This is most of the Rap industries pioneers stories. Yea, while their speeches are positive and up lifting, they're still  fighting against a new milienium of easily swayed, bought and sold demographic of followers. Such as Lil Wayne, Drake, Jay Z and the list goes on. These guys make a lot of money and there's nothing positive about them or their raps.
     This is why, as a people, we need to be present, positive and focus on what our sons watch, what music they listen too and ultimately determines who their mimicking. Because it's not Denzel, instead our sons are wearing their pants down low, like Lil Wayne. The image of positive role models is who our sons should look up too not those that bring about the demise of black men. Worshipping idols are an abomination to God, this is why our sons are falling.
     If you know God, introduce Him to your son(s). He's the ultimate positive role model!

Stay present mothers, stay focus...
Jerri of Mars

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Art of Deception...being invisible

Good day Mars,
     One of my sistahs spoke prophetically about being "invisible". Without going into the story about the particular person of concern but the way I received it, this type of spirit comes directly from the pit of hell. If you've ever been around people who are on drugs and if you pay close enough attention, you will discover that their in denial, right? So, they try very hard to cover up their abuse; and she said, "because they think they're invisible". It's like people don't see them. Especially the addict that still likes to dress nice and look good, this is also a cover up!
     So, why do they do this? I believe what the word of God tells, "how the enemy shines like an angel of light", he's in the art of deception. These people know their junkies but still manage to get up each day, thank God, and put on the very clothing that they have not sold, just to keep up their image. In their futile mind, they truly believe that if they look good that people won't think their getting high or out there. They still "keep themselves up" when they're really down. They go and hang out on the block with others that are suspect, but again in their futile minds, they don't think people really see them for who they are! because they think the're invisible
     How do we play a role in their act because that's what it is, we're to call them out, right? Expose that deceitful spirit in them with the blood of Jesus. Of course through love and kindness...You know they'll find every opportunity to ignore you, remember because they're invisible. They're always busy, running, plotting and scheming for that next hit. In the meantime, they believe nobody sees them, the're invisible. So, expose them and the enemy through prayer and fasting. Believe God for their release, revelation, recovery, repenting and redemption. In Jesus name...

God will bring them out of darkness into His marvelous light,
Jerri of Mars

Friday, August 3, 2012

Gabby our 1st Black Olympic Princess

I don't know about you Mars, but I'm a proud momma today,

     Black is back babies! First President Obama and now Gabby Douglas! This baby all of 4'11 inches is our very first USA Olympic All-Around/Single Gold Medalist. I don't watch much of any sport but once in a while I am partial to Gymnastics. This has everything to do with, in my former years, I was a gymnasts. During elementary school, a couple of us were heavily involved in not just cartwheels but front/back hand springs. I was the only one who could master the Russian Split. We were performing and jumping off the Balance beam, floor drills and the Uneven Bars too.

     But Gabby, that baby is a bad lil girl. Her mother is highly esteemed in my eyes because she trusted her daughter at the tender age of exploration into this very sport and allowed her to leave home at 14 to study under a complete stranger, Coach Liang Chow. Well, not exactly but she moved from Virginia to Iowa. Miss Parton was the lady who took Gabby in during her pre-Olympic training. They're all are like family now.
     I cried along with everyone else in America because our children are so very talented. However, we have so many excuses why they never see their dreams become reality. As for Miss Hawkins, Gabby's mother, who is a single mom by the way, her excuse was fear of just missing her baby girl. That is just the tip of the iceberg of excuses for us. Some cry lack of money, lack of transportation and the time that must be put into fulfilling dreams. Most dreams while in the sports arena let alone Olympic training, requires 6am practices, every day. But that's another time of preaching.
Gabby Douglas
Gabby Douglas
Gift of Gabby? 
     Let's give it up for Gabby, her mother, sisters and the others who have now become an extension of pursuing a little black girls dream and making them come true. This is truly a fairy tale but for Gabby our Olympic Princess, she is a living testimony. Fairy tales do sometimes come true...

Read and weep, tears of joy...
Jerri of Mars