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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sibling Rivalry...Leah and Rachel

Good day Mars,
    In the book of Genesis, chapter 29:17 starts a story of two sisters who shared in marriage one man named Jacob. Our spiritual fathers; Abraham, Issac and Jacob. The latter aka the trickster, deceitful who ended up being fooled by his uncle and his very son. Jacob the one who had 12 sons; the originators of the 12 tribes of Israel. The man whom God himself renamed Israel: Prince. Jacob who slept on a rock and watched angels descend and ascend from heaven. Jacob who fought with God and walked away afflicted but blessed. He became the brunt of two sisters hurt, sorrow and pain, but not without his uncle's help.

v16-17...Laban had two daughters; Rachel who was beautiful with a good figure and Leah the oldest, who's eyes did not sparkle. Tells us that Jacob was physically attracted to Rachel.
v18..."if you will let me marry Rachel, I'll work seven years for you." Rachel was his cousin, he promise to his uncle Laban tells us he was a diligent, honorable and earned his way. He also found himself in love with her after only one month.
v25...The next morning Jacob realized he had been tricked by his uncle and married Leah. His uncle told him about traditions and offered him seven more years to have Rachel. Tells us that deceit runs in the family.
v31...Leah soon became pregnant and because Jacob loved Rachel more God closed her womb. Tells us that Rachel would not give her husband his first born son.
30:1..."I'll die if you don't give me some children!". Tells us Rachel was becoming jealous and desperate.
v2..."Don't blame me, I'm not God!". Tells us Jacob became upset with Rachel
     Some of you may relate to sibling rivalry. Sister jealousy, arguing and perhaps fighting. Maybe sisters who just happen to get pregnant by the same man, stranger things have happened. However, God can work all these things out for our good. We cannot battle with each other, because it's not ours to fight. These women took matters into their own hands, like we often do. This can get messy but God is in the business of taking our biggest mess and working a miracle. Where we can be cordial towards each other. Especially when the children witness such harsh behaviors. They can start to act out as you will see as they grow older. These are all ignited by generational curses: lying, pride, blame and desperation. We must pray, read and ask God to help us in the mist of our personal storms. He will.
Until next time, please read ahead but not too far. We all know the story, God is going to work it all out for our good according to His riches and glory!

Jerri of Mars

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The last of Hannah, pt. 3

Hannah prayed looking up
Good day Mars,
     Commencing upon Hannah: The Promise Keeper; always keeping in mind that its God who gets the glory while we are in our most challenging times. Isaiah 53:10 tells us, "Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise Him...and the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in His hand." We're just mere living vessels used to bring forth God's perfect plan for our lives and our sons. It is He who is perfect and does likewise, so why are we trying to be something were never were designed to be. Read I John 1:8, "anyone who says they are without sin is a liar and the truth is not in them"...But, in the end, we will be "like Him", perfect! Until that glorious day keep striving for His perfection being displayed in us; remember were made in His image and likeness...

     Chapter 2v18. Hannah made clothes and bought them to Samuel each year at Shiloh. Tells us she was always faithful, loving and caring throughout all of her visitations to see her son. Some of you may have a son that is institutionalized and might find it hard to still see after him but please try to be faithful. God honors those who visit the imprisoned. Read Matt 25.
v21 Hannah's womb was blessed and she bore five additional children. Tells us God continued to bless her and made her whole.
v26 Each day the Lord and His people liked Samuel more and more. Tells us Samuel was highly favored.
     Unfortunately some mothers have to give their sons up to be raised by others, for whatever the reason doesn't matter, but that they are cared for, loved and protected. Also that the mothers are remembered and respected, with the chance to someday be reunited with her children. Hannah's releasing of Samuel was voluntarily but I'm sure the pain was identical. The bible doesn't elude to this fact but its a natural and human emotional reaction to separation.
     However, God was, is and always will be faithful and spiritually we must ALL give our sons to serve Him forever such as Jesus, whom God gave to us, His only begotten son. He promised to save our household, so stay prayerful.
Love ya,
Jerri of Mars 


