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Friday, August 3, 2012

Gabby our 1st Black Olympic Princess

I don't know about you Mars, but I'm a proud momma today,

     Black is back babies! First President Obama and now Gabby Douglas! This baby all of 4'11 inches is our very first USA Olympic All-Around/Single Gold Medalist. I don't watch much of any sport but once in a while I am partial to Gymnastics. This has everything to do with, in my former years, I was a gymnasts. During elementary school, a couple of us were heavily involved in not just cartwheels but front/back hand springs. I was the only one who could master the Russian Split. We were performing and jumping off the Balance beam, floor drills and the Uneven Bars too.

     But Gabby, that baby is a bad lil girl. Her mother is highly esteemed in my eyes because she trusted her daughter at the tender age of exploration into this very sport and allowed her to leave home at 14 to study under a complete stranger, Coach Liang Chow. Well, not exactly but she moved from Virginia to Iowa. Miss Parton was the lady who took Gabby in during her pre-Olympic training. They're all are like family now.
     I cried along with everyone else in America because our children are so very talented. However, we have so many excuses why they never see their dreams become reality. As for Miss Hawkins, Gabby's mother, who is a single mom by the way, her excuse was fear of just missing her baby girl. That is just the tip of the iceberg of excuses for us. Some cry lack of money, lack of transportation and the time that must be put into fulfilling dreams. Most dreams while in the sports arena let alone Olympic training, requires 6am practices, every day. But that's another time of preaching.
Gabby Douglas
Gabby Douglas
Gift of Gabby? 
     Let's give it up for Gabby, her mother, sisters and the others who have now become an extension of pursuing a little black girls dream and making them come true. This is truly a fairy tale but for Gabby our Olympic Princess, she is a living testimony. Fairy tales do sometimes come true...

Read and weep, tears of joy...
Jerri of Mars

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