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Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Matter of Life or Death

Good day Mars,

     Never forget the power of prayer dear beloved, for our petitions have been answered. The blood of Trayvon cries out no more. Mr. Zimmerman has turned himself in. Nobody had to search for him any longer nor did they have to ask how or why. What the enemy meant for evil; God meant it for good.
     Our petitions have to go out to Jesus for Zimmerman's soul. I believe he's crying out because God did not create us to take anothers life and get off scott free! Turning himself in is a sign of redemption, a sign of remorse. Do you realize how many murderers are out there still running rampant? So we thank God that Trayvon's parents can find solace in knowing that their son's murderer is being justified. We cannot account for his salvation but we can continue to plead the case of Zimmerman, his family and The Martin's.
     In the meanwhile, what precautions do we take to prepare and protect our sons? I'm affiliated with a group out of Maryland named Raising Him Alone. Their hands are full enough with the lost lives of too many sons and the sons that are doing the killing. So many questions:
          Where are the fathers? And if their are fathers, then why aren't they standing up? Why do our sons fall prey to such negative images? Why are black boys in particular so drawn to evil and corruption? Why is their self esteem so low if they have any at all? Lastly, why do mothers give up on them?
     I listened to a mothers testimony the other day. Her complaint was that her son, who has changed his ways, still wavers back and forth on his dreams and aspirations. She claimed that one minute he wanted to act, then rap, then play an instrument, she went on and on. I declared to her, that at least he has dreams and not just one but several. He's only 20 and went from sleeping all day and getting high all night. Now he travels all the way to Manhattan, in a shirt and tie, to work at a marketing company. This is a far cry from what I use to witness him walking through the neighborhood all red eyed and pants sagging. I told her let him make his own mistakes and pursue any dream his heart desires because he has too.
     These young men out here, all they want to do is get high, be disrespectful, not work and have sex in order to make babies too soon while barely putting forth any effort to support himself and the baby. Her son through the grace of God has found a way out which is not common. So lets be glad when our sons are pursuing dreams, it gives them hope. And if he's working and being a productive citizen while doing so then we need to rejoice even more.
     Mars help stop the insanity of beating up on our sons, peer pressure and society has enough fun with that. Talk to other mothers on how to be loving, say kind words, keep the house clean and food in the cupboards; continue to pray to God for wisdom and guidance. Be vigilant and act peculiar like this mother. She scared girls out of the house and his crazy friends too. If their are severe consequences to their actions then they will know their limits. Most sons have none because you've set none, all you do is either yell or nothing. Neither of these leads to nothing!
     In the end, like the prodigal son, when he squandered all he had, he came to himself and I repeat came to himself. He thought about his father and all that was at home. Also thought about how he was going to ask for his fathers forgiveness but before he could murmur a word, his father took him in his arms and loved on him. Question Mars, when our sons make mistakes, come to themselves and come back home for forgiveness, (and they will) are we available to love on them? Remember if you don't the gangs will... visit this site, share it and don't forget to leave me a comment at the bottome of my blog, I need to hear and feel your words.

Forgiven and loved,
Jerri of Mars


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    1. Good day, I thought I signed up with you months ago if I hadn't please forgive me. However, I did and thanks for following.


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