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Monday, February 4, 2013

We celebrate You! Janet and Ray Rice, New Ro's finest

Good day Mars,
     Well, I don't know what most of you indulged yourselves in on Sunday, but the rest of us right here in New Rochelle, were knee deep in Super Bowl Sunday XVLII , hotwings and all. You know why? Because that's what we do to assist in celebrating our own. Yes, New Rochelle's finest, Ray Rice! Baltimore Ravens (Rayvens, get it?) 55th draft pick. This young man has been running all of his life; and not to just catch footballs. Nah, he's been in flight from the womb.
     Not knowing that his father would be fatally taken from him and his mother at such a tender age of one. All he desired was, "a walk in the park", with his dear father. But God had a bigger plan for Ray Rice. Let the record be known, that this young man comes from a praying family. So, in our hearts, Super Bowl XVLII, was God's way of saying good job Ray for staying on the path that I have prepared for you.
     His mother Janet Rice, New Rochelle born and raised, from back in the day and lifelong friend, is a real sistah. She represents Mars to the fullest (watch the video). Raising two others sons, besides Ray and a little girl, with the same fervent, tenacity, and love. She's one of us! I can proudly say that most of the sistahs who grew up in our era, have exceptional children. No drugs, jails, nor drop-outs, etc...the list goes on. Some will say, its in the water but Janet and the rest of us say, "to God be the glory!"
     Although, there were many of us who were 49er fans, as well as other teams, but you had to feel what the Lord was stirring up. Some like myself aren't Ravens fans were Ray Rice fans! Now the devil tried the whole power issue; lights out thing, but he still was defeated. I know Pastor Niscey was praying and bleeding the blood of Jesus (that's Ray's aunt). We felt it! I ran into some bitter folk, at least that's what I called them. They were talking about not jumping on bandwagons and they could care less, until its there child, right? However, you always gonna have haters, workers of iniquity like black outs but God has the last word. And if you don't know, you better ask somebody!!
    This is what Mars is all about, supporting our own. Be it our accomplishments, or our children's, we give credit where its due. And Janet and Ray deserves our love, adoration, participation, prayers and support. This one's for you JR!
 You are not alone,
Jerri of Mars

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