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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Thing About Fear Is...

Hey Mars,

     I can only share to you what is presently real for me, right? So, what has been revealed by the Holy Spirit is dealing with fear and the "what ifs" that come with it. Whatever fear is to me; may not be for someone else, but we all have them. I'm learning that I must first acknowledge my fear and chose to totally trust the Lord God with it and then totally seek Him until He takes it away.  I'm doing this bible study on Soul Detox via YouVersion Bible app. It has everything to do the our soul: mind, will, intellect and emotions. You know the very strong compulsive characteristics that drive us as women.
     The reasons behind why we always have to give our thoughts, even when they are not warranted or solicited and/or say what's on "our mind" or "give somebody a piece of our mind". Especially, when you have NO peace to give. Oh, don't get it twisted were intelligent creations because He made us after Himself. Being so, we've all been through the universal school of basic education, some pursued college, have some street knowledge, mother's intuition, book smart, bible savvy and the list goes on. However, all of our emotions can somehow or another, can either all go out the window like bath water or get entangled like a vine, when it comes down to our emotions; the predominantly operable part of our soul.
     Personally, my greatest fear is growing old alone. Yes, when I think about Jesus and all He's done for soul cries out Hallelujah! But, there are days when my soul likes to ride on the arm of flesh and I start thinking... My son will one day move out, possibly get married and I will be physically home alone. Let's keep it real, our children will grow up and will move out. We thank the Lord God for that transition because this is the cycle of life. I am already in Empty Nest mode. I work, come home, cook if I feel like it and do whatever I very well please. I love it! Look forward to this time but just never pictured being a single "woman" at 50 years of age. Especially, after being a single mother for over 23 plus years...
     I've heard of stories where women have given up their life to Christ because I (raising my hand) am one of them. I made this choice with a sound mind and have never had more peace because I've had my share of dating both good and bad. I wanted to try and give my life to the Lord, so here I am! My life is good, never been better. He is the reason why I am single, but and there's that "but", I have my moments of "what ifs", yet I still believe my Father God for a mate, my Boaz! However, and without ever lowering my standards, I ask the Lord, "please let him love you just as much as I do"...let's keep in mind "the list" still stands but now I want him to be healthy, just like when were expecting a baby we would say. People will ask, "what do you want? a boy or girl?". Most of were smart enough to say, as long as my baby is healthy, it really doesn't matter. Yet, when that prayer is answered and you get the specific gender, then our smile gets just a little bigger.
     Like I am smiling now, because when I talk about my fears, first to my Father in heaven and then to you my sistahs, its all good, now I feel so much better. I know the effectual and fervent prayers are already being dispatched, thanks for the love!
Love caste out all fear,
Jerri of Mars

Monday, January 20, 2014

Misspell F-A-T-H-E-R

Hey Mars,
     I want to thank you all for following us on this past week of Practicing Awareness, and if you didn't then that was your personal choice, (but as for me and my house) we will praise the Lord! For what? You might ask, because the Holy Spirit gives us everything that we blog about. So, while none of the 15 Symptoms of Cancer that Women Ignore may have not been for you, trust that they were for somebody. At least you cannot say you were not informed, warned or therefore "clueless". We're just the messenger.
     This video is a dedication to all and enjoy! It is so timely, a blessing from one of my greatest moms: Maxine, thank you!

Until Next Time,
Jerri of Mars

Friday, January 17, 2014

Fever, Fatigue and Persistant Cough

Good day Mars,
This is the last of the 15 Cancer Symptoms Women Ignore...
     According to the American Cancer Society, fever most often occur  after cancer has spread from its original site however can also point to early blood cancers known as Leukemia or Lymphoma. Other symptoms of cancer are jaundice or change is stool color.
     So, if your fever is not associated with influenza or other infections, see your doctor for a complete medical history and battery of tests; chest X-ray, CT scan or MRI, depending on findings.
     However vague this symptom can be could point to cancer, as well as other problems. This can happen after the cancer has grown or in early stages as Leukemia, colon or stomach cancers.
Persistent Cough
     A cough is expected with colds, the flu and allergies and believe or not a side effect of medications. However, a prolonged cough which last for more than three or four weeks, should not be ignored. Again, see your doctor, make sure he or she do a complete medical history, examine your throat, check out your lungs perhaps through X-ray, especially if your a smoker.
      Never forget, you come first, you always have! Prayerfully, you have already started practicing making healthy choices, and being honest with yourself and others too. I hope that you have had your fill of what symptoms not to ignore. Read 2 Timothy 1:7 & 3 John 1:2 and remember God loves you...
Blessings to your abundance of good health,
Jerri of Mars


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pain and Changes in Lymph Nodes

