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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nurturing lives

Happy New Year to All!
     Wow, time does fly when your having fun. I can only speak for myself when I say this because above all 2010 was a good year. Why, because I made it through all obstacles placed before me such as health scares, my fathers death and another loved one known as Sherry; my very dear sister-n-law and confidant. I believe they're both in a better place. 
My son held down two jobs and school full time. Oh, and my dear covenant Fancy aka Kim, held our 1st women's conference. God has really moved in all of our lives and I'm sure were all grateful. Whether we're abound or abase, God is good and His mercies endure forever.
     My dear Mars, I would like to commend those mothers who alone, but not without God the Father, raised sons to become true decision makers. Sons who have become Police Officers: Shout out to, Ora mother of JarMarie and Doreen mother of Dwayne. These two young men decided to serve and protect. These two young men devoted the next 20+ years of their precious lives to put others first. I truly believe that this kind of humility is not only genetics but more importantly a process of rational thinking. These young men, sons are now problem solvers and critical thinkers which are key elements to manhood. I know that this type of job is not one you decide to accept because the money is good; No, because nobody could never come up with a monetary figure for their lives. This type of humanity comes from the one that knew us before we were in our mothers' womb. God said, JarMarie and Dwayne, my desire for your life is to serve and protect those less fortunate. Upholding justice for the unjust and putting law breakers in their rightful place. These two young men went through several months of rigorous training both mentally and physically. They had plenty of time to think this choice through and at any given moment could have failed but God made it so that they had the mindset to be victorious. 
     You see testimonies like this is what makes the journey of motherhood which often appears to be lonely, just to remind us that we're not. These two mothers decided to raise their sons without the daily partnership of  fathers in itself is courageous. They endured as good soldiers and fought the good fight of faith. These are the qualities that make up good mothers, not perfect, but nonetheless good! The United States Marines has a slogan that says, "the few, the proud, the Marines" but I would like to adopt and change just one word. "The few, the proud, the Mothers"; I take my hat off to Ora, Doreen and the host of other mothers out there who have raised good men. So continue to pray for these incredible women. Now they must go to another level of worry as their sons police the streets of New York.  As their sons perform their Godly duties: by putting the needs of others first and risking their lives so justice can prevail.
     Mothers I used the word 'worry' lightly because the word of God teaches us not to, but were human and ever learning. What we instill in our precious sons will one day be poured out of them. So lets watch what we do and say especially around our baby boys. We are their first protectors. Their primary teachers. What you wouldn't let a stranger do to harm them, watch that you don't either. If you don't curse at your boss, friends, or people in general, then DON'T curse at them. Please watch what you say about others too, this can depict poor images in their minds. Trust me, young minds can distinguish good from evil better than we can most of the time, but they can't trust their actions or feelings. Counteract and foster positive images by placing up pictures of true leaders. Lets stop talking at them and explain more to them. My mother use to talk so much at me that I use to literally turn her off. I'm sure I missed out on a lot of valuable information but I found that now, when I 'explain' to my son he actually listens. Don't forget when your stern and set standards, they mistakes this for being 'mean'. I often say, "I'm not being mean but listen when I say...because it's for your own good or protection". Their little sponges, just waiting for our next action. Seeking out if you can keep your word and hold your ground. So, don't let up; with patience, love and careful instruction our sons will prevail. Their so impressed by you. Unfortunately, they don't know what's good or bad unless you explain to them first. They must hear it from YOU first! You always have an audience when their around whether you know it or not. Protect the air they breathe; keep away the pollution of negativity in people, places and things. Teach them to seek out positive atmospheres where there's encouragement, laughter, peace, kindness and room to grow. Allow other people who have endured to assist in the nurturing process because raising him alone can overtake you. 
     Our sons are tender shoots growing sometimes out of very harsh environments but that has never and should never stop their potential to grow strong and proud. The best time is now, so let's start this year by becoming more conscious of our surroundings, the audience of our sons and God.
Lastly, remember anything can grow if you nurture it right. Never forget, there is life on MARS!
Jerri of Mars

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