Monday, December 5, 2011

Hannah part 2

Good day Mars,
     Hope all your holiday eating hasn't got the best of you. I've decided that I will write more often being that my postings can be a tad bit extensive. Keeping in mind that I only blog once a week while normal blogger's do so daily. So, for those of you who's attention span or time is short, from this day forward whatever the Lord gives me to share will be brief. However, that means you will get more invites to read more often.
     Here's the last part of Hannah: The Promise Keeper; also be mindful of what the Lord is sharing with us in this dispensation of time. We've heard enough about our present women, friends and family and their many issues but God said, now we can look into the women of ancient times. He brought them through, so what more will He do for us now.
     In the book of 1 Samuel starting at:
v19. Elkanah and Hannah got up early and worshipped the Lord. ..Tells us she's faithful to her husband and God.
v20. Hannah didn't go to the annual sacrifice until Samuel was weaned then was given to God...Tells us she was a responsible mother and woman of integrity.
v21. Elkanah told his wife she "knows what's best"...Tells us her husband had confidence in her decision making.
v24-28. Hannah did as she promised God; took Samuel to Eli the priest to serve God forever...Tells us that she kept her promise to God.
     How many times have we made promises to God and failed to uphold our end? Hannah was a woman, a wife and a devout worshipper of the All Mighty God. I have cried out to the Lord such as Hannah and thank God, that in these times, effectual, fervent prayers poured out in tears with muted voices are normal. Thank God people and our pastors don't think we're drunk while up in the church house.
     We are now in a time where desperation and perspiration are inevitable, not for us but for the unsaved. So, we can now live the word; by coming boldly to the throne of our times of needs and get results, such as Hannah. If we never thought before that God is real and is still making all things possible and visible to man, than we need to start. The operative word is NOW!
Until next time, 
Jerri of Mars

Train em up...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hannah a Promise Keeper

Good day Mars,
     I know its been over a week. Wishing I could write more often but I'm still in training. First giving honor to God and a very special woman of God, Sis Valerie, who thought it not robbery to donate a computer to this ministry. You know when God lays it upon our hearts to do something in His name, for the sake of justice, you never know who He's going to use as an instrument of light. The people closest to us are usually not the ones. He's so magnificent in His thoughts and ways which are never ours; they're in the Glory realm. Unfortunately, most of us are down here still working in the faith and anointing realm. That's goes especially for me. So, I thank God for using my dear sistah and her obedience to hear what the Spirit was saying. Now I'm able to write from the comfort of my home, thank God!
     We're continuing to write about women of the bible and their sons. This week is about Hannah the wife of Elkanah. We're coming from I Samuel 1:2...She was one of two wives that Elkanah had married. She was barren. Tells us she was insecure. Not being able to procreate had its toll of the women of ancient times being that family was extremely important.
v5...Elkanah loved Hannah very much and gave her more than the rest of his family. Tells us although she was insecure, she had favor and abundance. Often times "things" esp temporary ones will never replace the permanent.
v6...The other wife Penninah taunted Hannah regarding her infertility which made her feel bad. Tells us she was intimidated on a regular basis which added injury to pain.
v7b...Hannah refused to eat and cried often. Tells us she was under deep distress. Is this not what most women go through  from others who find out their weaknesses in order to use against them?
v9...Hannah prayed. Tells us she found comfort in God and not her husband or other worldly things. She was also resilient such as women of God should be. She made a conscious effort to look up after looking down and around.
v10...Hannah was brokenhearted as she cried and prayed to God. Tells us she was in deep emotional pain but knew who cared enough to not only to listen but make things all better.
v11a...Hannah while praying reverence God, and gave over her issues of misery. Tells us she knew her shortcoming and confessed them to a God who was concerned and capable of handling her needs.
v11b...Hannah requested of God a son and promised to turn his life over to Him as a Nazarith. Tells us she was deep in tradition by asking for her first born to be a son but also willingly giving him back to God as a sacrifice. Promising not to cut his hair as Nazarite's practiced; one who totally dedicates their entire life to God.
v12...Accused of being a drunkard by Eli the priest because when she prayed no words came forth. Tells us she trusted in the  Lord; sometimes pain cannot speak but the Lord knows our thoughts.
v15...Tells Eli she's a good woman, who's only problem was what she brought to the Lord. Tells us she was confident in her demeanor as a woman and a woman of God.
v18...Took Eli's advice to go home and worry no more, for the Lord knows. She ate and felt better. Tells us while she trusted the man of God she came to her senses.
     If you see yourself in any of Hannah's story, say amen! This woman of God was the epitome of how to go through and who to go through with: The Lord Almighty! For the women that are out there; and those that have been through and found their way back, can testify that it was nobody but God; then hallelujah to you too. Let's not forget they're plenty of woman still out there going through over and over again. They don't have a husband, while possibly being taunted by the new wife or crazy girlfriend. Perhaps cannot have children or lost them; they may have to sit and watch others with their children. We are praying like Hannah for YOU! Our mouths are moving but not a sound is coming out because this is between us and Jesus name! And we're not drunk off wine but we are twisted on the Holy Spirit.
     We will pick up the ending of Hannah's story next week; until then don't stop praying for our precious mothers and sons out there who don't know the power of God and prayer...
Love you ,
Jerri of Mars

