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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Having a plan...

Hey Mars,
God bless mothers with jobs that have to work today. Look at the inches of snow
on the boxes...crazy! Still, a beautiful day.
I'm enjoying the day off, thanks to 19 inches of snow. It has been snowing since this time yesterday morning. So, what do mothers do in situations like this? Because if you have little ones and/or have to work, then that is a "situation". If your like myself, your son is grown and sleeping half of the day away. His college is closed today too. I can't help but to think about my little sistah, she has 3 children under 8 years of age. 
I remember well, they get up too early on days off. While, on school days, you have to practically drag them out of bed. So, more than likely, their up and into everything. First its breakfast but of course that's if your off today. They're always hungry, even when their not. Now to the mothers that have to work, prayerfully you have made arrangements to have a responsible person sit with them. 
In either case, you must find something for them to do. I use to have my son resume the day as if he were still in school; he was require to read, practice math and then watch an educated movie. Trust me, if you don't keep them in the groove, you will have an otherwise hectic day. There's plenty of time during the day to watch cartoons, but also have them do or learn some new chore around the house. Please and I repeat please, do not think you are going to lay in the bed until later, you may find your house in a disarray. I Tried this too, it doesn't work! Besides, they will not let you have any peace.
So, whether you stay home or go to work, have a schedule for them to follow. Below are things to do on snowy days when school is closed (together):
1. Make breakfast
2. Clean up the rooms or the house
3. Go outside and play in the snow
4. Make hot chocolate or soup for lunch
5. Do some homework; read a book 
6. Watch an educational movie or Discovery Channel
7. Prepare dinner while they watch the movie
8. Bathtime
9. Bed time! nighty, night
This can get a little intense but stick it out, mothers. You'll be surprise how fast the day goes by when you have a plan, a schedule. Stay focus and your children will be too. Oh, boardgames are winners also. Until next time, enjoy your day...

Jerri of Mars

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