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Monday, December 31, 2012

What are you thinking?....Eph. 3:20

Good day Mars,

Just a little something, something to challenge you and your thoughts for this coming year...This word blessed my socks off. If you saw this already then watch it again or pass it on to another mother and sistah.
Wow, back in 2007, Prophet John Gray, asked me this very question. He told me to even ask God, "what am I thinking?" Because God can do more than what I am thinking and especially more than I am asking.
However, we've asked God for enough, let's now ask God to do something with our thinking, so He can manifest our thoughts into actual ministry! Time has run out on potential ministries, lying dormant in our thoughts. In other words ask, "God what can I do for the kingdom with the very thoughts you give me?"
Have a blessed, bountiful, joyous and safe New Year Eve!

Jerri of Mars

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Effective and Fervent...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Mars!!!!!

My prayer as we close this year, is that the Lord will bless all the saints of God, His called, elect, ambassadors, as His list goes on. As we seek His face, we will continue or start once again to prepare to do exactly what He has called and mandated us to do without apprehensions. Forgive us Father once again, we acknowledge our sins because they are always before us. We seek you abundance of tender mercies and loving kindness. We will give Jesus a "yes" because if the truth be told, we've been just nodding our heads while still just giving Him a lot of lip service. We bind the spirit of form and fashion while denying the power...Lord, we will stand up for justice: mend broken relationships for ourselves as well as for others. Become peacemakers. Be innovators, to give the poor something of monetary value, whether we sign up for a charity or give more in our benevolent offering or time, but that we give more to others and less to ourselves. Reading our word will be on our top five things to do. We must start and lead our own ministries instead of hiding behind other. We thank you for calling us to be the head. We're all laborers and have work to do and our harvest is ripe, right where we live. Lord speak softly because your not one to yell, if you need us to go elsewhere. Our Lord will and is speaking but we must pray that we're not so busy or too loud to hear His voice, perhaps were in the wilderness, so harden not our hearts. Let's pray that we don't run after every wind and doctrine. Help us Lord not to regress, get stressed, and we bind depression. Also bind the spirit of Homicide and Suicide which seem to become joined at the hip. We plead the blood of Jesus! 
We have to learn through frequent prayer and fasting, to call these spirits by their names. As we test the spirit by the spirit. Discernment. Let's call out, when we pray not just names, but the spirits of infirmity, lust, adultery, greed, busybodies, complainers, murmurers, lack and slack, witchcraft, fornication, rebellion, pride, worldliness, and again homicide and suicide. We know these spirits come in legions. The word says, one (prayer) can chase away a thousand and two can chase away ten thousand. So, as we pray let's go after and cast down legions and not just stray demons by praying for one individual person. We all fall short of God's glory but the ministry of reconciliation is what we are all mandated to uphold. So let us remember to bind these spirits, demand and decree, profess and proclaim them in the atmosphere. Over ourselves, family, friends and even our foes. The backslider and every thought and imagination, in Jesus Name! 
Through the precious blood of Jesus, we can loose those things that God has ordained and empowered us, to bring us successfully to that expected Jesus Name, Amen!

The prayers of the righteous...
Jerri of Mars

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Go Jerri, its ya birthday!

Happy Holidays Mars,

     Well I just celebrated another birthday and like the last five years my friends came out and we went to the movies. Then to my home and ate food, had great conversation, ministered to the least of them, played a thought provoking game and laughed until our sides hurt. This is the stuff I live for. Life has too many parts so we must make good decisions and roll with the best of them.
     I decided this year to bake my own cakes, yes plural, cakes; there was a strawberry shortcake, a chocolate ganache, pumpkin pie (from my students) and a lemon crunch that I didn't get a chance to put out. I had to make the lemon glaze, got tired and was missing the fun in the other room, so I stopped playing Betty Crocker.
     We took pictures. Unfortunately, the pics have not yet been emailed to me. Well one was but I couldn't find it saved to this computer. Maybe next time. Ok I going to bed, it has been a long day...

Jerri of Mars

Sunday, December 16, 2012

All little ones go to heaven...

Good day Mars,

     I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest heartfelt sorrow and compassion for the lives that were so abruptly taken from us. I work in Americas school system and I also have a 6 year old niece, so I cry sometimes because at any moment this could me or her.
But I am assured that all children before they reach the age of accountability(about 7 or 12) and according to scriptures in the bible, that God doesn't let the "little ones" go astray. Littel ones are taught by Jesus in Matthew 18, meaning actual little children and born again believers. Unfortunately it is the adults in the lives of our little ones who must take on that responsibility of raising them towards right and away from wrong.
     The bible does clearly state in Matthew 18:1-5, "At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”2 He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. 3 And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 4 Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. 5 And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me. And Jesus said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Read all of Matthew 18, it's good!
     Some will argue otherwise but I truly believe not through my emotions  or wishful thinking but through this particular scripture and others that (the children who died brutely on Friday in Connecticut) are in heaven. But here's the catch, some will argue all are sinful from birth while this is true according the word of God. There is original sin (Adam and Eve) and actual sin (us when we start to commit and are held responsible by God). Moreover, for the parents of these children  who desire to see their child again, who are in with the Lord, they must be born again by way of the Blood of Jesus Christ.
     Lastly, Jesus took an actul child and clearly told the disciples that unless they "convert" because they were in the age of accountability, and become like that child who have not yet been accountable, they will Never, enter into heaven. So parents raise your children up in the way of the Lord Jesus, if you claim to be His believer, if not, and desire to be with your very young child who are in heaven, then you must do exactly what He instructed the disciples to do as well.