Friday, November 4, 2011

Mother of Nations

Good day Mars,

     She's first mentioned in Genesis 11:29..."Abram married Sarai." The mother of nations is what her name presently means, but first princess. She was Abraham's half sister, they had the same father; Terah (Gen 20:12). In those days marrying your relative was not unusual but then God had not yet laid down His laws.
     This week we will look a little deeper at Sarai whom God changed her name to what we presently know her as. He did the same for Abram. They were a couple in love and although they lived many years without Sarai being unable to concieve, she made no big issue out of this delimma. All the while, she had so many other issues to contend with, let's take a look...
11: 29...Sarai was barren. Tells us she had insecurities about her inabilities to
12: 11...Sarai was really beautiful. Tells was she possessed physical esteem and
v15...... Abraham told her to lie to the King. Tells us she was a liar and obidient to
              her husband.
v16.......Sarai had favor in Egypt with the King. Tells us she used her beauty for
v17.......Sarai caused disease to the Kingdom of Egypt. Tells us she was ignorant
               regarding her favor with God.
v16:1....Sarai told Abraham to marry Hagar so they can have a child. Tells us
               that she was anixous.
v5........Hagar began to mistreat Sarai. Tells us Sarai was mentally unstable, 
              accusatory, unaccountable for her actions towards others, impulsive and selfish.
v6........Sarai treated Hagar wrong. Tells us she was vendictive.
17:15...God changed Sarai's name to Sarah. Tells us she will mother nations through
             God. The princess becomes a mother.
18:1.....Note: this verse tells us that when guest come into our homes we should be open to serve.
v6.......Abraham quickly summoned Sarah to make bread and she did. Tells us
              her husbands request were urgently adhered too.
v10.....Sarah was eavesdropping. Tells us she was curious and a busy to others
v12.....Sarah laughed and questioned herself. Tells us she has a sense of humor,  
             disbelief and no faith.
v15.....Sarah denied and lied to the Lord. Tells us before and again she's a liar and
             very deceitful.
     We're writing about the mithers and sons of the bible to see how God still has not changed His thoughts concerning us. He tells us, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11. We must get pass, yes get pass how we and especially others see us. Inspite of Sarah's many issues, God still kept His promise. He will do the same for us and our sons. NOW! we come to the full knowledge that He knows our faults and yet loves us. God is not like man, who snatches away his promises because we don't live up to his expectations. Our expectations are non equivocal to God's. So, lets again get passed our issues, such as God does and move forward in Jesus who took ALL of our transgressions.
     Believe with me today that He will accomplish that which He has sent in His word. If you give yourself today and ALL of your issues, to Jesus. He will see you through. Read back over how awful Sarah was, yet God declared her mother of every nation. This is written not to intently look at Sarah but to Jesus. The one who died for our sins...

Have faith in the Lord,
Jerri of Mars

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Pain of Being Cain

Good day Mars, ...continued from, "All About Eve"
     As mentioned, we will go a little deeper into Cain; the first born of Adam and Eve. Cain's name sounds like "got" which basically means to acquire or to get. Genesis 3:20, ...Adam named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all who live. (Contemporary English Version) So, she gave life to Cain and he got or acquired life. You will find through this study how significant Cain's name predicted his life, remember Cain means "got".
See before this extensive study, I even thought Cain had it real bad. And he did but in the end he "got or acquired" a life; and a good one too. Let's get into his life and personality traits. This study was taken from Genesis 4, specifically. (CEV)
     Genesis 4:3...Cain gave a part of his harvest to God. This tells us he was selfish.
     Genesis 4:5...Cain was so angry because God was not pleased with his offering.
                             This tells us he had anger/emotional issues: jealousy, envy/strife.
     Genesis 4:5...Cain couldn't hide his feelings.
                             Tells us he also displayed physical/impulsive emotions.
     Genesis 4:7...God told him if he had only did the right thing.
                             Tells us he did not possess good decision making skills.
     Genesis 4:8...Cain killed Abel. Tells us he was a murderer.
     Genesis 4:9...God asked, where is your brother? Tells us he was not accountable
                             for others, sarcastic, disrespectful and a liar.(thru his answers to God)
     Genesis 4:12...God said, the land you farm will not produce.
                              Tells us he was unproductive, cursed, poor and a wanderer.
     Genesis 4:13...When God cursed and punished Cain, he responded that the
                              punishment was too hard. Tells us he was a complainer, irresponsible,
                              not liable for his actions, a castaway, separated from God, homeless,
                              and worried about being murdered himself.
     These excerpts from the bible tell a lot about the very personality traits that Cain possessed. Seems and sounds familiar right? Our sons can and will have some of these same traits but the moral to this story is that God in His sovereignty never left Cain nor will He leave our sons. But mothers these blessings and promises only come through the salvation of Jesus Christ. If we're saved then He promised to save our household too. Remember, where as one man came death (Adam) and another came life (Jesus).
     Throughout all of chapter 4 God was still available for Cain to inquire of Him. With God's tender mercy, loving kindness and endless compassion, He placed a mark on Cain as a form of protection that only He can supply. What really blew me away was in v14 Cain said, ...You're making me leave my home and live far from you...Even in Cain's disparity he never wanted to leave God's presence. He knew that in all his wrong doings that God our Father would never leave nor forsake him. God still reigns on the just and unjust.
     In the end, Cain got life! Not the life sentence of utter dread and death, as the world does so freely gives, but a life of abundance.   Genesis 4:17, gives joy in telling us this...17Later, Cain and his wife had a son named Enoch. At the time Cain was building a town, and so he named it Enoch after his son. Cain eventually got his life together, acquired a wife, built not a home but a town. He named his only son after that city, Enoch. Reassuring us of God's endless mercy. Hope you were as blessed as I was to receive this wisdom.
Jerri of Mars

