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Saturday, January 26, 2013

When Love better answer

Good day Mars,

     I pray what we have declared to start new or do differently this year is still sought out in fervent determination. That being with God as our captain while were yet learning how to be mere shipmates. This brings me to my recent endeavor, a book entitled, Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth.
     This all started with me having a bump in the road last weekend. Somebody, pardon the expression, "pissed my off" and I came home and cried to the Lord. This was all building up towards my feelings of insignificance and irrelevant. My walk with Christ through prayer, studying, and meditation is going well, but I'm still dealing with the issues of "church as usual".
     We need to start calling church by a name that is more prevalent, and that is, "The body"! Notice how I casually left out " of Christ"? Because the body is sick but Christ is not. Yea, yea I know were all processing and progressing, but some of us been at this way far too long and everybody can just say, "Amen"!
     However, that's for another time of preaching. So as always, when I cry out to my heavenly Father, He never seems to let me down. He answers! I needed a word, a reviving, a touch and just a little more attention from Jesus. So, when I got to church on Sunday, while I usually leave directly after service, I stayed; I decided some time ago that I was going to the Leadership class and baby, what a time, what a time.
     You need to click on the link below to look over and be certain to purchase this new book, atleast new to me. This book is just what God has answered/ordered just for me! He heard my cry...What did the Lord tell the church of Ephesus? While He was very pleased with them, He declared they forgot their "first love"; Revelations 2:4-5.  Well, this book will take you back to just that, your first love, The Master of Love aka Jehovah. So, put it on your list of books to read. I pray your reading more Mars, especially the bible.
     Okay, get back to doing whatever you was doing. I thank you for taking out time to hear what lil ole me have to say, until next time...

You are not alone,
Jerri of MARS


  1. Sistah Jerri, God has given you the gift of writing. I always enjoy reading and forwarding your Blogs.
    Keep up the Lords work my sistah.
    Amen somebody.
    Queen sistah Yaasmeen

    1. You are my very dear Queen sistah, thanks for supporting. We always have each others back because we go waaaay back;)


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