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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Friends, Fun and Sun

Hey Mars,    

     So much is going on in my life regarding my walk with Christ. I will start off with this, (very excited) one of my best friends/sistah I never had/covenant in the Lord...came in town from Orlando and we did soooo much together.
    On Tuesday, we went to Queens to a free ole school R&B concert, it was the bomb! First of all, it was free and pacted with the infamous 40 and over crowd what more could we ask for.
     Wednesday, we went bike riding through Central Park which was culturally extraordinary! We thought we'd never walk again but epsom salt baths go a long way. Listen when momma speaks...
     Thursday, we had a BBQ, in the rain, with some long lost friends after like 20+ years, very interesting.
     Lastly, on Friday, we sistahs talked, testified, ate some soul food and had a mighty prayer, the Lord spoke, whew!
     Thank God for girlfriends, that've been around since grade school especially when were all saved by the power of Jesus. We all have great children who are all grown now, so were free to be who the Lord has called us to be, to come and go with liberty.
     If you and your besties decide to ride through CP please do not follow the map they give you for site seeing. Find out what street the site is near and look on the lamp post for street numbers, oh you have to get off the bike to go into pathways to see sites. Also, 2 hours was not enough, try 3 or 4 and look online for discounts because the hourly rate is very high, but well worth the ride.

Enjoy your friends and have fun in the sun...
Jerri of Mars
Central Park Biking

Ole School R&B Concert

At the Bow Bridge
The Famous Bow Bridge
I had to find this site
its in every movie

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  1. Jerri, I love reading everyones blog at the end I saw your profile picture you are so beautiful!!!! Miss taking to ya girl thank you for including me on your blog list. God bless and take care :) Shannon


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