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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Pain of Being Cain

Good day Mars, ...continued from, "All About Eve"
     As mentioned, we will go a little deeper into Cain; the first born of Adam and Eve. Cain's name sounds like "got" which basically means to acquire or to get. Genesis 3:20, ...Adam named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all who live. (Contemporary English Version) So, she gave life to Cain and he got or acquired life. You will find through this study how significant Cain's name predicted his life, remember Cain means "got".
See before this extensive study, I even thought Cain had it real bad. And he did but in the end he "got or acquired" a life; and a good one too. Let's get into his life and personality traits. This study was taken from Genesis 4, specifically. (CEV)
     Genesis 4:3...Cain gave a part of his harvest to God. This tells us he was selfish.
     Genesis 4:5...Cain was so angry because God was not pleased with his offering.
                             This tells us he had anger/emotional issues: jealousy, envy/strife.
     Genesis 4:5...Cain couldn't hide his feelings.
                             Tells us he also displayed physical/impulsive emotions.
     Genesis 4:7...God told him if he had only did the right thing.
                             Tells us he did not possess good decision making skills.
     Genesis 4:8...Cain killed Abel. Tells us he was a murderer.
     Genesis 4:9...God asked, where is your brother? Tells us he was not accountable
                             for others, sarcastic, disrespectful and a liar.(thru his answers to God)
     Genesis 4:12...God said, the land you farm will not produce.
                              Tells us he was unproductive, cursed, poor and a wanderer.
     Genesis 4:13...When God cursed and punished Cain, he responded that the
                              punishment was too hard. Tells us he was a complainer, irresponsible,
                              not liable for his actions, a castaway, separated from God, homeless,
                              and worried about being murdered himself.
     These excerpts from the bible tell a lot about the very personality traits that Cain possessed. Seems and sounds familiar right? Our sons can and will have some of these same traits but the moral to this story is that God in His sovereignty never left Cain nor will He leave our sons. But mothers these blessings and promises only come through the salvation of Jesus Christ. If we're saved then He promised to save our household too. Remember, where as one man came death (Adam) and another came life (Jesus).
     Throughout all of chapter 4 God was still available for Cain to inquire of Him. With God's tender mercy, loving kindness and endless compassion, He placed a mark on Cain as a form of protection that only He can supply. What really blew me away was in v14 Cain said, ...You're making me leave my home and live far from you...Even in Cain's disparity he never wanted to leave God's presence. He knew that in all his wrong doings that God our Father would never leave nor forsake him. God still reigns on the just and unjust.
     In the end, Cain got life! Not the life sentence of utter dread and death, as the world does so freely gives, but a life of abundance.   Genesis 4:17, gives joy in telling us this...17Later, Cain and his wife had a son named Enoch. At the time Cain was building a town, and so he named it Enoch after his son. Cain eventually got his life together, acquired a wife, built not a home but a town. He named his only son after that city, Enoch. Reassuring us of God's endless mercy. Hope you were as blessed as I was to receive this wisdom.
Jerri of Mars

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