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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Little boys crying out in the wilderness...

Hey Mars,

Please help me in my distress. Anybody who knows me, can relate to my love for boys. I asked God for a boy; I have seven brothers; two god sons and about seven nephews. I told you this before, but today, no yesterday, if not everyday, I see our young boys being sent to detention. Sistahs, when I look into the room, my heart breaks. Their foreseeable future seems bleak. Now, I try hard not to speak those things but statistics: numbers and the probabilities have not been proven wrong.
I asked a young boy, about the age of 9, "why do you act out in class?". He couldn't answer, so I asked the next possible question, "do you understand the lessons being taught in your classroom?". He answered "no". As we sat and asked him to explain the lesson he was given to complete while in the Principal's office; he let me know in words but could not began to put his thoughts to written words. So, as I literally led him down the pathway to putting his thoughts on paper, he had some difficulty writing a complete sentence. It was hard to watch because, check this out, he will be passed to move on to the sixth grade, with limited skills.
Worried African American boy child J194-26-622This will affect his chances to survive in middle school, high school and if he graduates, the probability of him becoming a productive citizen.
I frequent this website called,, their based out of Maryland, New Jersey and DC. When you get a chance please take a look at the site and take the survey. These are brothers trying to reach back and help mothers and sons, like us, Depressed hispanic child boy latino J234-02-648make it up and out of this crisis. Yes, black and Hispanic boys are the victims of this epidemic. It appears that nobody is really going all out for them. I often feel helpless and I cry for their souls.
So, if you can do something like talk to your pastors, deacons, positive males in your communities, then please ask them to find just ONE. We can start with just one soul at a time, just like Jesus did. And in the end, PRAY! But never give up, don't get mad at them, nor caste them out. We will never get to know their story until we get close enough to inquire of their thoughts.
Remember, it still takes a nation to raise a child and to each one teach one...

Lots of love,
Jerri of Mars

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  1. Jerri, you a remarkable woman. I look forward to your weekly blog. Although I don't have any children, I enjoy and reflect upon what you write. Thank God for you and your commitment to motherhood and your commitment as an educator. I think what you’re doing is wonderful and commendable.


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