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Friday, October 5, 2012

Saving the Bubba's of the World

Good day Mars,

     You know I'm not proud of being a "boob-head or couch potato" but I was watching a documentation called, "Save My Son". The show airs on Wednesday nights, channel 78 (TVONE) at 9 pm.
     This documentation is about a man, sorry forgot his name, but he has a doctorate in education. He runs an all boys academy in Hartford, Connecticut. He goes from city to city at many mothers' request to help save their son, from a life of crime.
     I just would like to say that, we as single mothers raising sons, need all the assistance God can offer. If you find yourself desperately in need of help with your son, please first pray, then be led by God in whatever He instructs you to do. So that when He sends help, because He will, take full advantage and be open to take suggestions and let men be men.
     This young man, named "Bubba", was 14 yrs old. His parents had divorced and he was left to be raised by his mother, in a house with a bunch of women. These were his words. And yes, he was the youngest and only boy of six girls.
     This man, oh now I remember, Dr. Perry is his name, came to Newark, NJ to literally save this boy. Simply put, he came to the house asked a series of questions and found out the boy had no hope of ever being happy nor leaving a life worthwhile. Bubba told Dr. Perry that he dreamed of being a Professional Boxer. So, they took him to a gym. He was trained by a man, who lost his son to a life of crime and this man taught this boy how to box. The smile on Bubba's face was enlightening as well as beautiful.
     Secondly, Dr. Perry took him to get a hair cut. At the barber shop, Bubba got an ear full of what "men" had to say as they also offered him an opportunity to work at the shop while earning money. They also offered rides to and from the gym. Lastly, Dr. Perry took the family to church and expressed how proud he was of Bubba's change in attitude towards his life, mother and family. The preacher also testified about how the Lord brought him through a life that was destined to doom. As the story ended, Bubba was also introduced to God the Father; fought his first boxing fight along with his new life of battles to come so he can now be productive in society.

     We must all fight the good fight of faith but not without God! Try to watch the show, you just might find some valuable lessons to pass on to the next mother who's son might need saving...

Never forget Jesus Saves...
Jerri of Mars

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