Be encouraged God is not concerning His promises...
Jerri of Mars

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tied to a Healthy Soul...

Good day dear Mars,
     Sorry I didn't get back in the two days I desired but here we are again. My prayers are that you have read the last blog and found perhaps a conviction because you either fell in the category of Ahab or Jezebel. In any case, were not blameless and the Lord is just seeking after someone that will be honest with themselves, so ...The Lord can be justified when He speaks and be clear when He judges...(Psalms 51:4b)
     As for Boaz, I heard a preacher say, "first get rid of the Bozo!" :) Nevertheless, the topic of Soul ties is still evident. We need to be very clear in our position when standing in the power of the Holy Spirit while in opposition to the enemy. We must acknowledge our vulnerabilities and who we lend and borrow from, regarding issues of the heart. In other words, seek & give Godly counsel. Somebody that will remain objective and tell the truth, so we can start to live a free life; no chains allowed. God has authority over our lives.
     Ahab had many vulnerabilities, he was also double minded. One day he worshiped the true and living God, then the next idol gods. Remember, what the word says about being "double minded". We shouldn't tell others our private business without seeking God first. He says, "Seek me early..." Often times, God is the last we speak too, fooling ourselves that He never knew, picture that! Let's be clear, "private business", is nothing far from and could include issues with our finances, but there certainly not always relationships.
     We should know by now what the word says about any and everything issue involving our lives. Somebody coined the letters: B.i.b.l.e to be the acronyms of Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, well that is true. Try God at His word and you will find yourself falling victim to Jesus instead of Jezebel. Every victim needs a Savior!
     I'm not perfect, in fact I write directly from my issues in life. You know I am really getting better at studying to be quiet. Look if I said everything that I thought, I'd be in serious trouble with The Father. I used to hang out with the best of them: Jezebel and Ahab. Also known to play the role of both but to God be the glory, I am now fully acknowledging all my sins because they are always before me. I'm not invisible! Thank God for the blood of Jesus.
     How is this done, you might wonder...well, I read a lot more and not just the bible. I do however, read books with spiritual messages. Sometimes when I read the word, I've spent days not just on a scripture but stuck on just a verse? The word can catch me out there and I be like, "Lord what does that mean? and why does it seem to scream at me?" You know I google everything too. I often say, after seeking Godly counsel, "who can I call God?" Because sometimes I want to talk to one of my sistahs or brothahs, alright?
     The word of God lets us know that we are allowed to have healthy Soul ties, just look at David and Jonathan. They were extremely close, so close that Jonathan never held back telling David when he was wrong or what the Lord said. He never used David's weaknesses to stronghold him either. He acknowledged his strengths and weaknesses. Jonathan always had David's best interest, even hid him from his father. That's what healthy Soul ties do, they protect us, help us right the wrongs in our life, cover us in prayer. Can I get real, some will lay down their life for you but that may be too much like ... ah Jesus, because that's what He did...
     Let Jesus be your Soul tie, your confidant, the one you seek first. He will lead you to that Boaz, but you have to first get rid of that Bozo. He will become your blessed Assurance to replace that Ahab in you. Lastly, He will give you a besty like Jonathan and cast that Jezebel right out of your life! Jesus our Lord has many great exchanges for us, like Sackcloth for garments of praise, blesses for curses, strength for weakness, the list goes on...these are the very necessities to tie your soul too. Bible study, Luke 27:10;"do this and you will live!"

Have healthy Soul ties,
Jerri of Mars

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Soul tides...Ahabs, Jezebels and/or Boaz'

