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Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Visit from the Minister

Good day Mars,

     New Rochelle had a very powerful yet pleasant visit on last Sunday. He's not a stranger to our town because about 35 years ago or so, he lived and raised his children there. I remember visiting his home. It was lavishly laid on the same street as Ossie and Ruby Davis. There was an elevator in his house! The first time I went to his house which was also the last, Kim and I went with her cousin Rosa because she was dating one of his younger sons. Then I remember, meeting his oldest son, Louis Jr. My brother and him were close friends. At that time, Louis was dating Stephanie Mills. During this time, she was starring in the The Wiz on Broadway. I was about nine years, my brother, Kevin and Louis, took me to see the play. I sat in box seats, visited her in the dressing room and lastly we ate dinner at a restaurant. She was about my height, incredibly short:)
     Of course, most of you should have some clue but if not, our visitor was the honorable Louis Farrakhan. He is the leader of the Nation of Islam. Let me tell you, when I stepped out of church there was at least 100 black men in suits, sunglasses and eagerly anticipating his safe arrival. The minister showed up accompanied by five blacked out Suburbans. You could have never guessed which one he was in because they pulled into Lincoln Park as though to cause a diversion. However, I saw his son, Mustafa, uprightly sitting in the front seat of one and immediately knew that was the truck the minister was in.
The Minister and I

     I've seen the minister speak in person some years ago, but I kid you not, that man has not aged. He's at least 80 but looks every bit of 45 or 50 (view our picture he looks young as me). He spoke on several topics from the election, being an even stronger community, Jesus, biblical scriptures, Islam, Michael Jackson and why he is now going from city to city to spread his message on how we all need to get right with God. The scripture that spoke volumes throughout his very informal message was II Chronicles 7:14.
       In your own time, you can listen as well as watch the video from start to finish. (23 min, my voice is also on the video, sorry) Now I know their are many who don't agree with him for various reasons but the man is one our peoples strongest supporters along with Al Sharpton and others. But do know one thing, there aren't a few of them around to come and see about us in the little town of New Rochelle. He didn't forget his roots, he was soft spoken, informal, impressionable, intelligent along with astute gentlemanly qualities. As I approached him, I felt a warm sense of compassion and love. People will say many things, both good and bad, but Jesus tells us to take the plank out your eyes before you start pointing out specks in others. I was very grateful to have the honorable Louis Farrakhan in my presence. Finally, he's a husband (60 yrs) and father to his biological and then all of those 100 or more black men who gave up a life of destruction to follow him to Allah. We just have to pray that they will all come into the full knowledge of Jesus Christ, who is the Only way to God!
 Bless you all...

Jerri of Mars

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