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Friday, October 26, 2012

Presenting Watoto; Beautiful Choir

Hey Mars,
     It's been a while since I've written. The truth be told, I am at a lost for words these days. There's so much going on. Between my own issues and of others who've confided in me, I've been kind of overwhelmed with everything.
  • I could talk about how to assist your son to obtain gainful employment because his unemployment is running out next week.
  •     Oh, did I mention that I am in a new position at work, which I find myself, in a culinary class by morning and running around to three other classes by afternoon. Let me not leave out, that I've never mind...gotta go!
     I just received a call from one of my sisters in Christ, to come out and hear a group of young African youth sing, at her church.
     Ok an hour or so later, I'm back. Had an awesome experience. Went to Family Christian Center, a church down the street, and there before me on stage was about 20 children and adults from Uganda, Africa, singing and dancing their hearts out for Jesus. Words cannot express, please view the promotional video then click their link for more info on how you can become a sponsor. 
     All I can say is that this orphanage, Watoto, has been around for some time and are taking what the enemy meant for evil while God's turning things out for good...Children who have been abandoned due to Aids, HIV, death of parents or murdered, war and just pure injustice, but they love God.
     Remember, if you are not supporting or serving the poor in some shape, form or fashion, then your labor for God is in vain and your hands will not be blessed to bless others. Deuteronomy 14-29, James 1-27 & I Corinthians 15-58

Doing for the least of them...
Jerri of Mars  

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