Good day Mars,
     I must first apologize for my untimeliness from my last post until now. We were suppose to go to the next level regarding relations vs relationships. Now it's 3 weeks later. Secondly, I apologize that my last blog had a typo, the word Soul tides is correctly Soul ties. Perhaps you didn't even notice but I felt guilty. Lastly, the previous blogs title, that too was backwards, whew! I can be a mess at times, but here we are again. This time I will get it right!
     When discussing relationships that are healthy, we must be aligned with God's holy word. You can google some scriptures in your spare time, as you study to show thyself approved. We should be moving towards becoming spiritually mature in all manners of discussions, behaviors, reproving, etc...In other words, sex outside of marriage is not of God. If were honest with ourselves, in which we all are striving for, then we also can attest this to be true, right? My christian sistahs...
     Remember the last relationship you had that involved sex, and what the outcome was. Especially, if you're no longer together, not even having "relations". You might be married now to another man, or he might have married another woman. However, that was the past and this is now.
     So, here we are single and eagerly awaiting our Boaz'. But often times while being a maid in waiting, lies a Ahab and/or Jezebel. This is where Soul ties can go either good or bad, healthy or unhealthy.
     A Soul tie is a relationship between two people, becoming one in the spiritual realm. Simply put, this can happen predominantly through sex which is unhealthy. Often times, through close relationships where vulnerabilities like hurt, harm and danger are prevalent. Also, with vows, commitments and agreements to illegitimate authorities.
     This is why God ordained marriage between man and woman because sex is the most deepest and highest level of intimacy. So close that lives are either formed or destroyed. This is why some can't get over another when the relationship ends because they've allowed that person to become an intricate part of their being. It's not the sex, good looks,  or material possessions but this level of intimacy outside of marriage, is rebellion. Remember, rebellion is as witchcraft! We should not have no other gods before God, nor images neither bow down to them...For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God... Again, read and study in your spare time (Exodus 20, I Samuel 15:23 and Galatians 3-5)
     Such close relationships when people confide in each other. They get real intimate about past and present hurts, secrets, etc... We can attest that this kind of relationship can get messy because trust factors are placed on souls who often time can do nothing to help but to just listen. God wants us to put out trust in Him. He is the ultimate secret keeper and has total authority to do not only what is right for us but what is absolutely best! So, when you tell another about your private affairs, please don't get so upset when they let you down because they will. And stop given people information to use against you, control you or hold you captive to fear.
     This is that Ahab in you, seeking unauthorized validation, that opens the door to Jezebel. Let's get something correct, Jezebel is not really a woman, she was the name of a biblical character, but her personality, Jezebel, is a spirit! A Jezebel can be in the form of a man or woman, but is a real evil spirit. Jezebel is also not just a sexual spirit but a controlling spirit who possess illegitimate authority. This spirit must always be right, in control, often mesmerizing, alluring and appears trustworthy. Jezebels live on their own terms. If you feel like you always have to be in other peoples business; telling them what to do, always inquiring and get a fixation when people "need" you, then you have a Jezebel spirit. Nevertheless, you may be attached or attracted to one. Stop making people the object of your affection and vice-versa.
     Lastly, you see how a vow such as marriage nuptials will bring soul ties as one. These same vows taken with gangs and such are just the same. So, strong that members will do almost anything to please each other in order to feel apart or become one. This is a lot, so we will pick up in two days, OK?
     In the meantime, pray, read and if need be repent to God.

You're not alone,
Jerri of Mars

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Relationships disquised as relations

Hey Mars,

     We are all grown women right? Well into our forties, some late thirties, but we should have learned by now what constitutes and how to apply the components of a true relationship. If you've lived through some relationships be it with friends, family and/or especially a man, then you should be able to relate to this weeks blog.
     One thing we can agree on, if we'll allow a bit of transparency, is that in our best relationships we had everything from soup to nuts. He was attentive, passionate, resourceful and full of bright ideas. You met each others family, spent all holidays together (there was never a question) and we exchanged gifts too. He better had made absolutely sure to get that gift, that you knew he knew what it was, right?! Funny, we seemed to know all about each other but when we disagreed you would have thought it was the end of the world. I remember, losing all of my appetite behind that thing call love and when it goes wrong. Wow, but one thing was for sure, he was yours and you were his.
     Nowadays, and if your not married but I've heard some marital horror stories, true relationships are a thing of the past. Now, if you've lived a little on the wild side, you had a "relation" or two that was quite nontraditional. All his attention, passion and resources were used for the soul purpose of releasing his inhibitions. Perhaps, that was your role ladies, you were using him for all of the above, especially his resources aka money. Don't try to act like you never tried to get a man to pay your way, for everything especially for the very expensive items, that in the backs of our mind, he ought to pay, right! This would all apply if he had a good job and wasn't cheap. But this all came at a price, because if your not already having "relations" with him (remember Granny Klumps) then everything he does is contingent upon again somebodies inhibitions being released.
     Mars, lets be honest, because there are some men out here who love to lavish women and he has hidden agendas, such as possession. You belong to him, why because you are wearing his ring, spent his money, had relations, perhaps his child or children, all in the name of love. Meanwhile, you are dealing with other demons like anger, yelling and name calling.
     This is not in the true sense of having a relationship, the latter can and has gotten real messy. So let's pick up on the next level of topic next time...we will discuss Soul tides (healthy and unhealthy) which could lead to places beyond our imagination. Let's practice true relationships, you might have to go back into your past and be honest with you. Though this process might hurt now, this too shall past. Remember, weeping may endure for a night but JOY comes in the morning...

Until then...
Jerri of Mars

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

When Prayers Are Answered...

