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Friday, March 11, 2011

In these times...are we ready?

Good day Mars,
     Just finding a moment to touch base with you. By now, you should all know what's going on in Japan; an 8.9 earthquake! Another Tsunami too while Hawaii and California are in the loop. Mothers are we praying? Not that it's not us because the east coast has its share of catastrophes; New Jersey is still under water as I sit and watch the news while I write. Here in my own county, Elmsford is also under water and Bronxville too.
     Please mothers let's start today with a plan for evacuation. The word says to be instant, in and out of season, yes regarding the word but were suppose to also be wise as serpents. Let's start packing a spare duffle bag with things such as a first aid kit, crackers, blankets, socks, sweat suits, raincoats, washcloths, towels, the list goes on. Please, no gallon water bottles, but a couple of little bottles will suffice. These are serious times we're in. Are all your important documents up to date and filed in a water/fire resistant place? This is a good one; did you take those important numbers out of your cell phone and write them down? Don't forget to have fresh batteries, candles, flashlights with lighters by your bed and in every room.
     I can speak for myself and say, "NO",  I have not checked off all these things but I will this weekend. Yes, the flashlight is by the bed and thick candles are in every room with a lighter or two but I have not packed my or our duffle bag. I do have plenty of batteries but a battery operated radio needs to be purchased this week. And where's your local fallout shelter? I need to find that out too, you are not alone concerning these things.
     Mars please don't stress yourself but do try to be alert and ready. Do not hide your head in the sand and wish these things to go away. Matthew 24 tells us about such times as these, well there here!
   Well, I gonna close and go to the store to buy some viddles for my son to have while he's off from college next week. He already has a list of junk foods, ready to veg out on T.V. and video games. Until next time, remember to be ready, or Bishop Jake's would say, "get ready, get ready, get ready!"

Jerri of Mars

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