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Monday, July 16, 2012

Stormy will go through

My God its been too long Mars, 
     I had to take a 2 week vacation to visit family and like sweet tea with lemon, my journey was "half & half". I pray that you have been flourishing in the glory of the Most High God, so grace and peace be unto to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
     Sistahs I've been through a mild storm, just so God can show me some things about myself and others. I read once about how and why we go through levels of storms. Then the Lord confirmed through the evangelist yesterday taken from Matthew 14:24.
Now, we are suppose to go through various trials, tests and temptations according to word in James..."to count  it all joy...knowing that it tries our faith and brings forth patience". This is how we bear and grow the fruits of the spirit. If we need wisdom, we should ask for it but the fruits of the spirit are attained through trying times. (Read Galatians 5) How, we go through is extremely important. Of course without murmuring and complaining such as the children of Israel did not but with joy that is unspeakable. So, often times we say nothing because the joy that's on the other side will speak for itself. Why, we go through is because again it brings forth fruit and we must beat our flesh into submission and through our suffering on this earth with Christ being trained as good soldiers as we're strengthened to fight this war of faith.
     So I read about 3 levels saints often tread upon while weathering storms:
Level One:
We do what we want to do (The Madonna lifestyle); you know girls just want to have fun, and yes we love to have fun and we should. Time spent with saved/unsaved sistahs shopping, going to restaurants, chatting it up and laughing. But sometimes we can all attest that our conversations and interactions can become futile, so we need to always be led during our leisure time. Application: Did we lift God up and pray?
Level Two:
We do what we think we ought to do (Most Christians' lifestyle); because we read, pray and seek godly counsel we often times believe our actions are Godly. So we will go on vacations to visit family, friends, Islands etc and God is not in it however innocent these times my appear. Application: Did we minister to an unsaved soul, show love and  ourselves approved?
Level Three: 
We do what God leads us to do (Spiritually Mature lifestyle); we are on a purpose filled assignment while were doing what were spiritually led to do, God is in the mist. We're feeding the homeless, clothing the naked, ministering to the hopeless, often times in an unknown land and people. This journey is about God and never about us. 
Application: When we put God in His rightful place, He will put us in our right place. Wherever He leads us, He will provide, lead and protect. 
To God be the glory, lets start being more and more spiritually led and live a spirit filled lifestyle.

Weathering the storms
Jerri of Mars

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