Good day Mars,

     Pain is something we all know too well, if you've lived long enough, however the complaining of pain and various aches could be early symptoms of some cancers or not.            
     Nevertheless, pain that persists and unexplained need to be checked out by your doctor; not you or a friend. Have your doctor take a careful account of your history and then based on that information decide what testing, if any, is needed.
Changes in Lymph Nodes
     Throughout our bodies we have these tiny organs called Lymph Nodes. They're apart of our Lymphatic System. More commonly known to have swelling in the neck and or armpits, and other places, could be symptomatic. Please Google, lymph nodes for more pics.
     If you have a lymph node that is getting larger, for longer than a month, see a doctor. Your doctor will examine you and figure out any parallel issues (such as infection) which could explain the growing lymph node. If there are none, your doctor will order a biopsy, in most cases.
      Remember, your body doesn't lie, it is a part of the All Mighty, who is incapable of such a flaw. We women are changing with each new day, except it, embrace it and encourage it! Any other behavior displayed is not healthy. Also, talk to about everything but not to everyone; get it out, you'll discover you're not alone.    
     Seek God, set realistic goals, practice honesty, make healthy choices (such as foods, exercise, people, places and yes men) and lastly be available for YOU and your son. This may sound crazy but make an appointment to see YOU! Mothers that are whole, raise sons that are whole, prayerfully. Until, next time...

Practice Awareness,
Jerri of Mars

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gnawing Abdominal Pain and Mouth Changes

Good day Mars,
     Today's symptoms start with a gnawing abdominal pain and depression. Omgosh ladies, these two signs are linked to depression and pancreatic cancer. Research has it that this form of cancer is crucial and silent. So, again if you have a persistent/sharp pain in your abdomen and its accompanied by feeling depressed, you need to get a checkup asap! The two links have also been found to be a poorly understood connection. Still we're not taking any chances, right? Practicing honesty and setting realistic goals is a real start to dealing with depression, the Holy Spirit said, "it's gonna be alright!"
     Now, I take medicine for this, the lil purple pill, and I've discovered the reasons why. I love to over-eat! And remember you body doesn't lie and it talks back too. That language is not English but Indigestion. I'm practicing honesty, ladies, I eat late too especially on the weekend. This also leads to indigestion. So, I watch my food intake and the hours I ingest them, so I don't suffer like I use to, thank God.
     Seriously, research has found that indigestion is accompanied by weight gain, remember that feeling during pregnancy or not; so now that you know, try to eat less and not late. Also, food allergies such as milk products can cause indigestion. I am lactose intolerant and my blood type is O-positive, which gives me a very acidic stomach. Which is why dairy is a no no! I've learned how to treat my body, by becoming knowledgeable to these important facts about myself. Also taught me about other foods that don't agree with me which also caused indigestion. Do your research on your blood type, you will feel much better.
     But having indigestion for no apparent reason could be a red flag, such as a clue to cancer in the stomach, esophagus and/or throat. See your doctor for any excessive indigestion, please.
Mouth Changes
     If you noticed white patches inside your mouth or white spots on your tongue, please see your doctor. This could be a symptom of a precancerous condition called leukoplakia that can progress to oral cancer. Ask your dentist or doctor what should be done next.
     All this information can be found again on a very knowledgeable site called WebMD. Continue to practice awareness, honesty and good health/hygiene.

Practicing Awareness,
Jerri of Mars

Monday, January 13, 2014

Difficulty Swallowing and Blood in the Wrong Places

Hey Mars,
     We're making our way through the 15 Symptoms of Cancer that Women Ignore...if you have missed any just visit the blog, by clicking the link below. Or Google: Mars in NY Jerri.
     OK now, I had difficulty with this one and its not a pleasant feeling. You almost feel like your suffocating. I've known at least two ladies that found polyps on their throat and esophagus. If you have or are still experiencing this symptom, difficulty swallowing, you may have already changed your diet, perhaps avoiding foods that require chewing for more liquids like soups or shakes. And your probably losing weight too.
     But this symptom could be a sign of a GI cancer, like esophagus. Please see your doctor for a thorough exam such as chest X-ray or GI tract.
Blood in the wrong places
    If you've noticed blood in your toilet, urine or stool please don't assume it's from a hemorrhoid, it could be colon cancer. Mars I hope I'm not the only one who looks back before they flush and if you don't then You Should! Can't just be flushing all Willy Nelly, smile. Look back, examine and if the coast is clear, then flush!
     If you are menstruating that's normal but please if otherwise consult your doctor for a colonoscopy or have tests ran for bladder or kidney cancer.
     Coughing up blood should be looked into very seriously. One occasion of blood in the wrong place may not point to anything, but if it happens more than once, please seek your physician.
     Remember, to practice being aware and not foolish. I have spoken with plenty of women who've had all kinds of symptoms but do absolutely nothing. And let's not rule out those who think not even talking about cancer...let's be real ladies. Precaution is vital if ignored could be fatal, and this is not the will of God concerning any of our lives. We must be sharp...
     Let's continue to practice being honest first with ourselves then we will find it much easier to be honest with our sons, family and others. Practice really hard towards being healthy this year, if I am not mistaken all of us are getting older; our spring chicken days are fading fast. Now I know some of us don't even look our age, some don't even feel like it half the time but over exert yourself and watch that body start screaming loud and clear, lol.
     I love you all but you know who loves you best...Jesus!
Practicing Awareness,
Jerri of Mars

