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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dear Mars,
     As I sit here again thinking of what to write about, I would like to first say thanks to all of you that don't mind my weekly interruptions into your lives. I'm just trying to do what God told me too as well as give and reach back to bless others with what He has bestowed upon me.
     Sistah Valerie, I may have told you this but I will say it again, I know you are not a mother but your a prayer warrior. So, continue to pray for our mothers raising sons alone, I love you!
     I hear God saying, long suffering: This word appears in the bible 16 times. For the record, according to the dictionary, it means to patiently endure as a noun and as an adjective means to endure patiently difficulties or hard times. Did I also mention that longsuffering is done by not complaining, being capable. Are we capable?
     As one of the nine fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22) one would have to be given this by God in order to endure or have the capacity to endure as a good servant of the Lord. We must believe and know that God is longsuffering in His mercies towards us. If we want to reign with Jesus we must also suffer with Him.
     I'm saying all this because we're in hard times in which all of you are aware, so let's not lose sight of God, who's in control. When we go through hardship via sickness, death, despair, loss of job, stolen properties, strains with in our relationships with friends, families and associates, know that God must be in control if we're going to come out successfully. Also, don't forget that we will come out but its how we go through that God and others look at.
     God spoke to me about my son and his purpose in Him; that he is a prince. I said God, a prince? Yes, prince means Israel: one who prevails for God and man. Now when I hear and see how he, my son, is going through his spiritual walk, my fleshly eyes cannot see because they are deceiving. However, I remember what God said, and then my spiritual eyes and ears open up. So, hearing my sistah Kim give her testimony about her son, my godson, I reminded to believe God.
     It's hard and difficult to see our love ones go through even when they don't even know they are or don't quite understand, but remind them that God's in control.
God allows my vulnerability to be manifested to my son, even very early in the morning when I think he's sleeping. As I pray and cry out to God with my gratitudes, cares and requests, my son somehow knows when to come into my room and ask me questions. Then there are times when he knows that I'm interceding for others to God and he doesn't bother. Even God's in control of times like that.
     So, let's not be so cold, hard hearted and stiff-necked with our cares. Express them to the capable ears of the Almighty, Jehovah Shammah. He tells us to cast our cares upon Him, why? because He cares for us. Who else can care for us like the Father? Who holds the entire world in the palm of His hand? Who took His perfect finger and carved out the valleys and with His magnificent hands molded the mountains? God is great and great is His name. So, minute are our cares and longsufferings as mentioned above. Let's get back to the basics, His plan is simplistic, let go of ours and grab a hold of His. God's plan has already been accomplished, so why not get on His and go through. Were only going to come out as pure gold being the lump of coal that we are. Coals are made to be purified, made to withstand the most hottest of heat, like the Hebrew boys. God is in this with us, He's not looking down cheering for us, He is Here! Jehovah Shammah. (Psalms 139[read it]).

Always in love with Jesus,
Jerri of Mars

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