Four more years Mars,

     Yeeaaa! I'm woke now ladies. I was sleeping because as everyone else felt, this election was stressful. My co-worker and I agreed that we would just wait until the final results were in and opted out to watching the count.
     So my son, who has been watching the polls all evening, came into my room smiling said, "He won!" Being partially asleep, I couldn't even respond because before going to sleep, I said, "they ain't going to let this man win again." I realize now that was a coping mechanism, to possibly prepare me for loss.
     When I finally woke up and saw the results for myself, I had to thank God and repent. Because regardless of what I think or believe, at the end of the day, its God who has the last word and knows the ultimate outcome.
Thank Sis Kathy for this awesome pic
     So congratulations to our re-elect, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden!!! I have a portion of the "live" thank you speech, because perhaps some of you were asleep. He didn't come on until 1:45am...

     Like President Obama, we Americans have work to do. Let's vow to be more proactive, look "forward" to helping others rather than ourselves. I will say it until somebody actually testifies to this, be a doer of the word not just a hearer;That's bible! Find something or some organization that helps your community and shows compassion to "the least of them" and get involved. If your church is not, then be the catapult to starting a new or revive that old ministry again. In the end, what matters most, is when we do for others we also do unto God, always keeping our minds on things eternal. This is a great outlet to win souls while getting closer through fellowship. Enough lip service, put your hands and bodies in motion.
In the end we win,
Jerri of Mars

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Good day Mars,

     I thank God that we New Yorkers have survived the wrath that Sandy tried to smack us down with. However, there are some who weren't so blessed. So we continue to pray for those two little boys who were struck down by a falling tree and others who have also lost the lives of their dear loved ones...
     Below is a sentiment from one of our precious mothers who always supports Mars. Her name is Lillian, she's younger than me but she's my step mom :) but more importantly, a friend, down to earth sistah and very special mother.

From Lillian...

     I would like to say what the loss of my son has done to me. This Friday it will b 10 years since my oldest son was shot to death. This is the place that I would like to express my grief. Some days it feels like only yesterday my son was taken from me. We mothers have to take the time to always tell our children how much we love them and how much they mean to us. We must let them know that every life is important. We must also understand that taken a life affects the family=the friends=and the community. I lost my son for the man he had become and the man he could have been. No one has the right to take a life. Remember we single mother raising sons do all that we can to raise our sons with peace=grace=respect and most of all LOVE!
     Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to express my grief!

Thanks for sharing,
Jerri of Mars

Friday, October 26, 2012

Presenting Watoto; Beautiful Choir

Hey Mars,
     It's been a while since I've written. The truth be told, I am at a lost for words these days. There's so much going on. Between my own issues and of others who've confided in me, I've been kind of overwhelmed with everything.
  • I could talk about how to assist your son to obtain gainful employment because his unemployment is running out next week.
  •     Oh, did I mention that I am in a new position at work, which I find myself, in a culinary class by morning and running around to three other classes by afternoon. Let me not leave out, that I've never mind...gotta go!
     I just received a call from one of my sisters in Christ, to come out and hear a group of young African youth sing, at her church.
     Ok an hour or so later, I'm back. Had an awesome experience. Went to Family Christian Center, a church down the street, and there before me on stage was about 20 children and adults from Uganda, Africa, singing and dancing their hearts out for Jesus. Words cannot express, please view the promotional video then click their link for more info on how you can become a sponsor. 
     All I can say is that this orphanage, Watoto, has been around for some time and are taking what the enemy meant for evil while God's turning things out for good...Children who have been abandoned due to Aids, HIV, death of parents or murdered, war and just pure injustice, but they love God.
     Remember, if you are not supporting or serving the poor in some shape, form or fashion, then your labor for God is in vain and your hands will not be blessed to bless others. Deuteronomy 14-29, James 1-27 & I Corinthians 15-58

Doing for the least of them...
Jerri of Mars  

Friday, October 5, 2012

Saving the Bubba's of the World

Good day Mars,

     You know I'm not proud of being a "boob-head or couch potato" but I was watching a documentation called, "Save My Son". The show airs on Wednesday nights, channel 78 (TVONE) at 9 pm.
     This documentation is about a man, sorry forgot his name, but he has a doctorate in education. He runs an all boys academy in Hartford, Connecticut. He goes from city to city at many mothers' request to help save their son, from a life of crime.
     I just would like to say that, we as single mothers raising sons, need all the assistance God can offer. If you find yourself desperately in need of help with your son, please first pray, then be led by God in whatever He instructs you to do. So that when He sends help, because He will, take full advantage and be open to take suggestions and let men be men.
     This young man, named "Bubba", was 14 yrs old. His parents had divorced and he was left to be raised by his mother, in a house with a bunch of women. These were his words. And yes, he was the youngest and only boy of six girls.
     This man, oh now I remember, Dr. Perry is his name, came to Newark, NJ to literally save this boy. Simply put, he came to the house asked a series of questions and found out the boy had no hope of ever being happy nor leaving a life worthwhile. Bubba told Dr. Perry that he dreamed of being a Professional Boxer. So, they took him to a gym. He was trained by a man, who lost his son to a life of crime and this man taught this boy how to box. The smile on Bubba's face was enlightening as well as beautiful.
     Secondly, Dr. Perry took him to get a hair cut. At the barber shop, Bubba got an ear full of what "men" had to say as they also offered him an opportunity to work at the shop while earning money. They also offered rides to and from the gym. Lastly, Dr. Perry took the family to church and expressed how proud he was of Bubba's change in attitude towards his life, mother and family. The preacher also testified about how the Lord brought him through a life that was destined to doom. As the story ended, Bubba was also introduced to God the Father; fought his first boxing fight along with his new life of battles to come so he can now be productive in society.