Friday, January 10, 2014

Unusual Bleeding and Skin Changes

Good day Mars,

     This is in and around my age demographic: Menopause (pre, during or post). Women in this category tend to ignore "between-period bleeding" and could possibly be bleeding from the GI tract, which is mistakenly thought to be from their period. But if this between-period bleeding happens to be typically regular, still check it out. So does bleeding after menopause, this could be signs of endometrial cancer and if from the GI tract could be a symptom of colorectal cancer.
     Please know what normal is for you. If you never spot between period and you do, this could be abnormal, but to another it might not be, so please see your GYN. Your doctor can perform a standard pelvic exam, ultrasound or biopsy. We should also start the habit of marking our calendars of any unusual timings too. So we can be precise with our findings to our doctors.

Skin Changes
     If you're a woman who have moles, you should know to especially look for any changes--a well-known sign of skin cancer. But we should also watch for any changes in skin pigmentation. Such signs like sudden skin bleeding or excessive scaling, should be looked into by your doctor. Especially, if these changes have been going on for several weeks, because your keeping a watchful eye and marking your calendar. Whatever, is urgent to you but never wait for an emergency.
     Remember, to practice being healthy and being honest with yourself. Also, your body is not capable of lying to you. We need to remain healthy for our sons, so they can be too.

Practicing Awareness,
Jerri of Mars


Monday, January 6, 2014

Weight Loss

Day One Mars,
     I know we all would like to involve ourselves deeply into this phenomenon or in my case a day to day struggle: Weight Loss. To make it plain...If you are experiencing unusual weight loss this should not be ignored. Especially, if you have not exercised or decreased your eating habits. 
     What is unusual? More than 2 lbs a week; clothes are becoming too big, all of a sudden. In most cases, nothing is subtle; we've probably just ignored it because honestly some of us can or would love to lose a few pounds of fat. Say bye to the bulge and pinching inches.
 So, if you are honest with yourself, remember to practice this skill, then too much weight loss requires going to see your doctor, stat!
     In the meantime, if you can and desire to lose weight the healthy way, remember to practice this skill too, then start small. Whatever small is to you, only you can decide that. But if you need a hint, try parking/walking a block away from your destination instead of wasting energy (both physical and in gas) on circling said block for a closer parking space or like most of us, asking the Lord to open up a space, in Jesus name, now that's funny! The Lord said, "No, get out and walk", because that was His perfect source of exercise and mode transportation. And Mars, don't you dare think, well there were no cars back then. But there were mules. I still believe Jesus would have walked so He did or He would have drove pass all who needed Him. So, get out and walk! beloved.
     Please scroll down to reply or leave a comment, your input in important!!
Practicing Awareness,
Jerri of Mars

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Let's Start with Awareness

Good day Mars,
     Okay good people, let's start the year off right by doing the hard things first. I will start by saying I suffer with lower back pain, reflux, and other gastric problems and now more than usual potty visits. I am very in tune with my body so any unusual activities are sought out thoroughly. Did I fail to mention, I just turned 50! And in spite of my GYN diagnosis; I'm nowhere near menopause, yea right...I've experienced some signs. Can somebody say "Hot flashes".
     So, I'm awakened this morning about 4:15AM with a nudge from my bladder to potty; yes an interruption in my already unsteady sleep. On any given night, I can average about 4 hours of sleep, but I also take naps during the day on vacations and after work when I'm not. Oh I also failed to mention, I was also feeling nausea along while attending this "unusual urge" to urinate. So, after I go to the bathroom, some bouts of burping, then I felt better. Note to self: Have my Gastroenterologist prescribe me some Pantoprazole Sodium DR aka Prevacid; you know the little purple pill. Works wonders...
     Okay, I can't go back to sleep so I start to hit the Internet, preferably  I love this site, I research Bladder Infections: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Prevention, etc. I run into various information and can agree with 2:5 symptoms I have. This study led me into Uti (urinary tract infection), Kidney Stones and yes Cancer. Then there it was, 15 Cancer Symptoms Women Ignore. So, while reading and deciphering what applied to me or not, I thought, thank you Holy Spirit. I will dedicate the next week or so to given you, Mars, some markers, precautions and/or things that might make you say Uhhhmmmm or not.
     This is a good start for the year right? To know what the latest scientific researchers are saying, symptoms to look for, just in case in and to spark awareness. Remember, knowledge is Power! Please read and be honest with Your symptoms or not. Often times we think of what others might have instead of ourselves which is good, but let's put us first, its ok! Remember we have sons, if mom's not healthy then they're not either and therefore worry sets in. I will start the list tomorrow, so look out and be honest. Your body doesn't lie, listen to it...

Jerri of Mars

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Many blessings to all of You! I have no clich├ęs for the new year but my prayer is that we do our very best to love each other in spite of the flaws we see in each other. And uphold the two greatest this way we will do better at pleasing our Lord!
With Love,
Jerri of Mars