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Friday, November 4, 2011

Mother of Nations

Good day Mars,

     She's first mentioned in Genesis 11:29..."Abram married Sarai." The mother of nations is what her name presently means, but first princess. She was Abraham's half sister, they had the same father; Terah (Gen 20:12). In those days marrying your relative was not unusual but then God had not yet laid down His laws.
     This week we will look a little deeper at Sarai whom God changed her name to what we presently know her as. He did the same for Abram. They were a couple in love and although they lived many years without Sarai being unable to concieve, she made no big issue out of this delimma. All the while, she had so many other issues to contend with, let's take a look...
11: 29...Sarai was barren. Tells us she had insecurities about her inabilities to
12: 11...Sarai was really beautiful. Tells was she possessed physical esteem and
v15...... Abraham told her to lie to the King. Tells us she was a liar and obidient to
              her husband.
v16.......Sarai had favor in Egypt with the King. Tells us she used her beauty for
v17.......Sarai caused disease to the Kingdom of Egypt. Tells us she was ignorant
               regarding her favor with God.
v16:1....Sarai told Abraham to marry Hagar so they can have a child. Tells us
               that she was anixous.
v5........Hagar began to mistreat Sarai. Tells us Sarai was mentally unstable, 
              accusatory, unaccountable for her actions towards others, impulsive and selfish.
v6........Sarai treated Hagar wrong. Tells us she was vendictive.
17:15...God changed Sarai's name to Sarah. Tells us she will mother nations through
             God. The princess becomes a mother.
18:1.....Note: this verse tells us that when guest come into our homes we should be open to serve.
v6.......Abraham quickly summoned Sarah to make bread and she did. Tells us
              her husbands request were urgently adhered too.
v10.....Sarah was eavesdropping. Tells us she was curious and a busy to others
v12.....Sarah laughed and questioned herself. Tells us she has a sense of humor,  
             disbelief and no faith.
v15.....Sarah denied and lied to the Lord. Tells us before and again she's a liar and
             very deceitful.
     We're writing about the mithers and sons of the bible to see how God still has not changed His thoughts concerning us. He tells us, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11. We must get pass, yes get pass how we and especially others see us. Inspite of Sarah's many issues, God still kept His promise. He will do the same for us and our sons. NOW! we come to the full knowledge that He knows our faults and yet loves us. God is not like man, who snatches away his promises because we don't live up to his expectations. Our expectations are non equivocal to God's. So, lets again get passed our issues, such as God does and move forward in Jesus who took ALL of our transgressions.
     Believe with me today that He will accomplish that which He has sent in His word. If you give yourself today and ALL of your issues, to Jesus. He will see you through. Read back over how awful Sarah was, yet God declared her mother of every nation. This is written not to intently look at Sarah but to Jesus. The one who died for our sins...

Have faith in the Lord,
Jerri of Mars

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