     We must all fight the good fight of faith but not without God! Try to watch the show, you just might find some valuable lessons to pass on to the next mother who's son might need saving...

Never forget Jesus Saves...
Jerri of Mars

Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Visit from the Minister

Good day Mars,

     New Rochelle had a very powerful yet pleasant visit on last Sunday. He's not a stranger to our town because about 35 years ago or so, he lived and raised his children there. I remember visiting his home. It was lavishly laid on the same street as Ossie and Ruby Davis. There was an elevator in his house! The first time I went to his house which was also the last, Kim and I went with her cousin Rosa because she was dating one of his younger sons. Then I remember, meeting his oldest son, Louis Jr. My brother and him were close friends. At that time, Louis was dating Stephanie Mills. During this time, she was starring in the The Wiz on Broadway. I was about nine years, my brother, Kevin and Louis, took me to see the play. I sat in box seats, visited her in the dressing room and lastly we ate dinner at a restaurant. She was about my height, incredibly short:)
     Of course, most of you should have some clue but if not, our visitor was the honorable Louis Farrakhan. He is the leader of the Nation of Islam. Let me tell you, when I stepped out of church there was at least 100 black men in suits, sunglasses and eagerly anticipating his safe arrival. The minister showed up accompanied by five blacked out Suburbans. You could have never guessed which one he was in because they pulled into Lincoln Park as though to cause a diversion. However, I saw his son, Mustafa, uprightly sitting in the front seat of one and immediately knew that was the truck the minister was in.
The Minister and I

     I've seen the minister speak in person some years ago, but I kid you not, that man has not aged. He's at least 80 but looks every bit of 45 or 50 (view our picture he looks young as me). He spoke on several topics from the election, being an even stronger community, Jesus, biblical scriptures, Islam, Michael Jackson and why he is now going from city to city to spread his message on how we all need to get right with God. The scripture that spoke volumes throughout his very informal message was II Chronicles 7:14.
       In your own time, you can listen as well as watch the video from start to finish. (23 min, my voice is also on the video, sorry) Now I know their are many who don't agree with him for various reasons but the man is one our peoples strongest supporters along with Al Sharpton and others. But do know one thing, there aren't a few of them around to come and see about us in the little town of New Rochelle. He didn't forget his roots, he was soft spoken, informal, impressionable, intelligent along with astute gentlemanly qualities. As I approached him, I felt a warm sense of compassion and love. People will say many things, both good and bad, but Jesus tells us to take the plank out your eyes before you start pointing out specks in others. I was very grateful to have the honorable Louis Farrakhan in my presence. Finally, he's a husband (60 yrs) and father to his biological and then all of those 100 or more black men who gave up a life of destruction to follow him to Allah. We just have to pray that they will all come into the full knowledge of Jesus Christ, who is the Only way to God!
 Bless you all...

Jerri of Mars

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just cause He's Black

Good day Mars,
I got this from a good friend and thought it was worth sharing. You may have seen this but if not please read...
A white man asked his black friend, 'Are you voting for Barack Obama just because he's black'? 
The black man responded by saying, why not? 
Hell, in this country men are pulled over everyday just cause they're black, passed over for promotions just cause they're black, considered to be criminals just cause they're black, and there are going to be thousands of you who wont be voting for him just cause he's black! 
However, you do not seem to have a problem with that! This country was built with the sweat and whip off the slaves black, and now a descendent of those same slaves has a chance to lead the same country, where we weren't even considered to be people, where we weren't allowed to be educated, drink from the same water fountains, eat in the same restaurants, or even vote, so yes, I'm going to vote for him! 
But it's not just because he's black, but because he is hope, he is change, and he now allows me to understand when my grandson says he wants to be president when he grows up, it is not a fairy tale but a short term goal, because he sees, understands, and knows, he can achieve, withstand, and do anything just because he's black!
 'Let's Do It Again' . . . but of course the choice is yours!
Jerri of Mars

