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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lets go CrAzY!!! (a loving story)

Hey Mars,
     I thought I'd share my "giving back" episode on yesterday. First of all, just because my son is 20 and self sufficient, is not an opportunity to take off my bra and start swinging from the vines, screaming I'm free. No, no, no but it is about giving back to other mothers for support, love and encouragement. So, getting back to yesterday...Ok, I'm on vacation and invited my god-daughter (10 yr old) with her mom, 8 yr old brother, and 18 yr old sister, to spend the night. They got here late Tuesday evening so I suggested they stay one mo night. 
     Here's the kicker, I also scheduled a play date with my other three babies for Wednesday. I schedule these times with them on our vacations. These precious Bebe's
(my niece/nephews) are a set of twins (5 yr old: boy/girl) and another 8 yr old brother.
     Oh, here's the other thing, you know I have several "other mothers"; so, I went with her to the doctors yesterday morning. This took an hour longer than anticipated. So, by the times I got back to the house there  were: 2 mothers, 2 five year old, 2 eight year old, 1 ten year old, an 18 year old and my loving son, 20 yr old. 
     He was half crazy because our once peaceful and humble abode was now consumed with pure energy, that at any moment was destined to get chaotic
     As I was walking home, my plan was to take all that energy and walk them to the grocery store. We did, but when we got back to the house, it was time for crazy. In my teacher mind, I am always thinking structure, planning, and innovation. When you're amongst this varied age group you have to be proactive. There needs to be a wow factor especially for the younger ones, so I showed them how to "puree" assorted vegetables to mix into our homemade tomato sauce. 
     As you know, its hard to get kids to eat vegetables but they love spaghetti, so we killed two birds with one stone. Now, I put the 10 year old on bathroom duty, you know making sure hands were being washed and water playing was at a minimum. The 18 year old was overseeing movie watching and video game sharing. We had popcorn, juice and Redbox. Now, mother and I can cook dinner, but not without the constant interruptions into my very small, galley way kitchen. You know just as quick as they tried to invade they were immediately eradicated.
     Before the night was over, I took the younger girls and treated them to a good ole homemade nail salon manicure. Bring out the sparkles! Did I also mention that I offered to take out my nieces very small cornrows and she's tender headed, yea. There's a method to that madness too, take them out in parts and we managed. She's the best! 
     Ok, moving on, my loving son return from work and chimed right in with the supervision of the Wii Sports gaming. 
     Before I knew it was 9:30 pm aka shut it down time. Oh, mother needed her brown juice (that's Pepsi on the rocks) and the house which was once crazy was now back to being peaceful and humble. However, I awoke this morning feeling like I had a hangover with some real brown juice! Thank God for my dear sistah, another mother of Mars, who walked me right into Venus with some good ole girl talk.  
       Mars, let's not forget those people who took your child or children off your hands for a view hours, so that you can usher in a peaceful mind set because being on Mars has its own issues. So, use your "free time" wisely and don't remember to also give back to other mothers who may need the same. 
     In the words of Monique: "We love you for free, sugar!" now wrapped your arms around yourself and give yourself a big hug. Until next time, don't just look back, give back!
Jerri of Mars

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