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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Helping others...

Dear Mars,
I'm learning so much about blogs, websites, feeders, RSS, paypal, whew! the list goes on. Please be aware that I'm doing this alone and sometimes with just a little help from my friends and affiliates. Also, keep in mind that I'm not using this outlet to make money, but it is necessary. So when we do start to make money, it will be for the upward mobility of Mars and whatever extra funds our mothers may need to raise successful sons. Yes, single mothers need advice, support, respect, compassion, understanding but above all, money is a very important factor.
When our son or sons get bored and start acting out, extra curriculum activities is a very expedient door to open. This takes money. Not all of us can go to our families and friends for this particular support, and some may have exhausted all of their liberties. So, the ministry of Mars, would like to be there monetarily when all else has failed.
This will also be an opportunity to find a big brother or mentor to assist with our sons insecurities. As they get older, we as their mother, can start to become that annoying or whining voice. Always talking loud and saying nothing. They need to hear the voice of a man and not just any man will do. That man, if not his father, needs to be strong, empathetic and objective.
Yea, mom...I'm listening.
Never forget, we are women and not all of our advice is conducive to men. In other words, they're not listening! Understanding that our passions as women are not always those of men, including our sons. I can only speak for myself when I say, I love my son but I get tired of being on his planet (Mars, literally). I need some Venus time spent with the girls; laughing, shopping and having "womanly"conversation. On that note, I love talking to you but now I must go. Until next week, remember your not alone...
Jerri of Mars

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