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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Do You Exercise? Everyday?

Good day Mars,

     The topic this week is, how many of you find time, in the course of a day, to exercise? Ok, God is gracious enough to wake you up each day as you start the normal routine of washing your face, brushing teeth, putting on clothes, oh excuse me, you pray, eat and off you go.
     But in the course of the above routine, do you just wash your face or is there some sort of beauty regimen that perhaps would take you more than 5-10 minutes. As for me, I brush my teeth twice and spend a specific amount of time in each area of my mouth. Yea that's crazy but I get very good dentist reports. However, the subject of putting on clothes; if your image conscious, this process could take a couple of minutes. Its not just factoring in the weather, but how your feeling that day could affect your outfit choice. Then you probably have to iron, pick an appropriate shoe, the list goes on. Let's not get started on our hair, make up, breakfast, lunch etc...
     Now if your honest your morning routine can take up til an hour from getting out of bed to just about to walk out the door. So my question still stands, in the course of a day, do you find time to exercise?
     Why your pondering on that thought for an answer, I don't need to go into how very important exercising is again?We discussed this before but cleaning the house uses up a lot of calories. The reason why I took the time to go through the long journey we take in the morning to prepare for work, is to display just how we can spend the same if not half of that time to exercise.
     As we get older our metabolism slows down, so were still eating but the ability to process our food is being delayed. We take in more sugars, salts, and carbs that are often time without our knowledge; there called hidden ingredients and who has time to read them while we shop. So, if you're like me, who like to eat without discriminating, then you need to exercise. In other words, eat what you like, with moderation but always find time to exercise.
     I'm not trying to bore you with the whole proper diet lecture and going to the doctor annually but to exercise is to maintain the body and its many parts. Your muscles need strengthening so your blood levels can maintain a steady pace; not too high or low. This mechanism also effects your blood sugar levels which also involves your fat absorption aka triglycerides and cholesterol. When you exercise, your cardiac and pulmonary systems function at normal levels too. Thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise is a start each and  every day. Light weight training can keep your muscles tone, you don't want to bulk up, this type of training takes you off the focus and that's to be tone not muscular.
     Trust me exercising is essential to good health! Not to offend the vegans but most of them don't look healthy nor do they have a glow about them. This diet can be hard at making sure they get the enough necessary vitamins and minerals. Statistics have proven that when you eat a proper diet along with daily exercise you will get the desired results such as optimum health and the glow that comes along with this sort of lifestyle. You will feel better, look better and everyone will wonder why.

     I would be foolish to remind you how we must never forget to incorporate the proper exercising of our faith. Seek God and your doctor regarding any type of dieting and exercising. When I say diet, I mean eating proper foods, like leafy greens, plenty of fiber, fruits, nuts, plenty of water and lean meats. Set aside fried, starchy, restaurants and sweets for the weekend; choose one day like a Saturday not the whole weekend. You will find that small change is better than no change at all!

Exercise your faith, body and spirit...
Jerri of Mars

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