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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm Not Giving Up!

Good day Mars,
     It has been awhile since my last entry. I was not getting any feedback from those that I felt would support this endeavor. I do this for all the mothers out there, whose sons are grown and those that are growing older. But, like Jesus blood shed on Calvary; I will continue to try and reach one mother at a time to save her son from the devils destruction.
     God is good! As I continue to surround myself around those who truly love Him through their obedience shown by reading His word daily, praying for others consistently and the love that they show each other. They will be led to pass on what God gives me even if it doesn't apply to them. We all have something to share about how we raised our sons alone.
     From Min Dawrell, who is successful in all his ways with the evidence shown as he walks and sometimes run for the Lord; his mother did it with God. Officer Dwayne, who took an oath to protect and serve the community which makes his mother proud. Judge Mathis, who from a very rough childhood, made a conscious effort to change his life. He's now and for over 2 decades is comfortably sitting on the right side of the law.
     I always mention a wonderful sister named Valerie, who God speaks through to encourage me during this endeavor of blogging. She asked the question yesterday, that I privately ask myself, "why I haven't been writing?" I am trying very hard to not grow weary in my well doing. When I look at man, this happens. So, I thank her for speaking via  Holy Spirit to me. I will continue to look up at Jesus on that cross because I want a crown.
     I will go after what He set out for me. I'm seeking a larger audiences because there is a need for support, love and prayers for single mothers out in this great big world. During my time at work, I see all races of sons trying to maintain: sagging pants, cursing, and growing apathetic. They have no clue because often times their mothers are clueless. This also includes mothers who are raising daughters alone, because they are drawn to these types.
     But God is able! What he has done for sistahs like us, he can surely do for them too. Least we forget and seek after our own agenda's then we fall short.
     Bishop Marvin Winnans preached at Whitney's funeral, to first SEEK the kingdom of God...this is exactly what my pastor has been preaching on for several weeks now. If you're a christian, and God has used you to successfully raise a well mannered and behaved son, then support those who are still seeking.
Baby Dylan
     A prayer to a new young mother, Lataya, who is now on this same road raising Dylan. She needs our support, love and encouragements. In Jesus name...amen!

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