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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stand Up For Your Life, God's Got You!

Happy March Mars,
     So much has been transpiring since the last time I wrote to all my wonderful family. Just yesterday, my dear sistah Tina, sent out a revelatory/refreshing word from Bishop TD Jakes. It was as a precious gem, wrapped in a velvety cloth and as I gaze upon it in awe, I realize that I have to eventually pass it on to the next person. However, I can still feel its affect it had on me, I just couldn't shake it.
     On that note, I write to you today and pose the question, "Do you stand up for your life?" The life that Christ offered up on Calvary? Because, this is the time in life where if and when we do receive something, especially of value, we must know by now, that it is to ponder for a moment only to be given away. A harsh reality, and if my memory serves me right, most of us are somewhere approaching or over 40; so we should have almost all our needs met, right? Or maybe I'm wrong. Whatever the case is, standing up for your life means, to me, that you have or are still in possession of your gifts or rewards in life, not to mention wisdom, so now give to someone else or show them how to obtain the same. Secondly, are you proud of your life in Christ? You've had a job for some time now, it may not be the career you've always wanted to pursue, but it is never too late. Go for it! Some of you are going back to school, starting nonprofit foundations and some are just getting ready to wed, bless God. Some of us were slackers while in the world, so now we have the grace of God to now move forward and accomplish those dreams, now that the nightmare is over...
     Please don't look back like Lot's wife; she turned into a pillar of salt. Very briefly, Lot's wife was a foolish woman because she only cared for and about the things of this world, and not the things of God. So, we especially women of faith in Jesus must be mindful, at this stage in life, our accomplishments are not to fulfill our worldly desires but to put every effort into using them to seek the kingdom.
     Did I go there? Yes, but had no plan too. This is the Holy Spirit writing now! Any monies, gifts, treasures(personal praised items), pay raises, etc...must first be blessed and broken by the Lord God, so He can distribute according to His riches and glory. So, standing up for your life means to attain and give, in that order. If, big IF, there is anything aka monies left over then we can go and treat ourselves to something nice. Please know that the Lord wants us to have nice things, and I have seen most of you and you do have NICE things; but first give to someone less fortunate. Sign up for a worthy cause, like a walkathon, raise money too, don't  just walk.
     Lastly, I was reading Philippians 4:10, Paul talks about giving and receiving. In verse 12 he talks about having and not having...he says the secret is that whether we have or not, it will never stop us from doing all things through Christ; He will supply. Going down to verse 17, he states that he doesn't desire the peoples gifts but what he does desire is that it be credited to their(our) accounts. We give spiritually to a natural cause and God will spiritually give to OUR natural cause. When you look for people to give to your needs, you are basically telling God what He is giving is not enough, think on that.
     So, stand up for your life and give, not looking for somebody to give to you, but YOU give out of your bosom. And then God will make very sure that you reap because you have sown...that's how the harvest works; plant(sow) and pluck up(reap). Stand up for your life and fall for nothing the world has to offer, its a trap! Think Kingdom first...

You are not alone,
Jerri of Mars

Monday, February 10, 2014

Severing Tides...with You!

Hey Mars,
    This particular social media blog template that I use by Google, is not as popular as Facebook. However, the purpose I blog is to get women informed about real issues on self, God, children, health, etc...not necessarily in that order. I guess if I did this for a response or comment, I could choose FB, but for a real Facebook friend that's informative, look up,
     However, I do this to bring awareness, I don't necessarily need to get any feedback. My theory is as the bible, just put it out there when they do read it, they will be informed and do better. At some point in our life we have to sever tides, especially with those people or friends that are counter productive. Starting with guys, who want to "friend" us in hopes of getting with us, Not! You weren't interested in him then and definitely not now. In some instances, there is that guy you always wanted to get with or get reacquainted, but just not like this. Not through a computer, lets try in real life situations where real communication takes place. I'm a fanatic for seeing facial expressions and listening to voices change with emotions, it speaks volumes. (Clarity, the term "get with" doesn't imply any sexual connotations, just getting acquainted remember we're saved while some are still single)
     Next, we must sever tides with our inner self, especially that part of you that displays or yearn addictive behaviors. Such as you never really had a descent conversation with any man let alone people. (Or just sick of the lack their of) Let's start by getting real with ourselves, inwardly. At first with becoming informed with real life issues. And not other peoples business, that spirit needs to be severed. But getting in your own business!
     Ask a trusted relative or real friend what is the one thing they would like to see changed about you. There's always room...Now please get ready for the response because it may not be the answer you expect because that's what truth does; exposes you. God snatched us out of darkness, into His marvelous light...(he exposed us; and showed us  compared to His son.)
     Goes back to our last entry on Fear! What are you fearful of? Most of the time it is the "truth". Please only ask one person a month, this is not the time to ask several people in a month, for the real about you. But start with the small things first. Most of the time the small things will take you to the big or enormous elephant in the room. Don't overwhelm yourself and please don't lose any sleep. Truth be told with one flaw at a time, if dealt with properly, coming from  the right person, should and eventually help you sleep better. But it has to start with you and a trusted friend or relative.
     May the Lord, who will present you flawless before His marvelous throne keep you, until next time. The way He sees us now.

You are not alone,
Jerri of Mars