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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Getting your (house) in order, the money is there...

Happy Snow day Mars,

     I don't know about you but I only like fresh falling snow, so I took a walk at 7:30am to make my own tracks. As I was walking, sun wasn't bright as yet, a pigeon was sitting in the snow. As I walked pass him or her, it stayed on one side, but soon as I got two steps ahead, two of them tried to attack my head. I screamed while trying to run through the 12 inches snow. All I can attest to, is that running in the snow is a very good cardio workout.
     In my continuance, I'd like to share some other new endeavors for this year. The real estate market took a bad nose dive over these pass years while taking most "new" home owners with them. Well, now that the advocates have stood firmly on "who" was really at fault, we've found that  roosters still come home to crow. Yes, the large corporate bankers! have to give back monies to the unfortunate lost home owners. Click and read the following link:

     This is good news, if you haven't given up, but if you know somebody who has, share this with them. Talking about the wages of the wicked...It was prophesied, that this is the year of reaping, but only if you've sowed. So! lets continue if not began too, sow!
     I'm tired of paying high rent and while filing for bankruptcy several years ago, two things happen, my  percentage rate lowered on my loans and my credit score reached a standard. And while I'm still not clocking major dollars, I am eligible for other perks. I give God the glory, because He has made it possible for me, through good discipline, to make sure all my bills are paid especially my student loan, on time.
     So, if you have been working on getting your house in order, financially, as we were encouraged some time ago. Then go to these sites for further assistance on home ownership assistance:

     Hope this is helpful. I already signed up for interviews/workshops on receiving financial assistance for down payment, closing costs and/or renovations if needed. Please, please pass this on to any of our Hispanic brothahs and sistahs because the monies are definitely there for them. If you have some Hispanic blood please claim it and don't hesitate to avail that information, again the monies are there. Keep us we keep you in prayer.

You are not alone,
Jerri of Mars

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