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Monday, February 25, 2013

Ears to Hear...Update

OMGosh Mars,

     Nobody told me the link didn't work, from the last blog or you just did not care to click on, but I am doing what thus saith the Lord to give you this lesson. You are aware that over half of Jesus confessing and believing Christians, are not reading the bible daily. We can all attest that in the beginning, reading the word can be hard, but just listening to the pastors version, on Sunday, is never enough. We must "study" the word to show our own selves approved, rightly divide it, so we won't be ashamed. All this means is that you won't be caught out there repeating and living by false teachings and preachings. Reading the word of God will heighten your discernment aka having the ability to tell good from evil. Even the devil can shine like an angel of light being said that everyone who stands in the pulpit aren't always of God. They know the word and can exegete it: a critical explication or interpretating of Scripture. But the truth is not in them; Jesus will say, "I don't know you..."
    The enemy is subtle! Please, get into the word of God, hold fast to it and apply it to your life. Live by it! So prayerfully, you will be obedient and at least look this powerful study over. Get started today! I love you.

     Next, these two links are about children and how their brain develops. So, maybe just maybe, you are more interested in the proper growth of your children's brain and why they act out. This man is not just a doctor but a christian. I'm praying more lack of knowledge = no more suffering.

You are not alone,
Jerri of Mars

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