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All about Eve

Hey Mars,       Thank God we're back together again! I pray the Lord has kept you all as He has also did the same for me. Please stay with us this next dispensation of time because the Lord is going to take us into deeper depths and higher heights. Time is over for mediocrity.
     These next few months will be straight bible, Mars, particularly dealing with mothers and of course their sons. We will start in Genesis and work our way through unto Revelations. Let's not delay any further...
Genesis 4
     Adam and Eve had their first born, a son she named Cain. Eve tells us that the Lord "helped her" so is the significance of his name. Biblical women were accustomed to naming their sons and/or children after their individual circumstances or things to come. Unlike the women of our time who do so for other reasons. However, we must not forget it's God, who brings us through the often painful plights of childbirth, in which Eve paid homage to.        Remember, God does require us to hearken unto His voice for ALL advice. He spoke to Joseph in Matthew 1:21, to name the baby Mary was carrying, Jesus. In Hebrew, Jeshua: the one who will save man from his sins. The importance in naming our sons which often times speaks life and/or predicts their future.
     Getting back to Eve, the Lord helped her. Her punishment for sin was that she would endure terrible suffering during childbirth. So as a parenthetical, she probably knew that if it had not been for the Lord who showed her mercy during child birthing, she might have died in doing so. You see Eve was not suppose to ever suffer, after all she lived in God's presence, where there is absolutely no suffering in that place. (Rev 21:3-4)
     But God is sovereign, blessing and cursing whomever He chooses. Although Eve was cursed with suffering terribly during childbirth, she remembered that the Lord blessed her with His help to get her through, she bears witness to that testimony.
     So Mars, remember that God blesses and curses not us! It is He who helps us, not man; and He will always have our best interest because He made us in His image and His likeness...Next time we will go deeper into the personality traits of Cain, its deep ya'll!
Love, Jerri of Mars

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Saying "I love you"

Good day Mars,

     Today is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it! Mars let's make it our #1 priority to tell our young boys that we love them. Let's not just show them and write love off as putting a roof over their heads, food on the table, wiping away the tears but "tell" them, explicitly.
     So in the future women don't have to deal with those men that have not a clue when it comes down to telling a woman this very same thing. You can meet a good guy, he can do all the right things minus his faults but he can't seem to muster up those three words. I can only speak for myself when I say, I really need to hear them.
     First of all, God tells us all through the bible as Jesus does too. My earthly father always told me this so we practice what we know. So, its naturally in us to say it, from God.
     I had a brother tell me that his mother never told him these three very or suppose to be, very natural words. So, now he looks at this or that time of sharing as something over analyzed and far too thought out. This can promote problems because I feel everyone needs to be told this without encouraging, nagging, guessing or asking, "do you love me?"
     I can still only speak for myself but action does speak louder but sometimes at the expense of covering or concealing the actual reasons behind why can't you say it! Maybe you as a woman have this same issue, not all the time but if and when this issue arises, how do we respond? 
     Talk to me Mars...this is just my entitled opinion.
Remembering that only if they, our men, really feel love for us, women, really then can these words at particular times can be naturally said.

