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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Precious Breath of Life

Good day Mars,
     It has been such a long time since I've reached out to you...I was thinking about all that is still transpiring with our young black men, who are being gunned down and fatally taking down. It would be very befitting for me to end the year with a brief reflection. It's a wonder if anybody can't help but to stop breathing, like our dearly departed brotha Eric. The injustice is suffocating us as mothers, sistas, grandmothers, aunts and daughters. To witness first hand or through the relentless broadcasting of our men being killed like animals for slaughter.
     I spoke with several young men today about being obedient to those who have authority over you, looking the part of someone who is  good and decent and stop asking "why?". I told one young man, that "they" don't care about you and consider your life of absolutely no value. So, as I continued to conveyed very sensitive underlying truths to him, I let him know that he is no longer three years old and don't need to know "why", when he is asked to do or not to do something. 
     I expressed to a group of colleagues that, yes we can, tell these young folks NO! and if their momma's got any questions then just state the circumstances and rules to be followed. Be confident, even when they don't agree, they will still respect you. After all, it's for their sons' safety and long term best interests. I cannot see any sound minded parent rallying against somebody caring for their son.     
    While there are some folk out there who could give a rats tail if our sons live or die, there are more than that who do care and want them to live. The word of life teaches us to be humble, meek and mild. I really feel in this dispensation of time why all this is happening, the Father is trying to wake His people up. Most of us have been sleep walking long enough. We need to stop throwing our sons to the wolves, to live like savages while having no regards for the lives of others let alone themselves.
     And lastly, lets continue to pray for the Brown family and community of Ferguson, as well as the Garner's and NY. There is a list and host of other families and powers that be, need to be lifted up in prayer. Let's also stop making excuses for our sons' poor behaviors, poor choices and poor grades while continuing to reward such atrocities. We must start correction when they are young and cute, because if not they will grow up to become old and ugly...

Have a blessed New Year!
Jerri of M.a.r.s.

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