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Monday, March 25, 2013

An Ethiopian Princess in Israel

Good day Mars,
 Yityish Titi Aynaw is this beautiful black princess who's now crowned Miss Israel 2013. A native of Ethiopia, orphaned, and raised by her single grandmother has never stifled her dreams. Served in the military and has been an admirer of Barack Obama long before his presidency. All aaccomplished by age 21. Yityish along with our President were honorary guest to the state dinner in Israel. She declared him, "an world-class hunk". For the record, this is our President's very first visit to Israel since he's been elected in 2008.

I pray you find time to watch her video which is just a snippet of her journey and/or read the full article in the link below.    

 also read this link (the next Tyra Banks)

Always aspiring to be different in order to change the world, one soul at a time...

You are not alone,
Jerri of Mars

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