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Monday, July 18, 2011

Being conscious in today's society

To God be all the glory, honor and praise, for the marvelous things He has done!
Good day Mars,
     I am finally going on a long over due vacation. So much has happened since my last post, let's see...mothers have now been given a free pass to allow fatal accidents to happen to their children, cover it up, hide the body, never report it to authorities and there's more, go partying and blame others for kidnapping after 31 days, whew, that's a lot. And the verdict  is "guilty" of lying with time served.
     This is why it is extremely important to reach out to mothers in distress. Especially young mothers who have not a clue, like us all, when we're faced with first time mothering. What are the signs of distress? Probably, irritability, ignoring a child's cries, yelling, unnecessarily hitting, just to name a few. I'm sure you can add to this. Not every mother who displays such signs are in innate distress but we shouldn't turn our backs. Perhaps we could politely ask if they would like some assistance. In any instance just don't ignore them and walk away.
     I was in the grocery store yesterday and a little girl about 6 yrs old was crying. Now I could of just kept walking out the door but her cry was desperate, not one of "I want something and I'm gonna cry until I get it" but I stopped to seek further and she started to call for her mother. Well I saw another woman walking towards her and asking what the problem was and the little girl said she lost her mother. I asked the woman was she going to take care of her and she said "yes", also a store representative got involved, so I left.
     Never, ever ignore a child's cry because you never know what's the matter. We can often hear and think, oh they're with their parent(s) so they're safe but that could be just our perception.
     In the case of Leiby Kletzky, that precious soul thought he was safe in his own segregated community. Asking a stranger? What exactly is a stranger? What do we actually tell or describe who strangers are to them. To me a stranger is someone I do not know, even if someone I do know, is familiar with that person. We must be specific, children are very bright but still when their lost, like all of us become vulnerable, such as Leiby. He saw a man that looked just like "all the men" in his neighborhood, so where did he go wrong? My son is 20 and I tell him to this day, if you ever get lost, go to a nearby store and ask the workers. At least their in the area everyday and can't take you on a wild goose chase. This is only after you have searched for a police officer.
     It's hard out here, we don't know who to trust, with GPS in our cells, that still can be difficult. We tried that app on Saturday in the city, low and behold the GPS couldn't tell us the store was right under our feet, underground in a building. We were looking intensely but we found the store.

In a heavenly place now, rest Leiby in peace with God
     Think about it, getting away with murder, children getting lost whether crying for their mother or asking a stranger, its all scary. Never forget to reach out and reach back, let's start being more conscious of our surroundings, this was how little Leiby was found. Somebody was conscious and remembered that face, we will never forget.
God bless you,
Jerri of Mars

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