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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fasting and Prayer

Hey Mars,

     This is the season for the true saints of God to know Him in the fellowship of His suffering. The very reason why we're now reconciled unto Him because of the blood shed on Calvary. So most Christians are fasting and consecrating. Remember fasting is not about lack of food but becoming totally submissive to God. Thinking about Him! Setting our mind, body and soul on the spiritual person of God, Son and Holy Spirit.
     Some are doing a Jesus fast; no food or water and then there's the Daniel fast; just vegetables and water with some modifications. My suggestion to anyone considering fasting is to first seek God and He will lead you and if you have health issues to your doctor. Fasting should be done for a period of time and not used as a way to diet. Fasting is spiritual not physical but will attack your body predominantly but in the end elevate you spirit.
Please read scriptures concerning fasting such as, Isaiah 58, Matthew 4, Matthew 6:16-18, Luke 2:37, and Acts 13:2/14:23. To name a few.
     Do know that fasting and prayer go together. I find that most people including myself are more concerned about the fast and not the prayer portion. In this time of fasting the Holy Spirit should be speaking clearer to us because we'er getting and moving closer to God.
     While I was with my other church family on Sunday, during praise and worship they sang and song that went a little something like this:
                                                  I'm chasing after you
                                               no matter what I have to do
                                              I need you more and more...
       So if you really need Jesus more and more then continue to fast and pray especially in this season when He suffered for us. We are looking for faith to build up in us so that every mountain will be removed and every serpent will be crushed. We only overcome by His blood and the words of our testimonies....Seek the Lord and wait on Him!
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Jerri of Mars

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