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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hannah a Promise Keeper

Good day Mars,
     I know its been over a week. Wishing I could write more often but I'm still in training. First giving honor to God and a very special woman of God, Sis Valerie, who thought it not robbery to donate a computer to this ministry. You know when God lays it upon our hearts to do something in His name, for the sake of justice, you never know who He's going to use as an instrument of light. The people closest to us are usually not the ones. He's so magnificent in His thoughts and ways which are never ours; they're in the Glory realm. Unfortunately, most of us are down here still working in the faith and anointing realm. That's goes especially for me. So, I thank God for using my dear sistah and her obedience to hear what the Spirit was saying. Now I'm able to write from the comfort of my home, thank God!
     We're continuing to write about women of the bible and their sons. This week is about Hannah the wife of Elkanah. We're coming from I Samuel 1:2...She was one of two wives that Elkanah had married. She was barren. Tells us she was insecure. Not being able to procreate had its toll of the women of ancient times being that family was extremely important.
v5...Elkanah loved Hannah very much and gave her more than the rest of his family. Tells us although she was insecure, she had favor and abundance. Often times "things" esp temporary ones will never replace the permanent.
v6...The other wife Penninah taunted Hannah regarding her infertility which made her feel bad. Tells us she was intimidated on a regular basis which added injury to pain.
v7b...Hannah refused to eat and cried often. Tells us she was under deep distress. Is this not what most women go through  from others who find out their weaknesses in order to use against them?
v9...Hannah prayed. Tells us she found comfort in God and not her husband or other worldly things. She was also resilient such as women of God should be. She made a conscious effort to look up after looking down and around.
v10...Hannah was brokenhearted as she cried and prayed to God. Tells us she was in deep emotional pain but knew who cared enough to not only to listen but make things all better.
v11a...Hannah while praying reverence God, and gave over her issues of misery. Tells us she knew her shortcoming and confessed them to a God who was concerned and capable of handling her needs.
v11b...Hannah requested of God a son and promised to turn his life over to Him as a Nazarith. Tells us she was deep in tradition by asking for her first born to be a son but also willingly giving him back to God as a sacrifice. Promising not to cut his hair as Nazarite's practiced; one who totally dedicates their entire life to God.
v12...Accused of being a drunkard by Eli the priest because when she prayed no words came forth. Tells us she trusted in the  Lord; sometimes pain cannot speak but the Lord knows our thoughts.
v15...Tells Eli she's a good woman, who's only problem was what she brought to the Lord. Tells us she was confident in her demeanor as a woman and a woman of God.
v18...Took Eli's advice to go home and worry no more, for the Lord knows. She ate and felt better. Tells us while she trusted the man of God she came to her senses.
     If you see yourself in any of Hannah's story, say amen! This woman of God was the epitome of how to go through and who to go through with: The Lord Almighty! For the women that are out there; and those that have been through and found their way back, can testify that it was nobody but God; then hallelujah to you too. Let's not forget they're plenty of woman still out there going through over and over again. They don't have a husband, while possibly being taunted by the new wife or crazy girlfriend. Perhaps cannot have children or lost them; they may have to sit and watch others with their children. We are praying like Hannah for YOU! Our mouths are moving but not a sound is coming out because this is between us and Jesus name! And we're not drunk off wine but we are twisted on the Holy Spirit.
     We will pick up the ending of Hannah's story next week; until then don't stop praying for our precious mothers and sons out there who don't know the power of God and prayer...
Love you ,
Jerri of Mars

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