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Monday, December 31, 2012

What are you thinking?....Eph. 3:20

Good day Mars,

Just a little something, something to challenge you and your thoughts for this coming year...This word blessed my socks off. If you saw this already then watch it again or pass it on to another mother and sistah.
Wow, back in 2007, Prophet John Gray, asked me this very question. He told me to even ask God, "what am I thinking?" Because God can do more than what I am thinking and especially more than I am asking.
However, we've asked God for enough, let's now ask God to do something with our thinking, so He can manifest our thoughts into actual ministry! Time has run out on potential ministries, lying dormant in our thoughts. In other words ask, "God what can I do for the kingdom with the very thoughts you give me?"
Have a blessed, bountiful, joyous and safe New Year Eve!

Jerri of Mars

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