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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jibrii the Journalist

Hey Mars,

     I'm a proud mother of a wonderful son which you all know to be, Jibrii. He is pursuing a career in entertainment via acting, broadcasting, and modeling. As a hobby, you can find him traveling the states seeking out Cosplay Conventions. For the novice, a Cosplayer is a person who designs costumes and models specific characters. Jibrii's characters are primarily of black descent and/or Marvel Comics, such as Bruce Leeroy, Deadpool, Taskmaster and the latest Moon Knight.

Jibrii as Moon Knight
     I have the pleasure of assisting with making costumes for these characters. It is costly, between purchasing the types of materials, designing, detailing, late night sewing (Jibrii's does this well) also traveling with hotel accommodations. Nevertheless, he gets to travel to various major cities. His latest travels has journeyed him to Washington, DC. He also appeared on Cake Boss in February as Deadpool, for a private NYC, rooftop, Marvel Comic 50th birthday celebration with the inventors.
     Through hard work and dedication, Jibrii has also embarked upon writing reviews for video games with a company called Nerd Caliber out of Boston. This has and is establishing him as a freelance Journalist. Watch his first interview video from Washington DC. As mentioned earlier, next month he will be working strictly in this capacity of freelance Journalist at his very first PAX Video Game Convention in Boston.

      We're so proud of him and we ask your prayers for traveling mercies, future paid assignments and that God be glorified. The Holy Spirit told me to call Jibrii, Prince, some years ago, said he will prevail for God and man. I believe God, because this was a child who had a speech impediment as he entered preschool. Never give up on God because He won't give up on You! He's able...

You are not alone,
Jerri of Mars

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