Monday, September 3, 2012

Keeping Traditions

Happy September Mars,

The view from a cliff I climbed at Horseshoe Bay
     Well its been awhile since my last post but I have been on vacation. I went to Bermuda! And it was beautiful!!! If I could have bottled Horseshoe Bay with its pink sands and warm glistening aqua blue water, I would have. I also would bottle this band called Xcite (their a group of four musicians from Trinidad). Oh! and I went to a party, around 1am Friday the 1st with the natives and NCL crew members, to celebrate Trinidad's 50 years of independence and it was the bomb!!!! There's a video below, its the best I had that was clear remember it was late and dark outside.
     Xcite played, there were flags, marching, native girls in booty shorts, winding and gyrating. It got real rated R and X but no clothes were removed. Let's just say, shame is not their middle name. These young adults were very proud of their heritage and it felt good to witnessed how they took something their families past on to them in order to keep tradition alive.
     That's what we will try to do from this day on, keep good traditions alive. Not just any ole tradition but those saying and sources of information that have always worked and will continue. For instance, when bras were burnt in honor of the Suffrage; women speaking up and moving out from under the pressures of oppression. Wendy Williams says it best, "sistahs be doing it for themselves".
     We will start, if not already to be actively involved in our next phase in life. We will now register to vote or do you one better, join a movement aka ministry that is about the better for humanity. I've been actively involved in a ministry called Isaiah's Room. This is about reaching what Jesus calls, the least of them...Matthew 25. Every Saturday a group of us go to the church and feed the demanding population our city has yet to deal with so they choose to ignore. The very last of shelters is presently ran and financially operated by Ray Rice; he's the oldest son of another Mars mother aka Janet Rice. So proud of her and him.
     I will post a few ministries that you can look into as you start to do for others outside of you and the children. When our children see us doing something for nothing (that means for no financial gain) then that is when they start thinking outside of the box of selfishness, in order to become selfless. This is another outlet for all of us to vent our frustrations  as is exercising, meditating, praying and/or reading instead of at each other.
     These are just a few to spark your interest, God bless you all, until next time. I pray you give some feedback by replying at the end of the blog page on your choice of journey. Be encouraging and show love...

Doing something for someone other than You!
Jerri of Mars

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Staying Present or Living in the Past...

Hey Mars,

     I'm just sitting back very comfy, in my bed, been up for a while on the computer. Here's the latest, Denzel Washington, our brothah, went to visit some troops in San Antonio, Texas. While there he was given the opportunity to do two things: first, visit sick troopers and next, write a check to build another place of housing for their visiting families. Remember he was just visiting with no intention of giving, he's no show off.

     I guess we would of never heard about this especially since its shames American government for their financial lack and inadequate amount housing for the visiting families of our sick troopers. And it was not a "real" hollywood actor like Tom Cruise. We take our hats off to Mr. Washington. Of course he's not doing it for show, if you know his record, he does this quite often. Mount Vernon, his home town, recieves a lot of financial support from him.
     I was also doing some history looks at the "founding fathers" of Hip Hop. DJ Kool Herc, is in the hospital, not sure of the date but he has no medical insurance. DJ Primier, on his blog, was sending out requests for donations.
DJ Kool Herc
     My opinion is this, especially after listening to his speech, which he appears angry at times. He got shot or stabbed back in the day and left the scene. So while he was gone, others came up, like Grandmaster Flash, DJ Junebug, DJ Hollywood and they soared aka became very popular. However, in Herc's absence, they were deemed as founders and not him. So Herc has appeared to spend the remainder of these last 30+ years trying to redeem his name as the "Father of Hip Hop", so sad. He thought that was more important than seeking out real employment with medical benefits and a pension.
     Boring some of you perhaps but its really important to stay present and not live in the past. Life goes on...both of these brothers came from humble beginnings. Denzel spent his youth in Mt. Vernon going to school and being raised by his mother. He pursued an acting career and moved to hollywood, he made folks happy. Herc grew up in Jamaica then Harlem, went to school and became a lover of music. He threw parties and made folks happy.  The difference is while they both were entrepurnuers, one didn't think that one day he would get old without  thinking nor saving for his future welfare.
     This is most of the Rap industries pioneers stories. Yea, while their speeches are positive and up lifting, they're still  fighting against a new milienium of easily swayed, bought and sold demographic of followers. Such as Lil Wayne, Drake, Jay Z and the list goes on. These guys make a lot of money and there's nothing positive about them or their raps.
     This is why, as a people, we need to be present, positive and focus on what our sons watch, what music they listen too and ultimately determines who their mimicking. Because it's not Denzel, instead our sons are wearing their pants down low, like Lil Wayne. The image of positive role models is who our sons should look up too not those that bring about the demise of black men. Worshipping idols are an abomination to God, this is why our sons are falling.
     If you know God, introduce Him to your son(s). He's the ultimate positive role model!

