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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Getting ready pt. 3

Good day Mars,

     As promised, I will be blogging every other day regarding, the "Getting Ready...", series. Today I'll be expressing the importance of writing down emergency numbers: imidiate family, friends, doctors, hospital and please don't forget that 311 is a non-emergency number. Perhaps our cell phones will or won't be operable but thank God for payphones. Wait, are they still around? I must check my neighborhood. Also, call your local city manager's office and get on their DMA list via email and cellphone.
     DMA: Disaster Mitigation Act, is connected with FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency which is also apart of DHS: Department of Homeland Security. This was good information for me and I pray it affects you the same way.

Linked Mitigation Planning Overview
Mitigation Planning overview
     So google your city's DMA plan, look it over and sign up to be contacted during times of emergencies. That is all for today, get those numbers on paper (place in a plastic bag) and put them into you duffle bag. Lastly, go to that site and sign up. Until next time, may the peace of God and His grace rest upon you and yours...

Jerri of Mars

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