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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tied to a Healthy Soul...

Good day dear Mars,
     Sorry I didn't get back in the two days I desired but here we are again. My prayers are that you have read the last blog and found perhaps a conviction because you either fell in the category of Ahab or Jezebel. In any case, were not blameless and the Lord is just seeking after someone that will be honest with themselves, so ...The Lord can be justified when He speaks and be clear when He judges...(Psalms 51:4b)
     As for Boaz, I heard a preacher say, "first get rid of the Bozo!" :) Nevertheless, the topic of Soul ties is still evident. We need to be very clear in our position when standing in the power of the Holy Spirit while in opposition to the enemy. We must acknowledge our vulnerabilities and who we lend and borrow from, regarding issues of the heart. In other words, seek & give Godly counsel. Somebody that will remain objective and tell the truth, so we can start to live a free life; no chains allowed. God has authority over our lives.
     Ahab had many vulnerabilities, he was also double minded. One day he worshiped the true and living God, then the next idol gods. Remember, what the word says about being "double minded". We shouldn't tell others our private business without seeking God first. He says, "Seek me early..." Often times, God is the last we speak too, fooling ourselves that He never knew, picture that! Let's be clear, "private business", is nothing far from and could include issues with our finances, but there certainly not always relationships.
     We should know by now what the word says about any and everything issue involving our lives. Somebody coined the letters: B.i.b.l.e to be the acronyms of Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, well that is true. Try God at His word and you will find yourself falling victim to Jesus instead of Jezebel. Every victim needs a Savior!
     I'm not perfect, in fact I write directly from my issues in life. You know I am really getting better at studying to be quiet. Look if I said everything that I thought, I'd be in serious trouble with The Father. I used to hang out with the best of them: Jezebel and Ahab. Also known to play the role of both but to God be the glory, I am now fully acknowledging all my sins because they are always before me. I'm not invisible! Thank God for the blood of Jesus.
     How is this done, you might wonder...well, I read a lot more and not just the bible. I do however, read books with spiritual messages. Sometimes when I read the word, I've spent days not just on a scripture but stuck on just a verse? The word can catch me out there and I be like, "Lord what does that mean? and why does it seem to scream at me?" You know I google everything too. I often say, after seeking Godly counsel, "who can I call God?" Because sometimes I want to talk to one of my sistahs or brothahs, alright?
     The word of God lets us know that we are allowed to have healthy Soul ties, just look at David and Jonathan. They were extremely close, so close that Jonathan never held back telling David when he was wrong or what the Lord said. He never used David's weaknesses to stronghold him either. He acknowledged his strengths and weaknesses. Jonathan always had David's best interest, even hid him from his father. That's what healthy Soul ties do, they protect us, help us right the wrongs in our life, cover us in prayer. Can I get real, some will lay down their life for you but that may be too much like ... ah Jesus, because that's what He did...
     Let Jesus be your Soul tie, your confidant, the one you seek first. He will lead you to that Boaz, but you have to first get rid of that Bozo. He will become your blessed Assurance to replace that Ahab in you. Lastly, He will give you a besty like Jonathan and cast that Jezebel right out of your life! Jesus our Lord has many great exchanges for us, like Sackcloth for garments of praise, blesses for curses, strength for weakness, the list goes on...these are the very necessities to tie your soul too. Bible study, Luke 27:10;"do this and you will live!"

Have healthy Soul ties,
Jerri of Mars

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