Stay present mothers, stay focus...
Jerri of Mars

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Art of Deception...being invisible

Good day Mars,
     One of my sistahs spoke prophetically about being "invisible". Without going into the story about the particular person of concern but the way I received it, this type of spirit comes directly from the pit of hell. If you've ever been around people who are on drugs and if you pay close enough attention, you will discover that their in denial, right? So, they try very hard to cover up their abuse; and she said, "because they think they're invisible". It's like people don't see them. Especially the addict that still likes to dress nice and look good, this is also a cover up!
     So, why do they do this? I believe what the word of God tells, "how the enemy shines like an angel of light", he's in the art of deception. These people know their junkies but still manage to get up each day, thank God, and put on the very clothing that they have not sold, just to keep up their image. In their futile mind, they truly believe that if they look good that people won't think their getting high or out there. They still "keep themselves up" when they're really down. They go and hang out on the block with others that are suspect, but again in their futile minds, they don't think people really see them for who they are! because they think the're invisible
     How do we play a role in their act because that's what it is, we're to call them out, right? Expose that deceitful spirit in them with the blood of Jesus. Of course through love and kindness...You know they'll find every opportunity to ignore you, remember because they're invisible. They're always busy, running, plotting and scheming for that next hit. In the meantime, they believe nobody sees them, the're invisible. So, expose them and the enemy through prayer and fasting. Believe God for their release, revelation, recovery, repenting and redemption. In Jesus name...

God will bring them out of darkness into His marvelous light,
Jerri of Mars

Friday, August 3, 2012

Gabby our 1st Black Olympic Princess

I don't know about you Mars, but I'm a proud momma today,

     Black is back babies! First President Obama and now Gabby Douglas! This baby all of 4'11 inches is our very first USA Olympic All-Around/Single Gold Medalist. I don't watch much of any sport but once in a while I am partial to Gymnastics. This has everything to do with, in my former years, I was a gymnasts. During elementary school, a couple of us were heavily involved in not just cartwheels but front/back hand springs. I was the only one who could master the Russian Split. We were performing and jumping off the Balance beam, floor drills and the Uneven Bars too.

     But Gabby, that baby is a bad lil girl. Her mother is highly esteemed in my eyes because she trusted her daughter at the tender age of exploration into this very sport and allowed her to leave home at 14 to study under a complete stranger, Coach Liang Chow. Well, not exactly but she moved from Virginia to Iowa. Miss Parton was the lady who took Gabby in during her pre-Olympic training. They're all are like family now.
     I cried along with everyone else in America because our children are so very talented. However, we have so many excuses why they never see their dreams become reality. As for Miss Hawkins, Gabby's mother, who is a single mom by the way, her excuse was fear of just missing her baby girl. That is just the tip of the iceberg of excuses for us. Some cry lack of money, lack of transportation and the time that must be put into fulfilling dreams. Most dreams while in the sports arena let alone Olympic training, requires 6am practices, every day. But that's another time of preaching.
Gabby Douglas
Gabby Douglas
Gift of Gabby? 
     Let's give it up for Gabby, her mother, sisters and the others who have now become an extension of pursuing a little black girls dream and making them come true. This is truly a fairy tale but for Gabby our Olympic Princess, she is a living testimony. Fairy tales do sometimes come true...

Read and weep, tears of joy...
Jerri of Mars

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Friends, Fun and Sun

Hey Mars,    

     So much is going on in my life regarding my walk with Christ. I will start off with this, (very excited) one of my best friends/sistah I never had/covenant in the Lord...came in town from Orlando and we did soooo much together.
    On Tuesday, we went to Queens to a free ole school R&B concert, it was the bomb! First of all, it was free and pacted with the infamous 40 and over crowd what more could we ask for.
     Wednesday, we went bike riding through Central Park which was culturally extraordinary! We thought we'd never walk again but epsom salt baths go a long way. Listen when momma speaks...
     Thursday, we had a BBQ, in the rain, with some long lost friends after like 20+ years, very interesting.
     Lastly, on Friday, we sistahs talked, testified, ate some soul food and had a mighty prayer, the Lord spoke, whew!
     Thank God for girlfriends, that've been around since grade school especially when were all saved by the power of Jesus. We all have great children who are all grown now, so were free to be who the Lord has called us to be, to come and go with liberty.
     If you and your besties decide to ride through CP please do not follow the map they give you for site seeing. Find out what street the site is near and look on the lamp post for street numbers, oh you have to get off the bike to go into pathways to see sites. Also, 2 hours was not enough, try 3 or 4 and look online for discounts because the hourly rate is very high, but well worth the ride.

Enjoy your friends and have fun in the sun...
Jerri of Mars
Central Park Biking

Ole School R&B Concert

At the Bow Bridge
The Famous Bow Bridge
I had to find this site
its in every movie

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Do You Exercise? Everyday?

