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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Soul tides...Ahabs, Jezebels and/or Boaz'

Good day Mars,
     I must first apologize for my untimeliness from my last post until now. We were suppose to go to the next level regarding relations vs relationships. Now it's 3 weeks later. Secondly, I apologize that my last blog had a typo, the word Soul tides is correctly Soul ties. Perhaps you didn't even notice but I felt guilty. Lastly, the previous blogs title, that too was backwards, whew! I can be a mess at times, but here we are again. This time I will get it right!
     When discussing relationships that are healthy, we must be aligned with God's holy word. You can google some scriptures in your spare time, as you study to show thyself approved. We should be moving towards becoming spiritually mature in all manners of discussions, behaviors, reproving, etc...In other words, sex outside of marriage is not of God. If were honest with ourselves, in which we all are striving for, then we also can attest this to be true, right? My christian sistahs...
     Remember the last relationship you had that involved sex, and what the outcome was. Especially, if you're no longer together, not even having "relations". You might be married now to another man, or he might have married another woman. However, that was the past and this is now.
     So, here we are single and eagerly awaiting our Boaz'. But often times while being a maid in waiting, lies a Ahab and/or Jezebel. This is where Soul ties can go either good or bad, healthy or unhealthy.
     A Soul tie is a relationship between two people, becoming one in the spiritual realm. Simply put, this can happen predominantly through sex which is unhealthy. Often times, through close relationships where vulnerabilities like hurt, harm and danger are prevalent. Also, with vows, commitments and agreements to illegitimate authorities.
     This is why God ordained marriage between man and woman because sex is the most deepest and highest level of intimacy. So close that lives are either formed or destroyed. This is why some can't get over another when the relationship ends because they've allowed that person to become an intricate part of their being. It's not the sex, good looks,  or material possessions but this level of intimacy outside of marriage, is rebellion. Remember, rebellion is as witchcraft! We should not have no other gods before God, nor images neither bow down to them...For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God... Again, read and study in your spare time (Exodus 20, I Samuel 15:23 and Galatians 3-5)
     Such close relationships when people confide in each other. They get real intimate about past and present hurts, secrets, etc... We can attest that this kind of relationship can get messy because trust factors are placed on souls who often time can do nothing to help but to just listen. God wants us to put out trust in Him. He is the ultimate secret keeper and has total authority to do not only what is right for us but what is absolutely best! So, when you tell another about your private affairs, please don't get so upset when they let you down because they will. And stop given people information to use against you, control you or hold you captive to fear.
     This is that Ahab in you, seeking unauthorized validation, that opens the door to Jezebel. Let's get something correct, Jezebel is not really a woman, she was the name of a biblical character, but her personality, Jezebel, is a spirit! A Jezebel can be in the form of a man or woman, but is a real evil spirit. Jezebel is also not just a sexual spirit but a controlling spirit who possess illegitimate authority. This spirit must always be right, in control, often mesmerizing, alluring and appears trustworthy. Jezebels live on their own terms. If you feel like you always have to be in other peoples business; telling them what to do, always inquiring and get a fixation when people "need" you, then you have a Jezebel spirit. Nevertheless, you may be attached or attracted to one. Stop making people the object of your affection and vice-versa.
     Lastly, you see how a vow such as marriage nuptials will bring soul ties as one. These same vows taken with gangs and such are just the same. So, strong that members will do almost anything to please each other in order to feel apart or become one. This is a lot, so we will pick up in two days, OK?
     In the meantime, pray, read and if need be repent to God.

You're not alone,
Jerri of Mars

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Relationships disquised as relations

Hey Mars,

     We are all grown women right? Well into our forties, some late thirties, but we should have learned by now what constitutes and how to apply the components of a true relationship. If you've lived through some relationships be it with friends, family and/or especially a man, then you should be able to relate to this weeks blog.
     One thing we can agree on, if we'll allow a bit of transparency, is that in our best relationships we had everything from soup to nuts. He was attentive, passionate, resourceful and full of bright ideas. You met each others family, spent all holidays together (there was never a question) and we exchanged gifts too. He better had made absolutely sure to get that gift, that you knew he knew what it was, right?! Funny, we seemed to know all about each other but when we disagreed you would have thought it was the end of the world. I remember, losing all of my appetite behind that thing call love and when it goes wrong. Wow, but one thing was for sure, he was yours and you were his.
     Nowadays, and if your not married but I've heard some marital horror stories, true relationships are a thing of the past. Now, if you've lived a little on the wild side, you had a "relation" or two that was quite nontraditional. All his attention, passion and resources were used for the soul purpose of releasing his inhibitions. Perhaps, that was your role ladies, you were using him for all of the above, especially his resources aka money. Don't try to act like you never tried to get a man to pay your way, for everything especially for the very expensive items, that in the backs of our mind, he ought to pay, right! This would all apply if he had a good job and wasn't cheap. But this all came at a price, because if your not already having "relations" with him (remember Granny Klumps) then everything he does is contingent upon again somebodies inhibitions being released.
     Mars, lets be honest, because there are some men out here who love to lavish women and he has hidden agendas, such as possession. You belong to him, why because you are wearing his ring, spent his money, had relations, perhaps his child or children, all in the name of love. Meanwhile, you are dealing with other demons like anger, yelling and name calling.
     This is not in the true sense of having a relationship, the latter can and has gotten real messy. So let's pick up on the next level of topic next time...we will discuss Soul tides (healthy and unhealthy) which could lead to places beyond our imagination. Let's practice true relationships, you might have to go back into your past and be honest with you. Though this process might hurt now, this too shall past. Remember, weeping may endure for a night but JOY comes in the morning...

Until then...
Jerri of Mars

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

When Prayers Are Answered...

Four more years Mars,

     Yeeaaa! I'm woke now ladies. I was sleeping because as everyone else felt, this election was stressful. My co-worker and I agreed that we would just wait until the final results were in and opted out to watching the count.
     So my son, who has been watching the polls all evening, came into my room smiling said, "He won!" Being partially asleep, I couldn't even respond because before going to sleep, I said, "they ain't going to let this man win again." I realize now that was a coping mechanism, to possibly prepare me for loss.
     When I finally woke up and saw the results for myself, I had to thank God and repent. Because regardless of what I think or believe, at the end of the day, its God who has the last word and knows the ultimate outcome.
Thank Sis Kathy for this awesome pic
     So congratulations to our re-elect, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden!!! I have a portion of the "live" thank you speech, because perhaps some of you were asleep. He didn't come on until 1:45am...

     Like President Obama, we Americans have work to do. Let's vow to be more proactive, look "forward" to helping others rather than ourselves. I will say it until somebody actually testifies to this, be a doer of the word not just a hearer;That's bible! Find something or some organization that helps your community and shows compassion to "the least of them" and get involved. If your church is not, then be the catapult to starting a new or revive that old ministry again. In the end, what matters most, is when we do for others we also do unto God, always keeping our minds on things eternal. This is a great outlet to win souls while getting closer through fellowship. Enough lip service, put your hands and bodies in motion.
In the end we win,
Jerri of Mars