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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good day Mars,

I do very deeply apologize for not responding in such a long time but sooo much has been happening. I'm not sure if I shared this but I did get "laid off" but that's not what delayed my blogging to you. Guess what? I no longer have a computer. Can you imagine, not having access to the very thing that promotes and encourages not only me but you my dear hearts as well. So, I been reduced to getting up, oh by the way, I'm on summer vacation, so now I must get up and go to the library. I know, get up Jerri! Besides the library is only one block away.
I will leave you with this, raising boys alone can be easy if you apply daily prayer and basic instructions to life. We all need this, right? I've been bonding more with my 6'2 son. He decided after all these years that he now wants to dance and not just any dance but Chris Brown, Usher and Michael Jackson, dance! I know its funny because this child of mine has never had an once of rhythem. So, now he's constantly watching that dance show produced by Marlon Jackson and hosted by Mario Sanchez. I can't think of the name but he is also sliding all over the house, trying to do the robot like Michael from that song Dancing Machine. Oh, it real halarious. I just remind him not to break his bones nor my furniture. Life is good and all is well. Remember, whatever your son wants to do, that's positive, please encourage and cultivate it. Even if he looks silly, as long as he's happy, your happy right?!
I will be going on vacation and will be writing from that location, look out for more post. And again, sorry it took so long. I love you all!! The library is closing gotta go.

Jerri of Mars

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