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Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting ready pt.3

Hey Mars,

     Lots of love to all of you. Ok, today we add to our bag, a pair of sweats and a heavy sweatshirt, sweater or jacket. Oh, and some might ask why we needed the last blogs request for a flat sheet and a towel? These are in the event of several incidents: extra covering, to sleep on, dry off or to be cut into pieces to stop bleeding, oh yes!
     I'm not making this up. My info comes from an pamphlet regarding survival, while some may differ from one to the next, we must learn to follow procedures. 
     Sis Kim, please send some of your expertise and I will blog it. She has survived an earthquake in Cali back in 88', God bless you!
      Also, New Yorkers, we only learn how to evacuate in case of a fire, right? That's it, nobody is preparing us for any other disasters. We act like this can never happen to us. So, let's not get caught out there.

Until next time,
Jerri of Mars

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