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Monday, December 27, 2010

Teaching how to give

My Dear MARS,
Hope you all had a very special holiday, filled with the three "F's": friends, family and food. I'll leave out the other "F" which stands for finances or lack there of. I also hope and pray that we start to learn more about why we celebrate these holidays. I just happen to go on the Internet and research Christmas. I came up with some very discouraging information and Jesus' "birthday" is the least of our worries. I will not disclose what my findings were because you should do the research and draw your own conclusions. However, I do have one word, Saturnalia.
After, I told my son that this was the last Christmas I will be celebrating along with all other holidays. They're all rooted in disparity. I'm a christian and no! Jesus was not born on December 25th. The bible does not in anyway give this exact date nor any other. However, I do celebrate Jesus in every way, everyday! His life has taught me to appreciate my life, friends and family. So now I can freely celebrate them regardless of any holiday.
What I will keep is the fellowship of friends and family which is in itself a very wonderful experience. I never needed a holiday to invite special people over to my house and treat them well. Good food, conversation and laughter leads to memories that money could never buy. And should never be provoked by a holiday. What if we never had holidays? Then how would we love on them and for what reason? So, let's celebrate everyday; I love "just because..." reasons, there more sincere. We had a healthy snow storm and some got to enjoy a four day weekend. Who could ask for a better gift? 
In the end, we need to teach our sons how to shower love on our special friends and family. Teach him how its about putting others before ourselves. Let's tell the truth, holidays are about buying expensive gifts and being selfish. Hard work should never lead to spending all our money on one day. Nevertheless, for the rest of the year we can hardly stand to look at each other and mad because we're broke. Remember, disparity?
I was told that a closed hand can never give or receive but an open hand is a sign of giving to others and receiving when pride won't let you. I started going to visit the homeless and this was a true reality check. It makes you first thank God for ALL He has given to us and then thoughts of how can I help someone else? Placing emails and phone calls to all my people, ushering them to give up coats, clothing, shoes, etc...This type of urgency allows us to think twice about our circumstances and put others need ahead of ours.
Let's conclude with this, "it's not about you and it never was", think about what others need first. What about the homeless, hungry, naked, the sick and shut in? We will not raise our sons, from this day on, to be selfish and look for hand outs but to give back in the same manner we have given to them; in love and selflessness. Its a start mothers so let's teach our sons to end in it...
Keep hope alive,
Jerri of MARS

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  1. There has never been a statement more true than "it's not about you and it never was!" Not one of us was put on this earth to serve ourselves. On the contrary, we are here to help and love one another. It may sound corney but it's true. However, many children grow up being taken care of and those who aren't naturally unselfish or taught to be unselfish, will have to learn that "it's not about them". That is what I strive for today. My children have this false sense of entitlement, especially when it comes to me and my things and I have to let them know that they are not entitled. This sense of entitlement is widespread, because I encounter this feeling amongst my clients everyday. I do not want to send my 20 and 22 year olds out into this survival of the fittest world, only thinking about themselves. My job for the next year or so until they graduate from college is to teach them that it's not all about them. I pray I am able to do so.


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