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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who's mind is stayed on Thee...

Hey Mars,
     As I sit here praying about what should I write, I hear the Holy Spirit say, Peace! 
     I know we all can use some of this. You see this peace is not from the world, but the kind that comes directly from the Father. 
     He says, "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world..." This peace is perfect in all its ways. When your mind is going crazy with thoughts, peace. When your body is wrapped in pain, peace. When that non-driver cuts you off and you want to give him or her the little piece of mind you have left, peace! I can't sleep at night, and I'm tired of tossing and turning, peace! My children are acting like complete strangers, peace. Will this nightmare ever end, type of peace.
     Oh, but the peace of God, perfect in all its ways. Peace that rolls like the rivers still waters, birds chirping, dew on my feet in the grassy meadows while the sun shines on me like I'm the star because in His eyes I am. Just sheer perfection. I heard somebody say, it passes all understanding which guards our hearts and mind in Christ Jesus. Some folk can't understand; why, you have not totally lost your mind. They only know what you've allowed them to hear and yet if the truth be told, you've cried all night long. Only to get up the next morning, as if nothing else matters because it really doesn't. You washed your face until it glowed. Took the hottest shower you could stand and cried some more. Now, here's the good part, you heard the Spirit say, "stop all that weeping, its morning", ha, oh yea speak Lord. Put yo good face on, combed your hair and stepped out the door, feeling and looking rather wonderful. What just happened? You ask yourself.
     This is what that perfect peace causes one to do. Let Jesus speak to your storm, be still and know that He Is God! Only those that are His can pass this type of understanding concerning peace, did I say "pass"; oh you didn't know this was all and only a test. Did you pass the last one? If not remember to pass the next one. They get harder, but to those who practice prayer, supplication and thanksgiving, are often prepared. Again, this is not just any peace but the perfect peace of God and His son, who is the Prince of Peace...

Peace, love and soul,
Jerri of Mars

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  1. Baby girl my dearest cousin I must say THANK U for that msg bc it was all me, again THANK U for it always seems I'm going through a storm and now I have to recognize what am I'm learning from it bc it seems that I b failing the lesson if I keep dealing with the same storm - Peaches


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