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Monday, December 5, 2011

Hannah part 2

Good day Mars,
     Hope all your holiday eating hasn't got the best of you. I've decided that I will write more often being that my postings can be a tad bit extensive. Keeping in mind that I only blog once a week while normal blogger's do so daily. So, for those of you who's attention span or time is short, from this day forward whatever the Lord gives me to share will be brief. However, that means you will get more invites to read more often.
     Here's the last part of Hannah: The Promise Keeper; also be mindful of what the Lord is sharing with us in this dispensation of time. We've heard enough about our present women, friends and family and their many issues but God said, now we can look into the women of ancient times. He brought them through, so what more will He do for us now.
     In the book of 1 Samuel starting at:
v19. Elkanah and Hannah got up early and worshipped the Lord. ..Tells us she's faithful to her husband and God.
v20. Hannah didn't go to the annual sacrifice until Samuel was weaned then was given to God...Tells us she was a responsible mother and woman of integrity.
v21. Elkanah told his wife she "knows what's best"...Tells us her husband had confidence in her decision making.
v24-28. Hannah did as she promised God; took Samuel to Eli the priest to serve God forever...Tells us that she kept her promise to God.
     How many times have we made promises to God and failed to uphold our end? Hannah was a woman, a wife and a devout worshipper of the All Mighty God. I have cried out to the Lord such as Hannah and thank God, that in these times, effectual, fervent prayers poured out in tears with muted voices are normal. Thank God people and our pastors don't think we're drunk while up in the church house.
     We are now in a time where desperation and perspiration are inevitable, not for us but for the unsaved. So, we can now live the word; by coming boldly to the throne of our times of needs and get results, such as Hannah. If we never thought before that God is real and is still making all things possible and visible to man, than we need to start. The operative word is NOW!
Until next time, 
Jerri of Mars

Train em up...

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