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Monday, September 3, 2012

Keeping Traditions

Happy September Mars,

The view from a cliff I climbed at Horseshoe Bay
     Well its been awhile since my last post but I have been on vacation. I went to Bermuda! And it was beautiful!!! If I could have bottled Horseshoe Bay with its pink sands and warm glistening aqua blue water, I would have. I also would bottle this band called Xcite (their a group of four musicians from Trinidad). Oh! and I went to a party, around 1am Friday the 1st with the natives and NCL crew members, to celebrate Trinidad's 50 years of independence and it was the bomb!!!! There's a video below, its the best I had that was clear remember it was late and dark outside.
     Xcite played, there were flags, marching, native girls in booty shorts, winding and gyrating. It got real rated R and X but no clothes were removed. Let's just say, shame is not their middle name. These young adults were very proud of their heritage and it felt good to witnessed how they took something their families past on to them in order to keep tradition alive.
     That's what we will try to do from this day on, keep good traditions alive. Not just any ole tradition but those saying and sources of information that have always worked and will continue. For instance, when bras were burnt in honor of the Suffrage; women speaking up and moving out from under the pressures of oppression. Wendy Williams says it best, "sistahs be doing it for themselves".
     We will start, if not already to be actively involved in our next phase in life. We will now register to vote or do you one better, join a movement aka ministry that is about the better for humanity. I've been actively involved in a ministry called Isaiah's Room. This is about reaching what Jesus calls, the least of them...Matthew 25. Every Saturday a group of us go to the church and feed the demanding population our city has yet to deal with so they choose to ignore. The very last of shelters is presently ran and financially operated by Ray Rice; he's the oldest son of another Mars mother aka Janet Rice. So proud of her and him.
     I will post a few ministries that you can look into as you start to do for others outside of you and the children. When our children see us doing something for nothing (that means for no financial gain) then that is when they start thinking outside of the box of selfishness, in order to become selfless. This is another outlet for all of us to vent our frustrations  as is exercising, meditating, praying and/or reading instead of at each other.
     These are just a few to spark your interest, God bless you all, until next time. I pray you give some feedback by replying at the end of the blog page on your choice of journey. Be encouraging and show love...

Doing something for someone other than You!
Jerri of Mars


  1. Just wanted 2 let u know every time I see ur blog I am interested in what u say. I'm sure I am not alone when I say sometimes I don't give myself enough credit for raisin my son alone. Fear is a strong emotion n if u allow it 2 it will take over ur life! I'm free n happy n am glad 2 b here 2 care 4 my son! Keep up the good work! Lillian

  2. Thanks for sharing, I ENJOYED every minute!

    Stay bless,

    Luv u



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