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Friday, June 10, 2011

Bringing fathers any means necessary!

Good day Mars,
     First of all, I must baby boy or to put it honestly my young man is away this weekend. He went to a gaming conference with 10 of his friends, out to NJ. His first time, away to another state w/out me, a class trip or church outing. So, I googled his hotel and they picked a very nice one with great amenities. He called me just a few minutes ago and reassured me that all is well.
     You know he tried to give a challenge about submitting the hotel information to me, but I had to pull out some big names to call regarding this matter, like my brother and his father, then he reconsidered. You know my son thinks because he's 6'2 and 20 yrs old, um that he's grown. He went as far to accuse me of "not trusting him" and how I can't call him every hour. Well, I have to confess that my lil feelings were hurt. I even woke up with an attitude. By the time he came to give me a hug/kiss goodbye; he sensed my distance. He said, "mom you can call me", but I decided to text him instead. OK, I called him once, during my lunch hour. He was only gone 3 hours by then. I know, I'm bad but he's not just my son, he's my buddy! My dad used to say, we act more like brother and sister, but he knows I'm mom, the Queen!
     So Mars, as Father's Day draws near, let's start to find suggestive ways to speak positively about our son's dad. I will be apart of a free virtual tele-conference for parents through an organization named, Raising Him Alone(RHA), pls google them. These brothers' are headquartered out of Maryland in conjunction with Speaking of Maryland, it's one of the wealthiest states in the USA(a lil trivia). OK back to this forum: conference call...they will be discussing the crisis concerning fatherlessness, the drama and trauma surrounding African American communities. They have been trying to reunite fathers, sons and families for several years now. Whether our fathers MIA was due to incarceration, drugs, and/or despondency the list goes on, fathers want/need to go back and reunite. So, if you know a father who desires to do this very thing, encourage him. Also, if you know of a mother that is not having it, encourage her too, let her know the relationship is important to her child. In the end, it's all about the total well-being of our son(s) as well as daughters.
Remember, we're never alone unless we choose to be...God is still the greatest father.
Jerri of Mars

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  1. Thanks for sharing that Jerri. I saw a whole lot of me in your mama son bond, its all good and although my son is married now, he is still my buddy for life(bffl).

    Love Sis. Wanda


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