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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Getting ready pt. 2

Ok Mars,
     I'm not sure "why" I have not heard from some of you, but thank God for Sis Tina, who's feedback is very encouraging and appreciated. Don't get me wrong but Jesus is King and ruler over our lives and I know we try to take that position from Him at times. So, whatever has us so busy that we cannot touch and agree on the things of God, then we all need to stop and pray. I'm praying more than ever, I mean weeping; lamenting as Jeremiah, who happens to be my most sort after prophet. 
     So, here's the skinny, while sitting here eating b-fast and reading Matthew 24, why the Lord brings me back to "getting ready", lasts weeks blog message. (Matt 24:36-51) 
Last week we delve a little into packing an emergency bag. Yea, yea mines is not ready either so can we collectively designate this week and pack together. I will be reaching out several times this week, with my progress and I need to hear about yours. You, me, "our" people suffer from a lack of knowledge, and that's the word and especially running rampant in the world. People just like being ignorant or ignant! Some folk say, "I don't watch the news because its depressing", yes but just a few minutes a day to be informed is key.
     Did you know that Indian Point, New York, (1 0f 4 nuclear plants in America) right in our own backyard, lies on a major fault? And in the event that "we New Yorkers", had to evacuate the circumference around this location is a 50 miles radius. In layman's term; all of Manhattan, Westchester, all 5 boroughs, Rockland, Suffolk, etc...the list goes on would have to leave. I can't even grasp my brain around such an exodus, oh does that ring a bell?! Not trying to scare you but just as the bible teaches us to be ready for the Lord's return, we must also be ready to leave our homes and possibly our state. (Matt 24:16-29) Are people now standing on their rooftops? As in verse 17, just last week a man in Japan upon his roof traveled out 2 miles into the sea before he was saved. You just will never know when until the time comes, so in the meantime let's be ready for the Lord and whatever the earth has to put upon us. Remember, these are only the beginning of birthing pains. (Matt 24:8)
     So, lets start getting out a bag, a duffel preferably but if not a nap sack, please no suitcases Mars. Secondly, put a towel and flat sheet in it. That's all for now, I will get back with you in two days, and please hit me up on the comment post at the end of each blog, let me know your feedback. (if your not a google client then open bottom tab and click anonymous, but put your name in the comment) I need you too, lots of love...
Jerri of Mars

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  1. Praise God my sister, sorry I haven't been responding due to laptop issues your right we have to be ready in season and out we have to be educated also, I am familiar with earthquakes when we lived in Cali I was in a 8.0 back in 88. I know it was a long time ago but I remember everything as if it were yesterday, your right we need to have an emergency pack ready at all times I was even apart of an evacuation team (how funny). The time is now I'm on a 21 day fasting/praying I've also been in the book of Jeremiah (whew my God!!) WE MUST KEEP our brothers and sisters in Japan, and the nation up in prayer even now whats taking place in Libya - Jesus really is soon to come will we be ready!!! I Love you and Brii please tell Sis Tina I send my LOVE--SHALOM :) your sister Kimmie


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