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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sibling Rivalry...Leah and Rachel

Good day Mars,
    In the book of Genesis, chapter 29:17 starts a story of two sisters who shared in marriage one man named Jacob. Our spiritual fathers; Abraham, Issac and Jacob. The latter aka the trickster, deceitful who ended up being fooled by his uncle and his very son. Jacob the one who had 12 sons; the originators of the 12 tribes of Israel. The man whom God himself renamed Israel: Prince. Jacob who slept on a rock and watched angels descend and ascend from heaven. Jacob who fought with God and walked away afflicted but blessed. He became the brunt of two sisters hurt, sorrow and pain, but not without his uncle's help.

v16-17...Laban had two daughters; Rachel who was beautiful with a good figure and Leah the oldest, who's eyes did not sparkle. Tells us that Jacob was physically attracted to Rachel.
v18..."if you will let me marry Rachel, I'll work seven years for you." Rachel was his cousin, he promise to his uncle Laban tells us he was a diligent, honorable and earned his way. He also found himself in love with her after only one month.
v25...The next morning Jacob realized he had been tricked by his uncle and married Leah. His uncle told him about traditions and offered him seven more years to have Rachel. Tells us that deceit runs in the family.
v31...Leah soon became pregnant and because Jacob loved Rachel more God closed her womb. Tells us that Rachel would not give her husband his first born son.
30:1..."I'll die if you don't give me some children!". Tells us Rachel was becoming jealous and desperate.
v2..."Don't blame me, I'm not God!". Tells us Jacob became upset with Rachel
     Some of you may relate to sibling rivalry. Sister jealousy, arguing and perhaps fighting. Maybe sisters who just happen to get pregnant by the same man, stranger things have happened. However, God can work all these things out for our good. We cannot battle with each other, because it's not ours to fight. These women took matters into their own hands, like we often do. This can get messy but God is in the business of taking our biggest mess and working a miracle. Where we can be cordial towards each other. Especially when the children witness such harsh behaviors. They can start to act out as you will see as they grow older. These are all ignited by generational curses: lying, pride, blame and desperation. We must pray, read and ask God to help us in the mist of our personal storms. He will.
Until next time, please read ahead but not too far. We all know the story, God is going to work it all out for our good according to His riches and glory!

Jerri of Mars

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