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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Go Jerri, its ya birthday!

Happy Holidays Mars,

     Well I just celebrated another birthday and like the last five years my friends came out and we went to the movies. Then to my home and ate food, had great conversation, ministered to the least of them, played a thought provoking game and laughed until our sides hurt. This is the stuff I live for. Life has too many parts so we must make good decisions and roll with the best of them.
     I decided this year to bake my own cakes, yes plural, cakes; there was a strawberry shortcake, a chocolate ganache, pumpkin pie (from my students) and a lemon crunch that I didn't get a chance to put out. I had to make the lemon glaze, got tired and was missing the fun in the other room, so I stopped playing Betty Crocker.
     We took pictures. Unfortunately, the pics have not yet been emailed to me. Well one was but I couldn't find it saved to this computer. Maybe next time. Ok I going to bed, it has been a long day...

Jerri of Mars

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