I love you,

Jerri of Mars

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A quick note to you,

Good day Mars,
I have one more week here in GA. I've been having a great time, to say the least. I have not been writing but I will be back in effect in August. Lots of love!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Being conscious in today's society

To God be all the glory, honor and praise, for the marvelous things He has done!
Good day Mars,
     I am finally going on a long over due vacation. So much has happened since my last post, let's see...mothers have now been given a free pass to allow fatal accidents to happen to their children, cover it up, hide the body, never report it to authorities and there's more, go partying and blame others for kidnapping after 31 days, whew, that's a lot. And the verdict  is "guilty" of lying with time served.
     This is why it is extremely important to reach out to mothers in distress. Especially young mothers who have not a clue, like us all, when we're faced with first time mothering. What are the signs of distress? Probably, irritability, ignoring a child's cries, yelling, unnecessarily hitting, just to name a few. I'm sure you can add to this. Not every mother who displays such signs are in innate distress but we shouldn't turn our backs. Perhaps we could politely ask if they would like some assistance. In any instance just don't ignore them and walk away.
     I was in the grocery store yesterday and a little girl about 6 yrs old was crying. Now I could of just kept walking out the door but her cry was desperate, not one of "I want something and I'm gonna cry until I get it" but I stopped to seek further and she started to call for her mother. Well I saw another woman walking towards her and asking what the problem was and the little girl said she lost her mother. I asked the woman was she going to take care of her and she said "yes", also a store representative got involved, so I left.
     Never, ever ignore a child's cry because you never know what's the matter. We can often hear and think, oh they're with their parent(s) so they're safe but that could be just our perception.
     In the case of Leiby Kletzky, that precious soul thought he was safe in his own segregated community. Asking a stranger? What exactly is a stranger? What do we actually tell or describe who strangers are to them. To me a stranger is someone I do not know, even if someone I do know, is familiar with that person. We must be specific, children are very bright but still when their lost, like all of us become vulnerable, such as Leiby. He saw a man that looked just like "all the men" in his neighborhood, so where did he go wrong? My son is 20 and I tell him to this day, if you ever get lost, go to a nearby store and ask the workers. At least their in the area everyday and can't take you on a wild goose chase. This is only after you have searched for a police officer.
     It's hard out here, we don't know who to trust, with GPS in our cells, that still can be difficult. We tried that app on Saturday in the city, low and behold the GPS couldn't tell us the store was right under our feet, underground in a building. We were looking intensely but we found the store.

In a heavenly place now, rest Leiby in peace with God
     Think about it, getting away with murder, children getting lost whether crying for their mother or asking a stranger, its all scary. Never forget to reach out and reach back, let's start being more conscious of our surroundings, this was how little Leiby was found. Somebody was conscious and remembered that face, we will never forget.
God bless you,
Jerri of Mars

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good day Mars,

I do very deeply apologize for not responding in such a long time but sooo much has been happening. I'm not sure if I shared this but I did get "laid off" but that's not what delayed my blogging to you. Guess what? I no longer have a computer. Can you imagine, not having access to the very thing that promotes and encourages not only me but you my dear hearts as well. So, I been reduced to getting up, oh by the way, I'm on summer vacation, so now I must get up and go to the library. I know, get up Jerri! Besides the library is only one block away.
I will leave you with this, raising boys alone can be easy if you apply daily prayer and basic instructions to life. We all need this, right? I've been bonding more with my 6'2 son. He decided after all these years that he now wants to dance and not just any dance but Chris Brown, Usher and Michael Jackson, dance! I know its funny because this child of mine has never had an once of rhythem. So, now he's constantly watching that dance show produced by Marlon Jackson and hosted by Mario Sanchez. I can't think of the name but he is also sliding all over the house, trying to do the robot like Michael from that song Dancing Machine. Oh, it real halarious. I just remind him not to break his bones nor my furniture. Life is good and all is well. Remember, whatever your son wants to do, that's positive, please encourage and cultivate it. Even if he looks silly, as long as he's happy, your happy right?!
I will be going on vacation and will be writing from that location, look out for more post. And again, sorry it took so long. I love you all!! The library is closing gotta go.

Jerri of Mars

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pray and faint not...

