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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Effective and Fervent...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Mars!!!!!

My prayer as we close this year, is that the Lord will bless all the saints of God, His called, elect, ambassadors, as His list goes on. As we seek His face, we will continue or start once again to prepare to do exactly what He has called and mandated us to do without apprehensions. Forgive us Father once again, we acknowledge our sins because they are always before us. We seek you abundance of tender mercies and loving kindness. We will give Jesus a "yes" because if the truth be told, we've been just nodding our heads while still just giving Him a lot of lip service. We bind the spirit of form and fashion while denying the power...Lord, we will stand up for justice: mend broken relationships for ourselves as well as for others. Become peacemakers. Be innovators, to give the poor something of monetary value, whether we sign up for a charity or give more in our benevolent offering or time, but that we give more to others and less to ourselves. Reading our word will be on our top five things to do. We must start and lead our own ministries instead of hiding behind other. We thank you for calling us to be the head. We're all laborers and have work to do and our harvest is ripe, right where we live. Lord speak softly because your not one to yell, if you need us to go elsewhere. Our Lord will and is speaking but we must pray that we're not so busy or too loud to hear His voice, perhaps were in the wilderness, so harden not our hearts. Let's pray that we don't run after every wind and doctrine. Help us Lord not to regress, get stressed, and we bind depression. Also bind the spirit of Homicide and Suicide which seem to become joined at the hip. We plead the blood of Jesus! 
We have to learn through frequent prayer and fasting, to call these spirits by their names. As we test the spirit by the spirit. Discernment. Let's call out, when we pray not just names, but the spirits of infirmity, lust, adultery, greed, busybodies, complainers, murmurers, lack and slack, witchcraft, fornication, rebellion, pride, worldliness, and again homicide and suicide. We know these spirits come in legions. The word says, one (prayer) can chase away a thousand and two can chase away ten thousand. So, as we pray let's go after and cast down legions and not just stray demons by praying for one individual person. We all fall short of God's glory but the ministry of reconciliation is what we are all mandated to uphold. So let us remember to bind these spirits, demand and decree, profess and proclaim them in the atmosphere. Over ourselves, family, friends and even our foes. The backslider and every thought and imagination, in Jesus Name! 
Through the precious blood of Jesus, we can loose those things that God has ordained and empowered us, to bring us successfully to that expected Jesus Name, Amen!

The prayers of the righteous...
Jerri of Mars

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