Good day Mars,

     The topic this week is, how many of you find time, in the course of a day, to exercise? Ok, God is gracious enough to wake you up each day as you start the normal routine of washing your face, brushing teeth, putting on clothes, oh excuse me, you pray, eat and off you go.
     But in the course of the above routine, do you just wash your face or is there some sort of beauty regimen that perhaps would take you more than 5-10 minutes. As for me, I brush my teeth twice and spend a specific amount of time in each area of my mouth. Yea that's crazy but I get very good dentist reports. However, the subject of putting on clothes; if your image conscious, this process could take a couple of minutes. Its not just factoring in the weather, but how your feeling that day could affect your outfit choice. Then you probably have to iron, pick an appropriate shoe, the list goes on. Let's not get started on our hair, make up, breakfast, lunch etc...
     Now if your honest your morning routine can take up til an hour from getting out of bed to just about to walk out the door. So my question still stands, in the course of a day, do you find time to exercise?
     Why your pondering on that thought for an answer, I don't need to go into how very important exercising is again?We discussed this before but cleaning the house uses up a lot of calories. The reason why I took the time to go through the long journey we take in the morning to prepare for work, is to display just how we can spend the same if not half of that time to exercise.
     As we get older our metabolism slows down, so were still eating but the ability to process our food is being delayed. We take in more sugars, salts, and carbs that are often time without our knowledge; there called hidden ingredients and who has time to read them while we shop. So, if you're like me, who like to eat without discriminating, then you need to exercise. In other words, eat what you like, with moderation but always find time to exercise.
     I'm not trying to bore you with the whole proper diet lecture and going to the doctor annually but to exercise is to maintain the body and its many parts. Your muscles need strengthening so your blood levels can maintain a steady pace; not too high or low. This mechanism also effects your blood sugar levels which also involves your fat absorption aka triglycerides and cholesterol. When you exercise, your cardiac and pulmonary systems function at normal levels too. Thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise is a start each and  every day. Light weight training can keep your muscles tone, you don't want to bulk up, this type of training takes you off the focus and that's to be tone not muscular.
     Trust me exercising is essential to good health! Not to offend the vegans but most of them don't look healthy nor do they have a glow about them. This diet can be hard at making sure they get the enough necessary vitamins and minerals. Statistics have proven that when you eat a proper diet along with daily exercise you will get the desired results such as optimum health and the glow that comes along with this sort of lifestyle. You will feel better, look better and everyone will wonder why.

     I would be foolish to remind you how we must never forget to incorporate the proper exercising of our faith. Seek God and your doctor regarding any type of dieting and exercising. When I say diet, I mean eating proper foods, like leafy greens, plenty of fiber, fruits, nuts, plenty of water and lean meats. Set aside fried, starchy, restaurants and sweets for the weekend; choose one day like a Saturday not the whole weekend. You will find that small change is better than no change at all!

Exercise your faith, body and spirit...
Jerri of Mars

Monday, July 16, 2012

Stormy will go through

My God its been too long Mars, 
     I had to take a 2 week vacation to visit family and like sweet tea with lemon, my journey was "half & half". I pray that you have been flourishing in the glory of the Most High God, so grace and peace be unto to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
     Sistahs I've been through a mild storm, just so God can show me some things about myself and others. I read once about how and why we go through levels of storms. Then the Lord confirmed through the evangelist yesterday taken from Matthew 14:24.
Now, we are suppose to go through various trials, tests and temptations according to word in James..."to count  it all joy...knowing that it tries our faith and brings forth patience". This is how we bear and grow the fruits of the spirit. If we need wisdom, we should ask for it but the fruits of the spirit are attained through trying times. (Read Galatians 5) How, we go through is extremely important. Of course without murmuring and complaining such as the children of Israel did not but with joy that is unspeakable. So, often times we say nothing because the joy that's on the other side will speak for itself. Why, we go through is because again it brings forth fruit and we must beat our flesh into submission and through our suffering on this earth with Christ being trained as good soldiers as we're strengthened to fight this war of faith.
     So I read about 3 levels saints often tread upon while weathering storms:
Level One:
We do what we want to do (The Madonna lifestyle); you know girls just want to have fun, and yes we love to have fun and we should. Time spent with saved/unsaved sistahs shopping, going to restaurants, chatting it up and laughing. But sometimes we can all attest that our conversations and interactions can become futile, so we need to always be led during our leisure time. Application: Did we lift God up and pray?
Level Two:
We do what we think we ought to do (Most Christians' lifestyle); because we read, pray and seek godly counsel we often times believe our actions are Godly. So we will go on vacations to visit family, friends, Islands etc and God is not in it however innocent these times my appear. Application: Did we minister to an unsaved soul, show love and  ourselves approved?
Level Three: 
We do what God leads us to do (Spiritually Mature lifestyle); we are on a purpose filled assignment while were doing what were spiritually led to do, God is in the mist. We're feeding the homeless, clothing the naked, ministering to the hopeless, often times in an unknown land and people. This journey is about God and never about us. 
Application: When we put God in His rightful place, He will put us in our right place. Wherever He leads us, He will provide, lead and protect. 
To God be the glory, lets start being more and more spiritually led and live a spirit filled lifestyle.

Weathering the storms
Jerri of Mars