Good day Mars,

     My prayers are that your sons have had an opportunity to connect with their fathers on that special day, that has so quickly come and gone. Also that they will continue the process of connection as times goes by. My son did. He went early to see his dad and said the man slept for a few hours before he got up and did something "worthwhile".
     I spoke with a man who has several children "out of wedlock" but he claims his position as a father is good. I would love to hear his children's story. The bible says to believe no man...for the most part, his oldest son is incarcerated. He wrote and sent him a card that was touching as well as humorous. He also stated that his son proclaims that he is a good dad and even quoted one his favorite sayings from his dad.
    On that note, we need to "talk" to our sons and to their fathers too. Bishop TD Jakes made a startling analogy, he said, "women have heard men moan, curse and even preach but they have never heard them talk". This is so true for most of us, right. I mean we know their favorite color, what foods they like, etc...but how are they coping with life? Being a father, a son themselves, a brother, uncle, a man that just happens to be black, the list goes on. The Bishop also said, "its hard being a man!" I guess it is, because it is very hard being a woman, single, black, hard working, parents deceased and brothers in other countries(speaking for myself).
     However always know that the words we speak to our sons (daughters) do not fall on deaf ears. Think about it, everything your parents told you manage to sprout up at the most opportune times, right? The bible says, 'that our labor is not in vain, if we labor in Him', (I'm paraphrasing).
     So, be encouraged and continue to run the race that is placed before you. Do not faint and never stop praying, knowing that what we ask Jesus in accordance to His will, will be granted because it glorifies the Father. Be careful what you pray for!
Download ...

Grace & Peace,
Jerri of Mars

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bringing fathers any means necessary!

Good day Mars,
     First of all, I must baby boy or to put it honestly my young man is away this weekend. He went to a gaming conference with 10 of his friends, out to NJ. His first time, away to another state w/out me, a class trip or church outing. So, I googled his hotel and they picked a very nice one with great amenities. He called me just a few minutes ago and reassured me that all is well.
     You know he tried to give a challenge about submitting the hotel information to me, but I had to pull out some big names to call regarding this matter, like my brother and his father, then he reconsidered. You know my son thinks because he's 6'2 and 20 yrs old, um that he's grown. He went as far to accuse me of "not trusting him" and how I can't call him every hour. Well, I have to confess that my lil feelings were hurt. I even woke up with an attitude. By the time he came to give me a hug/kiss goodbye; he sensed my distance. He said, "mom you can call me", but I decided to text him instead. OK, I called him once, during my lunch hour. He was only gone 3 hours by then. I know, I'm bad but he's not just my son, he's my buddy! My dad used to say, we act more like brother and sister, but he knows I'm mom, the Queen!
     So Mars, as Father's Day draws near, let's start to find suggestive ways to speak positively about our son's dad. I will be apart of a free virtual tele-conference for parents through an organization named, Raising Him Alone(RHA), pls google them. These brothers' are headquartered out of Maryland in conjunction with Speaking of Maryland, it's one of the wealthiest states in the USA(a lil trivia). OK back to this forum: conference call...they will be discussing the crisis concerning fatherlessness, the drama and trauma surrounding African American communities. They have been trying to reunite fathers, sons and families for several years now. Whether our fathers MIA was due to incarceration, drugs, and/or despondency the list goes on, fathers want/need to go back and reunite. So, if you know a father who desires to do this very thing, encourage him. Also, if you know of a mother that is not having it, encourage her too, let her know the relationship is important to her child. In the end, it's all about the total well-being of our son(s) as well as daughters.
Remember, we're never alone unless we choose to be...God is still the greatest father.
Jerri of Mars

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good day Mars,

     I'm perplexed today...first I love this weather! and next I just read an article regarding raising "black" males in single parent households which made me angry. True, the statistics are not good but that's the world's business. In the kingdom, we have all we need to successfully raise positive black males, right!
     Yes, our jails, graves, and mental institutions are filled with our brothers, sons, nephews and others alike. But, so is the corporate sectors, universities, and government jobs too.
     In this article one fool went as far to say, 'single mothers depend on the government to raise their sons', 'we try to template single parenting', and 'we should make our own sperm if we don't think we need fathers'.
     Now, I'm really heated. These comments are only worth repeating to let you know just how negative, evil and inconsiderate those kind are. Most folk don't believe we promote single parenting, no never! Mars agrees and bears witness that "we need fathers" and if you disagree then we'll continue to pray for those moms. Nobody, no woman, in her "right" mind, would rather raise a child alone.
     Now I know there are some that because of life altering circumstances, would go as far to seeking out a sperm bank (not sperm donors) or a surrogate mother to have a child. Even in cases where the child needs to be protected. This is another topic, but I will say this, please if you know somebody out there considering this type of predicament, let them know that a "father figure" is still very necessary for either girl or boy. Nobody should do this alone.     
     It's one of the hardest jobs in the world and all the money in Egypt will not make up for the lack of hands-on, emotional and physical support.
    But, I hear God say, trust in Him always, and lean not unto your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path! Proverbs 3:4-5.
The kingdom of God has and will continue to make their own statistics. So please, like I always suggest to you Mars, reach and give back to someone else who is less fortunate than you. Be led by God...
Jerri of Mars

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mama's Boy? part 2

 Here I go again Mars,
     So, when our sons start to date, we will refrain from putting in our 2 cents and giving a "piece" of mind, all the time. Trust what we have instilled in them. Let them go, continue to have conversations with them, also check out the females they tend to sway towards, you might or mightn't find yourself, but a girl totally opposite of  you. This is alright, though.
     My son seems to have a fancy for very light skin girls of Latin decent. I do know for sure that they will not be a "loud mouth" like his momma, sorry to say. He has helped me in that area, when nobody else could and I respect him for that. He dislikes yelling.
When our son becomes working paper eligible, I can only suggest the following:
1. Do his own laundry.
2. Wash his dishes and be shown how to spot clean aka sweep, wipe off things, esp the toilet/sink after each use (we know about pee pee stains)
3. Clean his own room and in his time not yours (no need in constantly yelling about his messy room) if it gets too dirty just close the door, in his own time, he'll clean it.
4. If he does not get a summer job by age 14 then he should get an allowance for doing some chores (regularly and only if you can afford to) Cleaning his room is not a chore! its an obligation.
[I only suggest an allowance to start teaching him about being financially responsible]
5. He should be taught early to earn his own money and save for those finer things in life (cell phone, expensive sneakers, designer clothes, etc) that teens often lusts after.
6. Company should only come over if he keeps up his part of these responsibilities and especially if his room is clean. You see now the room gets cleaned!
     These are just a few, but only if there tried, you will see there proven to work! My prayer is that as a mother you're practicing these things already. If you don't have a regime or routine in life then he probably will not either. Talk to him and only raise your voice if absolutely necessary. He's growing older and he needs to be shown respect. To much is given much is required. Involve responsible men (your father, uncle, godfather, brother) in the lives of the two of you. Not your "man", pardon the expression, especially if he's not in touch with his own or have none. Even if your engaged to be married to someone other that his father, you still need to proceed with caution. Our sons cannot be bought or bargained with, so the man can keep his gifts. Some men will try this tactic so he can gain our sons favor, only to obtain time with us, but what happens when he leaves? Another topic for another time.
     The right God-sent husband-to-be will know what to say and when to step in or not. There needs to be someone, close to you both, that when you cannot get through, then that person will get on board. Remember Mars, you can't do this alone and you are not suppose to either. Don't be like Mama Jones and treat your son like a boy or "your man", he's neither. God is always in control.

Jerri of Mars

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Mama's Boy?

Ok Mars,
       I will admit, I watch Love & Hip Hop and the finale was on the other night. All I want to say is Chrissy (rapper Jim Jones girlfriend) is a strong and sophisticated young lady. She has standards and although she has been "living in sin" (her exact words) with Jim Jones for 6 years; she's adamant about getting married and having children. In that order!
After waiting patiently for Jones to "grow up", she decided to propose to him. Well, his M-O-T-H-E-R, as she likes to spell out (with her crazy self) had a hissy fit. What does Jones do? Nothing! He sits back and allows his mother and girlfriend to go at it, but never too far in front of him.
     I'm saying all this just to say, Jim Jones is a Mama's Boy! This characteristic is fine, if your under age 10 but by his 20's and 30's, and after he's found a woman that he loves; it's time to put those boyish ways aside. When a grown man, so he appears and like to believe he is; allows his mama to run his life, then he needs to do some serious soul searching. Mamas' too!
     Mars, we can only be responsible for ourselves because even though they're our baby boys literally; they are not to be treated or psychologically considered as one. This is why I write to you. As our boys grow older, we need to make very sure that we've instilled in them the necessary qualities that should and will sustain them. This way they will not continue to be led by our ideologies. Mothers if you don't start to get a life by the time your boys become age 10, then you need to start now!
     I want to keep this topic short so I will write part 2 in a few days, until then...remember you are not alone. We have a Father who is a very present help in our times of need, seek Him.

Jerri of Mars

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dear Mars,
     As I sit here again thinking of what to write about, I would like to first say thanks to all of you that don't mind my weekly interruptions into your lives. I'm just trying to do what God told me too as well as give and reach back to bless others with what He has bestowed upon me.
     Sistah Valerie, I may have told you this but I will say it again, I know you are not a mother but your a prayer warrior. So, continue to pray for our mothers raising sons alone, I love you!
     I hear God saying, long suffering: This word appears in the bible 16 times. For the record, according to the dictionary, it means to patiently endure as a noun and as an adjective means to endure patiently difficulties or hard times. Did I also mention that longsuffering is done by not complaining, being capable. Are we capable?
     As one of the nine fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22) one would have to be given this by God in order to endure or have the capacity to endure as a good servant of the Lord. We must believe and know that God is longsuffering in His mercies towards us. If we want to reign with Jesus we must also suffer with Him.
     I'm saying all this because we're in hard times in which all of you are aware, so let's not lose sight of God, who's in control. When we go through hardship via sickness, death, despair, loss of job, stolen properties, strains with in our relationships with friends, families and associates, know that God must be in control if we're going to come out successfully. Also, don't forget that we will come out but its how we go through that God and others look at.
     God spoke to me about my son and his purpose in Him; that he is a prince. I said God, a prince? Yes, prince means Israel: one who prevails for God and man. Now when I hear and see how he, my son, is going through his spiritual walk, my fleshly eyes cannot see because they are deceiving. However, I remember what God said, and then my spiritual eyes and ears open up. So, hearing my sistah Kim give her testimony about her son, my godson, I reminded to believe God.
     It's hard and difficult to see our love ones go through even when they don't even know they are or don't quite understand, but remind them that God's in control.
God allows my vulnerability to be manifested to my son, even very early in the morning when I think he's sleeping. As I pray and cry out to God with my gratitudes, cares and requests, my son somehow knows when to come into my room and ask me questions. Then there are times when he knows that I'm interceding for others to God and he doesn't bother. Even God's in control of times like that.
     So, let's not be so cold, hard hearted and stiff-necked with our cares. Express them to the capable ears of the Almighty, Jehovah Shammah. He tells us to cast our cares upon Him, why? because He cares for us. Who else can care for us like the Father? Who holds the entire world in the palm of His hand? Who took His perfect finger and carved out the valleys and with His magnificent hands molded the mountains? God is great and great is His name. So, minute are our cares and longsufferings as mentioned above. Let's get back to the basics, His plan is simplistic, let go of ours and grab a hold of His. God's plan has already been accomplished, so why not get on His and go through. Were only going to come out as pure gold being the lump of coal that we are. Coals are made to be purified, made to withstand the most hottest of heat, like the Hebrew boys. God is in this with us, He's not looking down cheering for us, He is Here! Jehovah Shammah. (Psalms 139[read it]).

Always in love with Jesus,
Jerri of Mars

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Mother's Day...

EverFloris African Violets
African Violets

       To all the mothers out there in the land of Mars. Although this day is and should be celebrated everyday; let those who desire to appreciate you, love on you, lather you with gifts, money and whatever else they choose to give big or small because all that really counts is the thought.
       If somebody YOU think does not acknowledge you please don't take it personal because in the end it's God's love bestowed upon us that really matters most. This is the day...

Jerri of Mars

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who's mind is stayed on Thee...

Hey Mars,
     As I sit here praying about what should I write, I hear the Holy Spirit say, Peace! 
     I know we all can use some of this. You see this peace is not from the world, but the kind that comes directly from the Father. 
     He says, "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world..." This peace is perfect in all its ways. When your mind is going crazy with thoughts, peace. When your body is wrapped in pain, peace. When that non-driver cuts you off and you want to give him or her the little piece of mind you have left, peace! I can't sleep at night, and I'm tired of tossing and turning, peace! My children are acting like complete strangers, peace. Will this nightmare ever end, type of peace.
     Oh, but the peace of God, perfect in all its ways. Peace that rolls like the rivers still waters, birds chirping, dew on my feet in the grassy meadows while the sun shines on me like I'm the star because in His eyes I am. Just sheer perfection. I heard somebody say, it passes all understanding which guards our hearts and mind in Christ Jesus. Some folk can't understand; why, you have not totally lost your mind. They only know what you've allowed them to hear and yet if the truth be told, you've cried all night long. Only to get up the next morning, as if nothing else matters because it really doesn't. You washed your face until it glowed. Took the hottest shower you could stand and cried some more. Now, here's the good part, you heard the Spirit say, "stop all that weeping, its morning", ha, oh yea speak Lord. Put yo good face on, combed your hair and stepped out the door, feeling and looking rather wonderful. What just happened? You ask yourself.
     This is what that perfect peace causes one to do. Let Jesus speak to your storm, be still and know that He Is God! Only those that are His can pass this type of understanding concerning peace, did I say "pass"; oh you didn't know this was all and only a test. Did you pass the last one? If not remember to pass the next one. They get harder, but to those who practice prayer, supplication and thanksgiving, are often prepared. Again, this is not just any peace but the perfect peace of God and His son, who is the Prince of Peace...

Peace, love and soul,
Jerri of Mars